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War against Ukraine: Save the Children

February 28, 2022, 18:20 3514 Author: Albert Pavlov The perfidious invasion of Putin's Russia has created the most severe problems for children and adults. We continue to work and call on everyone to help!

On February 24, 2022, Russia treacherously attacked Ukraine, launching rocket and bomb attacks on cities and villages.

On this terrible morning, millions of Ukrainian children heard a terrible word: "War".

Millions of children in overcrowded cars and trains, together with their parents, went on a terrible trip to the western borders of the country. Three to four days in traffic jams under the threat of shelling, with no understanding of the future. Millions of children remained in their cities and villages, under the most severe stress, the sounds of shelling, parting with their relatives.

Hundreds of children died, thousands became orphans. Hunderds of the schools and kindergardens destroyed.

This is how the "special operation" of the so-called "fraternal people of Russia" looks like.

Now the fund's employees work in Zaporozhzhia and other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

The needs of children are enormous:

- uninterrupted supply of medicines to hospitals and families with sick children;

- fuel assistance;

- helping families in crisis;

- assistance to the refugees and resettlement centers;

- help with evacuation.

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Thanks to the help of donors from all the world our charity spent more then $700 000 and helped to thousands children since the start of the war.

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