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A Good Start is Half the Job Done!

The reconstruction of the Happy Home-2 has finally started!

Author: Mariya Semashkina, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-11-16 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 3965
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Last week we finally started the reconstruction works of the Happy Home-2 for children with special needs from the Chernigov Childs Home.

First of all, the builders removed the inside tile on the floor and walls and then dug out a basement pit.

Since the second Happy Home is smaller than the previously reconstructed one, but intends to welcome the same number of children as the first did, an additional room will be built. The electricity service reinserted the posts at the safe distance according to the standard regulations and, thus, made it possible to start the basement construction.

Last week sand and crushed stone were delivered and the cement and reinforcement rods are expected to arrive later this week as well. The first reconstruction stage involves basement works.

From the start of our reconstruction project we gave our contractor from Tokmak 30,000 hryvnyas (approximately 3,660 US dollars). According to an agreement with our contractor the walls, basement, floor and ceiling works will cost 116,000 hryvnyas (approximately 14,031 US dollars).

Our Happy Home-2 fund-raising campaign has resulted in 146,000 hryvnyas (approximately 17,660 US dollars) so far. All the reconstruction work will cost us approximately 564,000 hryvnyas (68,000 US dollars). Were grateful to Ukraine Charity organization for its kind donation of 80,000 hryvnyas (approximately 9,676 US dollars).

We still need your support in raising more than 400,000 hryvnyas (approximately 48,382 US dollars) and making the childrens big dream come true!

You can support us by transferring your donations or reconstruction materials.

Thank you very much for your great support today and in the future!



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