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Ivan Babich

October 16, 2023, 11:30 5348 Author: Natalya Moroz deti.zp.ua For Vanya's further development, individual classes with a correctional teacher and a rehabilitator are needed.

Ivan Babich

Ivan Babich, born in 05.01.2015

Diagnosis: Sensorineural deafness ІV degree.

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Vanya and Polina are unusual twins: their parents waited for them for eighteen years! Six months before their birth, mom and dad moved from Luhansk region to Zaporizhzhia because of the war. The twins were born prematurely and spent the first months of their lives in the hospital. Today, Polina is almost healthy, but Vanya is still struggling with the consequences of premature birth.

At one and a half months, Vanya had a shunt installed due to hydrocephalus. A few months later, it became clear that the boy could not hear, and the diagnosis was established - sensorineural deafness of the IV degree. And a little later, another one - cerebral palsy. Since then, physical exercises, massages and corrective classes have appeared in Vanya's life - everything to bring the boy closer to a healthy childhood.

Ivan Babich

Now Vanya is eight years old. Only a few years ago, he took his first step. This was the result of constant work at home and in numerous rehabilitation centers. Today, Vanya can walk, although he still stumbles and loses his balance sometimes. Despite this, it moves everywhere independently.

For Vanya's further development, individual classes with a correctional teacher and a rehabilitator are needed. The next course at the Bude Tak center, which costs 39,900 hryvnias (1,020 US dollars), is scheduled for June.

Please support Vanya! Give him the opportunity to be one step closer to a healthy childhood!

You can help Vanya on the platform dobro.ua, where the project of our fund is located "To school – with my sister by the hand! 2".

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia

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