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Margarita Shkurenkova, born 2008 - mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis)

Little Margarita needs approximately 970 US dollars a month to keep on breathing. Lets help this sweet little lady to celebrate many more birthdays ahead!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-10-02 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 8021
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Margarita Shkurenkova, born on the 10th of December 2008

Diagnosis: Mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis)

Little Margarita is a cheerful, smiling child. She only stops smiling when the pain gets too much. Margarita doesnt attend kindergarten due to her illness, and there are no special groups for such children like Margarita in Zaporizhzhia. Margarita has enormous potential; she is very artistic. She likes to put on little concerts for her parents; she enjoys singing, dancing and reciting poetry. She would like to share them with other children, but her health is a huge obstacle. The right medicine would give Margarita the opportunity to attend kindergarten for at least part of the day, but her parents cannot afford it.

Margaritas parents also have a twelve-year old son. Her mother Kristina has to take care of her daughter and therefore cannot work. The family receives around 24 US dollars in monthly allowances, the father earns 183 US dollars a month as a civil servant, and they receive a small amount in benefits for Margarita. This barely covers their expenses (food, utility bills, medicine and special food for Margarita). Basically, the family has to skimp on everything. Its a long time since the children had any new clothes.

Were asking you to support the Shkurenkovy family. They have no one to rely on. Your donations would enable little Margarita to be properly treated, go to school, meet other children, and realize her potential.

Here is the list of the drugs little Margarita needs every month: 30 doses of Kolomitsin (Kolistin), 9 boxes of Kreon -2500, 30 Ursofalk tablets, 5 boxes of Pulmozyme, antibiotics, multivitamins not to mention special food and inhalations. The family cannot pay for all this without help.

71, 060 hryvnyas (4,298 US dollars) is a sum which will provide medication for my daughter for the next 6 months of life. My husband is an honest government office worker, whose salary is 1,500 hryvnyas (90 US dollars) a month, and therefore, all my hopes and all my prayers are for your help. For the help of compassionate people, who can understand another's pain and provide whatever assistance they are able. As for us, Rita and I promise you, that to repay your kindness, we will blow out the candles on the birthday cake for many, many years to come!

The family lives in the town of Melitopol (the Zaporizhzhia region)

The mobile number of Margaritas mother Kristina - + 380 981 200 526

Report on donations

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16.01.2020Max RBKUkraine20.85 US dollars
10.01.2020iL_undefined10.56 US dollars
17.09.2019AnonymousUkraine7.85 US dollars
16.09.2019+38068...318Ukraine0.8 US dollars
16.09.2019+38068...366Ukraine3.98 US dollars
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13.09.2019+38095...152Ukraine39.65 US dollars
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13.09.2019AnonymousUkraine2.97 US dollars
13.09.2019+38099...156Ukraine0.4 US dollars
13.09.2019AnonymousUkraine7.56 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine1.95 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine19.82 US dollars
12.09.2019+38063...984Ukraine7.93 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019+38050...284Ukraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine5.95 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine1.98 US dollars
12.09.2019+38067...572Ukraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019+38050...034Ukraine1.98 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.89 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine2.3 US dollars
12.09.2019+38067...572Ukraine7.93 US dollars
12.09.2019+38068...788Ukraine11.68 US dollars
12.09.2019+38096...752Ukraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine19.47 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine1.19 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019AnonymousUkraine3.96 US dollars
12.09.2019Yuliya D.Ukraine3.98 US dollars
02.08.2019+38096..36Ukraine0.78 US dollars
31.01.2019Nadezhda T.Ukraine3.6 US dollars
28.01.2019Vyacheslav T.Ukraine3.5 US dollars
24.01.2019+38096..98Ukraine3.57 US dollars
24.01.2019Tat'yana L.Ukraine7.11 US dollars
23.01.2019Lyudmila M.Ukraine7.17 US dollars
22.01.2019Yuliya D.Ukraine1.78 US dollars
21.01.2019Vladislav ChUkraine7.15 US dollars
21.01.2019Yurij S.Ukraine6.95 US dollars
18.01.2019VitalijUkraine7.1 US dollars
15.01.2019Sergej .Ukraine7.14 US dollars
12.04.2018Denis R.Israel84 US dollars
21.03.2018Sergej .Ukraine7.6 US dollars
26.12.2017Alla A.Ukraine3.58 US dollars
22.12.2017Aleksandr S.Ukraine10.86 US dollars
21.12.2017Evgenij S.Ukraine3.62 US dollars
16.12.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine1.82 US dollars
29.07.2017Elena S.Ukraine3.86 US dollars
28.07.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine1.92 US dollars
28.07.2017Scherbina L.Ukraine7.72 US dollars
08.10.2016Natal'ya K.Ukraine4.25 US dollars
27.07.2016Volunteer ZakarpatieUkraine120.91 US dollars
16.06.2016volunteers RussiaRussia4620.77 US dollars
20.04.2016Volunteer ZakarpatieUkraine58.95 US dollars
24.09.2015Box for donationUkraine4.62 US dollars
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22.09.2015Box for donationUkraine9.24 US dollars
22.09.2015Box for donationUkraine9.24 US dollars
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23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine7.86 US dollars
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23.06.2015Box for donationUkraine4.62 US dollars
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19.04.2015AleksandrovnaUkraine4.53 US dollars
23.02.2015Tatyana MarushchakUSA195.3 US dollars
09.02.2015SergeyUkraine1.95 US dollars
31.01.2015Andrej E.Ukraine6.02 US dollars
26.01.2015AssistantUkraine188.81 US dollars
26.01.2015Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine4494.62 US dollars
26.01.2015Pankeeva Tat'yanaUkraine3.08 US dollars
19.01.2015Tim Y.Germany28.74 US dollars
05.01.2015Irina D.Ukraine5.68 US dollars
16.12.2014VitalinaUkraine6.33 US dollars
24.11.2014ConstantineUkraine6.46 US dollars
17.11.2014AnonymousUkraine12.66 US dollars
29.10.2014Vyacheslav K.Ukraine23.05 US dollars
25.07.2014K.YuriUkraine22.63 US dollars
21.07.2014AnonymousUkraine171.59 US dollars
21.07.2014Irina K.Ukraine8.58 US dollars
01.06.2014volunteers RussiaRussia1256.9 US dollars
24.04.2014Konstantin .Ukraine175.68 US dollars
19.04.2014volunteers RussiaRussia2448.47 US dollars
11.03.2014ConstantineUkraine5.26 US dollars
01.02.2014volunteers RussiaRussia3152.76 US dollars
31.01.2014Albert K.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
01.12.2013volunteers RussiaRussia3137.75 US dollars
19.10.2013volunteers RussiaRussia3144.63 US dollars
27.08.2013volunteers RussiaRussia3127.74 US dollars
12.06.2013volunteers RussiaRussia3127.74 US dollars
01.04.2013volunteers RussiaRussia3753.28 US dollars
22.11.2012AnonymousUkraine125.11 US dollars
09.11.2012Ltd. SCHROEDERUkraine62.55 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 34345.59 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
01.10.2019Nutrition Resource Optimum, 400g. - 12 pcs;160.67 US dollars
27.09.2019Meropenem-Vista 2 pack346.44 US dollars
03.09.2019Inhaler PARI Turbo 1 pc193.96 US dollars
03.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.06 US dollars
22.06.2018Multislice computed tomography of chest and mediastinal organs26.61 US dollars
29.05.2018Medicines: tivotin 15 pack, Essential 3 pack, ACC 1.5 pack, Berodual 2 pack, vasonate 1.5 pack.117.91 US dollars
08.05.2018Oxygen concentrator YU300455.8 US dollars
23.03.2018Medications: Tienam, Tivortin 5 pack, Ciprinol 4 pack72.77 US dollars
14.03.2018Medications: Tivortin 10 packs, Esencial 10 packs, Tienam 2 packs, Boven 2 packs484.35 US dollars
15.12.2017Medicinal preparations: fluimucil16.95 US dollars
14.12.2017Medicinal preparations: Vasonate, Merobotsid 30 pack, Tivortin 10 pack, Essentiale 2 pack.291.89 US dollars
16.11.2017Inhaler PARI Turbo BOY SX151.05 US dollars
10.11.2017Payment for New Mail services - Transfer of the oxygen concentrator7.48 US dollars
19.10.2017Payment of customs duties and banking services upon receipt of the Oxygen concentrato373.32 US dollars
09.10.2017Nebulizer PARI LC SPRINT, air flow interrupter to nebulizer, filter to compressor50.64 US dollars
30.09.2017Medications: Vasonate, Tivortin, Essentiale51.11 US dollars
29.09.2017Medications: Meronem 3 pack.586 US dollars
21.09.2017Oxygen Concentrator1340.45 US dollars
20.09.2017bank comission (Oxygen Concentrator)5.74 US dollars
01.08.2017Payment for the services of New Mail - Receiving, sending documentation, medicines1.12 US dollars
18.07.2017Vasonate, Tivortin 10 pack, Ursofalk, Essentiale 2 package95.67 US dollars
08.02.2017Medications (ZOKDB resuscitation)81.25 US dollars
08.02.2017Medications: Flomax 2 pkg, Vazonat, Tivortin 10 pack, 20 pack Ciprofloxacin, Essentiale 2 pkg70.02 US dollars
26.01.2017wellness trip1000 US dollars
14.12.2016Medications: Tivortin 10 pack.26.82 US dollars
09.12.2016Medications: Akvadetrim 2 pkg, Vazonat Lord hyal hyper 5 pack, Ursofalk, Ciprofloxacin, Essentiale 2 pkg116.22 US dollars
07.09.2016Medications: Brakson 3 pack26.06 US dollars
05.09.2016Medications: Akvadetrim 3 pack, Brakson, Vazonat, Essentiale H 2 pkg46.26 US dollars
05.09.2016Medications: Bion 3 Kid 2 pkg10.93 US dollars
01.09.2016Medications: Meronem 3 pack, 10 pack Tivortin572.88 US dollars
27.07.20160120.91 US dollars
16.06.201604620.77 US dollars
25.05.2016Medications : Meronem 3 pack538.9 US dollars
27.04.2016Medications: Vazonat, Ingamist, MetaMax 2 pkg, metipred 2 pack, 10 pack Tivortin, Essentiale H 2 pkg69.26 US dollars
25.04.2016059.12 US dollars
22.02.2016Compressor Nebulizer OMRON Comp Air38.61 US dollars
21.01.2016Purchase of medicines: Akvadetrim 5 pack, Vazonat, Tivortin 10 pack, 2 pack Fluimucil, Essentiale 2 pack82.1 US dollars
14.01.2016Medications: Akvadeks72.33 US dollars
30.11.2015Medications: Fluimucil 6 pack.24.95 US dollars
06.08.2015Acquisition of drugs: Azitro Sandoz 2 pack, Vazonat, Zoksitsef 30 pack, 10 pack Tivortin, Essentiale N 2 pack193.83 US dollars
05.03.2015Medicines: Pulmozyme 23 pack.2123.48 US dollars
26.02.2015Medications: Pulmozyme 5 pack380.06 US dollars
27.01.2015Pulmozyme 29 pack3910.4 US dollars
22.01.2015Akvadetrim 3 , ATsTs-200 9 , Berodual 3 , Kolomitsin 6 , Omeprazol 2 , Ormaks 4 , Ursofalk985.04 US dollars
22.01.2015Medications: Bion 3 Kid 3 pack22.86 US dollars
22.01.2015Medicines: Kolomitsin injection 5 pack592.08 US dollars
19.01.2015Medicines: Fluimutsil 4 28.2 US dollars
14.01.2015Medicines: Vazonat, Zoksitsef 20 , Tivortin 10 , Essentsiale 2 201.38 US dollars
01.06.201401256.9 US dollars
21.05.2014Buying drugs: Zoksitsef por.d / in. 20 pack; Mildronat amp; Tivortin rr 10 pack.193.49 US dollars
19.04.201402448.47 US dollars
01.02.201403152.76 US dollars
17.01.2014Spiral computed tomography of the chest without contrast55.17 US dollars
13.12.2013Oxygen Concentrator for respiratory therapy oxy 60001751.53 US dollars
02.12.2013Cefepime por.d / p in. - 20 packs; Ciprofloxacin - 20 packs.126.09 US dollars
01.12.201303137.75 US dollars
19.10.201303144.63 US dollars
30.08.2013Kolomitsin por.d in - 5upak.612.79 US dollars
27.08.201303127.74 US dollars
01.07.2013meals Kalsheyk213.8 US dollars
12.06.201303127.74 US dollars
15.04.2013Kolomitsin far. d / in, ING 2000000 - 3 Pack354.69 US dollars
02.04.2013Zoksitsef206.43 US dollars
01.04.201303753.28 US dollars
12.03.2013Nebulizer Pari boy SX300.26 US dollars
01.02.201302502.19 US dollars
01.02.20130175.15 US dollars
09.01.2013Drug Purchase Meronem 500mg-30fl., Amikotsin 500mg-10fl.576.76 US dollars
01.01.201305004.38 US dollars
02.11.2012Kolomitsin104.59 US dollars
17.10.2012Fortum 30 pack91.58 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 56263 US dollars