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Ivan Babich, born in 2015 - Sensorineural deafness ІV degree

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Ivan Babich

Ivan Babich, born in 05.01.2015

Diagnosis: Sensorineural deafness ІV degree.

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Ivan Babich

ВATTENTION! AS OF 30/06/2023:: The required amount has been collected. Thanks friends!

A boy and a girl are such a welcome and long-awaited gift! The Babich family has been waiting for this joy for almost 18 years! And finally, here it is, a miracle! And nothing that the home remained in Stakhanov, Luhansk region. In 2014, the Zaporozhye region sheltered and provided housing for a young family. It was in Zaporozhye that Vanechka and Polinka were born. But, unfortunately, from the first days Vanya has to fight for the opportunity to live fully. First - in the intensive care unit of the perinatal center, then - in the halls of rehabilitation centers, with physical exercises and massage courses. But today parents believe that their son will definitely catch up with his sister in development!

There was another test in the life of the family: in addition to the previous diagnoses, Vanya was diagnosed with a new one - 4th degree sensorineural deafness. The child does not hear anything! Despair again! Thanks to the project Help to hear mother's voice!, which was posted on the site Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, thousands of caring people supported the Babich family. But even before the end of fundraising, the operation to install a cochlear implant was carried out at public expense. This allowed Vanya to finally hear the world around her and the voice of her mother, and with the funds raised for the project in 2017-2018, she managed to undergo five rehabilitation courses at the Tomatis-Ukraine center.

Ivan Babich

Due to congenital hydrocephalus, Vanya is periodically placed with a shunt. And due to the installation of a cochlear implant, there are no other ways to solve the problem. In July 2020, Vanya underwent surgery to lengthen the abdominal part of the LSS. It took a month for the postoperative recovery. Then they got down to business again: they underwent a massage course according to V. Gavrilyuk's method in Kiev, in September they continued a course of rehabilitation at the Tomatis-Ukraine center in Kharkov. At home - obligatory daily one-hour exercise therapy. At the age of 5, Vanya went on his own. And even though his coordination of movements is impaired, and walking is a little unstable, nevertheless, the use of various methods of rehabilitation centers helped the baby achieve significant results.

Vanya and Polina attend the Dzherelo boarding school. Polina goes to a speech therapy group, Vanya goes to a group of children with hearing impairments. Due to the fact that, in addition to hearing impairment, Vanya has neurological problems, the development of speech is very slow, and the vocabulary of our boy is still small.

Despite the difficulties that they had to face, the friendly Babich family considers themselves to be very happy people. Once upon a time, fate had mercy and gave them such wonderful kids! Caring people supported their son and added faith in Vanya's full-fledged childhood. Young parents also believe that they will not be left without help even now. After all, those who believe in goodness and do not bend in front of difficulties will surely receive a reward - the happy and joyful eyes of their children!

Due to the military aggression in Ukraine, the company where the father of the family worked, almost does not work. Therefore, the family is asking for help paying for rehabilitation courses at the Zaporizhzhia rehabilitation center in 2023. The first classes will start already in January.

The cost of one course is 762 $.

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

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