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Kristina Voytovich, born in 1992 - fungal infection

Fundraising closed Cristina has successfully completed the expensive treatment in Kiev and is now home to recover.

Author: Inna Grigorieva, Anna Galushko, translated by Natalia Palanytsya, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2012-11-26 12-00-00 Viewed, times: 8065
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Kristina Voytovich, born on the 16th of October 1992

Diagnosis: Fungal infection (previously - a large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma), hepatitis B and D.

ATTENTION! ON ON 14/04/2015 AS of: Fundraising closed!!
Cristina has successfully completed the expensive treatment in Kiev and is now home to recover.

I'm like a bird hit by a stone ...
It was an accident, it hurt my wing.
I had to land, the others were still flying,
I was looking at them, but could not take off yet... (Russian poem, author is unknown)

Kind and shy Kristina dreamt of attending medical school. Her final exams were coming, so her big dream was going to come true soon. She cheerfully chatted with her friends, helped her mother with house chores and eagerly looked forward to her future.

Unfortunately, her plans ran into a serious obstacle a large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. What is this? Many people even have not heard about it. But for Kristina this diagnosis means the collapse of all her hopes and dreams.

And instead of opening a door to medical school she became a patient of the hematology department. Her entire life turned upside down ... Her mom desperately appealed to all kind people to help save her lovely princess, her beloved daughter.

Kristina during her treatment

Kristina underwent her treatment in the Kiev center of bone marrow transplantation. She had to purchase all the drugs at her own expense. Medication for one course of chemotherapy cost 23,000 UAH (2,800 US dollars). Fortunately, many caring people got involved into the salvation of our Kristina, and with God's help, she managed to pass 4 chemistry courses and turn a new page of her life

It has been already two years since we met Kristina Voytovich. During all this time, so many people were fighting the disease along with Kristina! They were fighting despite a tiny percentage of a favorable prognosis. Despite a lack of drugs, subsistence, moral and physical strengths of Kristina and her mother Elena. The Voytovich family stood up, went all the way from difficult countless chemo courses to her bone marrow transplantation. It happened thanks to the support of a huge number of warm-hearted people. Many thanks for your kind support!

In September this year, Kristina and her mother came back to Moscow for a PET scan - a mandatory annual check-up. The scan showed the presence of something in the lung. In evening after the test the girl did not say a word, her mom was desperately asking the same question - did the disease come back and they would have to start all over again?

Two days later, they had a consultation with Professor Dmitiry Rogachev and the Voytovich family once again had a glimmer of hope. The hope that this is not a new tumor but an inflammation (a fungal infection). This means Kristina needs to take a course of antibiotics and must also receive antibodies, immunoglobulin "Intratekt" or "Octagam". "Octagam" is not available in Ukraine. "Intratekt" costs 10 000 UAH (that is approximately 1,220 US dollars). She should have at least 2 Injections of this treatment since her immune system does not function properly. Otherwise, it will have to start all over again...

Sometimes I want to close my eyes and imagine that all this is a nightmare ... That this website does not exist, that I have seen all these stories in my dreams. I want to imagine that it is possible just to click "Close" and it quickly disappears. But it will still remain. Somewhere in the small Ukrainian town of Melitopol there is this girl and her mother on the edge of despair. Kristina has often been ill this year - infection after infection, sinusitis, chickenpox ... Elena has spent all she earned for the treatment of her daughter. Now she has nothing to spend. She can only hope and believe. And they believe and they are waiting for our help.

Help is needed right now, urgently, immediately. Last week Kristina was taken to the hospital with a temperature of 104 F. Her doctor in Kiev has said to take antibodies immunoglobulin immediately. What's more Kristina was diagnosed with hepatitis B and D.

Kristina needs your support again! The only way to beat hepatitis B and D is to raise approximately 11,000 US dollars! Lets help this lively girl together! Please help the girl! She really hopes for your support!

The family lives in the town of Melitopol(the Zaporizhzhia region)

The mobile number of Elena, Kristina's mother: +38 097 079 31 28

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Total sum of received donations 66963.61 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
11.02.2020Facebook Social Advertising10.07 US dollars
06.02.2020Undergoing treatment90.74 US dollars
30.01.2020Medications90.55 US dollars
06.05.2019Screening search for oncopathology with intravenous contrasting 3 areas88.37 US dollars
11.10.2016Screening search of oncology with intravenous contrasting69.16 US dollars
15.10.2015Screening Search oncopathology with intravenous contrast83.32 US dollars
19.05.2015Medications96.63 US dollars
24.03.2015Continued treatment at the Kiev hospital25.93 US dollars
17.03.2015Medicines: Baraklyud321.54 US dollars
05.03.2015Medicines: Meronem 2 pack471.04 US dollars
27.02.2015Replacement vacuum catheter after surgery, the second phase and to purchase tickets on the train252.13 US dollars
09.02.2015Replacement of a vacuum catheter100.18 US dollars
27.01.2015Replacement of a vacuum catheter after operation, carrying out the second stage and acquisition of tickets for the train506.01 US dollars
19.12.2014Replacement of a vacuum catheter after operation158.54 US dollars
08.12.2014replacement of vacuum catheter162.18 US dollars
03.12.2014replacement of vacuum catheter166.11 US dollars
24.11.2014Purchase of vacuum catheter166 US dollars
17.11.2014Purchase of food130.42 US dollars
14.11.2014Medications: Zinforo567.82 US dollars
28.10.2014Medications: Lyuktonem, Orzol, Meudon, Medoflyukon463.29 US dollars
09.10.2014Purchase of medicines and supplies lincomycin77.33 US dollars
02.10.2014Laktovit forte, Sodium chloride, 10 pack, Lattre 3 pack, 10 pack Faytobakt94.93 US dollars
30.09.2014Medications: Medopinem, Orzol, lactogen Medoflyukon231.68 US dollars
29.09.2014Medications: Laktovit fort Lattre 5 pack, Reosorbilakt 3 pack, 10 pack Faytobakt107.6 US dollars
15.09.2014Medications: Medopinem, Orzol, lactogen Medoflyukon271.25 US dollars
12.09.2014Medications: Medopinem, Orzol, lactogen Medoflyukon270.27 US dollars
05.09.2014Sending parcels with medications3.9 US dollars
05.09.2014Medications: Betadine, Medopenem 10 pack, 5 pack Medoflyukon, Orzol 10 pack225.16 US dollars
05.09.2014Medications: Laktoken11.42 US dollars
04.09.2014Lekarstvennh the purchase of drugs: Medopynem, Orzol, lactogen, Medoflyukon79.82 US dollars
29.08.2014Lekarastvennye drugs: Bioven Mono 5% 50ml 8 Pack493.27 US dollars
29.08.2014Medications514.49 US dollars
24.07.2014Acquisition drugs: Intratek2567.86 US dollars
21.07.2014Acquisition drugs: Viread214.49 US dollars
09.07.2014Acquisition drugs102.93 US dollars
10.06.2014Acquisition of drugs: Viread 300 ml - 2 pack.198.76 US dollars
06.06.2014Diuver 14 pack, 2 pack Kanefron, Creon 10000 14 Pack200.87 US dollars
26.05.2014Services for sending bank transfer for treatment10.05 US dollars
26.05.2014Payment in clinics propaedeutics Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology them. VH Vasilenko1000 US dollars
26.05.2014Payment in clinics propaedeutics Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology them. VH Vasilenko1000 US dollars
14.05.2014Services for sending bank transfer for treatment5 US dollars
14.05.2014Payment in clinics propaedeutics Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology them. VH Vasilenko1000 US dollars
24.04.2014Payment in clinics propaedeutics Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology them. VH Vasilenko1756.76 US dollars
22.04.2014Buying drugs: Vfend88.91 US dollars
08.04.2014Purchase drug Vfend170.53 US dollars
28.03.2014Buying drugs: Detraleks 3 Pack42.46 US dollars
24.03.201402.75 US dollars
20.03.2014Fastum gel 1 piece, 25 mg Veroshpiron 1 pkg9.28 US dollars
19.03.2014Acquisition of drugs200.81 US dollars
17.03.2014Buying drugs: Atenolol, Glutargin, metipred, Omez, PMS-Ursodiol, Reosorbilakt 5 pack, Bionorm71.4 US dollars
13.03.2014delivery gepatotsentr2.15 US dollars
28.02.2014Treatment in the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases them. L. Gromashevsky Kiev 200.27 US dollars
27.02.2014Treatment in the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases them. L. Gromashevsky Kiev 168.1 US dollars
17.02.2014Treatment in the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases them. L. Gromashevsky Kiev 578.67 US dollars
13.02.2014Spiral computed tomography of the chest without contrast and organs of the abdomen with intravenous contrast158.93 US dollars
05.02.2014Examination of the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases them. L. Gromashevsky Kiev375.33 US dollars
21.01.2014Buying drugs: Bionorm 2 Pack5.48 US dollars
21.01.2014Buying drugs: Latsidofil 3 pack, 5 pack Legalon, nifuroxazide 2 pkg.83.61 US dollars
26.12.2013Viferon-Fearon -2 pack, 4-pack Geptral, Ursohol, Enerliv289.33 US dollars
02.12.2013Geptral, Ursohol250.22 US dollars
07.11.2013Examination of the Institute of Otolaryngology Medical Sciences of Ukraine250.22 US dollars
29.10.2013Examination of the Institute of Otolaryngology Medical Sciences of Ukraine250.22 US dollars
18.09.2013Examination at the Institute of Otolaryngology Kiev187.66 US dollars
17.09.2013tomography of the abdomen with intravenous contrast and chest without contrast170.02 US dollars
13.09.2013Examination at the Institute of Otolaryngology Kiev625.55 US dollars
05.08.2013Viferon Feron 6-pack192.36 US dollars
22.07.2013Vfend - 2 pack.1546.6 US dollars
17.07.2013Vifend797.07 US dollars
10.07.2013Vifend835.11 US dollars
03.07.2013Vfend - 1 pack.768.8 US dollars
27.06.2013Vfend - 1 pack.768.55 US dollars
12.06.2013Vfend tab1543.73 US dollars
07.06.2013Vfend tab766.17 US dollars
29.04.2013Helical computed tomography of the chest cavity and abdominal organs170.02 US dollars
12.04.2013purchase of medicines and examination at the clinic im.Filatova Moscow375.33 US dollars
08.02.2013Vfend 1 pack.742.53 US dollars
04.02.2013Vfend tab. - 1upak; Geptral-2upak.4 mildronat - 1 pack.875.39 US dollars
01.02.2013tavanic 500mg25.02 US dollars
01.02.2013Drugs: Tavanic 500mg 28, 30 Vfend 200mg; Geptral 400mg 10, 10 mildronat 500mg200.18 US dollars
18.12.2012Acquisition of medicines250.22 US dollars
20.11.2012tomography106.97 US dollars
24.10.2012to Voitovich Christina1005 US dollars
20.09.2012Positron emission tomography examination394.1 US dollars
07.09.2012Positron emission tomography examination375.33 US dollars
14.08.2012Detralex, Zeffiks118.98 US dollars
25.07.2012vaccinations187.66 US dollars
16.07.2012Zefix139 US dollars
02.07.2012Medecines for Voytovich Christina (Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma62.56 US dollars
25.06.2012Medicines for surgery187.68 US dollars
05.06.2012 Zeffiks medicine for Christina Voitovich37.66 US dollars
05.06.2012 Zeffiks , Atoksil medicine for Christina Voitovich75.57 US dollars
28.05.2012medical test for Voitovich Christina57.55 US dollars
21.05.2012hepatitis medical test for Voitovich Christina53.81 US dollars
17.05.2012ropping glass syringes for Voitovich Christina38.05 US dollars
16.05.2012Hepadyf, hepatitis-Merz153.94 US dollars
11.05.2012Medical examination for Voitovich Christina50.69 US dollars
25.04.2012to Voitovich Christina214.08 US dollars
17.04.2012to Voitovich Christina38.45 US dollars
10.04.2012Catheters for Voitovich Christina25.42 US dollars
09.04.2012 Bekonaze, Heptral, Merotsef, Pinosol for Christina Voitovich93.4 US dollars
05.04.2012 Vfend for Christina Voitovich825.25 US dollars
02.04.2012 Tienam, Vifend for Voytovich Christina (Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma400.61 US dollars
30.03.2012 Tienam, Vfend for Voytovich Christina (Non-Hodgkin s lymphoma400.67 US dollars
31.12.2011to Christina Voitovich375.48 US dollars
30.12.2011to Christina Voitovich46.93 US dollars
29.12.2011to Christina Voitovich19.15 US dollars
28.12.2011to Christina Voitovich94.87 US dollars
28.12.2011to Christina Voitovich62.58 US dollars
28.12.2011Tomography for Voitovich Christina170.1 US dollars
26.12.2011to Christina Voitovich37.55 US dollars
22.12.2011Medecines for Christina Voitovich44.31 US dollars
21.12.2011to Christina Voitovich62.58 US dollars
17.12.2011to Christina Voitovich125.16 US dollars
16.12.2011to Christina Voitovich62.58 US dollars
16.12.2011 Bifiform , Essentiale for Christina Voitovich74.34 US dollars
13.12.2011to Christina Voitovich62.58 US dollars
08.12.2011MabThera (600mg.) for Voitovich Christina2343.71 US dollars
07.12.2011to Christina Voitovich17.15 US dollars
29.09.2011Study on positron emission tomography for Voitovich Christina725.52 US dollars
01.09.2011MabThera (3 capsules) for Voitovich Christina2325.5 US dollars
29.08.2011to Voitovich Christina1.25 US dollars
17.08.2011to Voitovich Christina20917.8 US dollars
03.08.2011kart.schet Voitovich Christina165.6 US dollars
08.07.2011to Voitovich Cristina165.6 US dollars
22.06.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment436.96 US dollars
21.06.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment501.67 US dollars
17.06.2011to Voitovich Christina50.17 US dollars
10.06.2011 Tienam medecines for Christina Voitovich314.17 US dollars
03.06.2011Vfend and Tienam for Voitovich Christina1896.03 US dollars
23.05.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment701.89 US dollars
23.05.2011Voitovich Christina41.36 US dollars
23.05.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment59.03 US dollars
23.05.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment58.91 US dollars
06.05.2011for Voitovich Christina501.98 US dollars
28.04.2011Medicines for Voitovich Christina380.52 US dollars
27.04.2011for Voitovich Christina865.87 US dollars
13.04.2011to Voitovich Christina49.08 US dollars
12.04.2011MabThera for Voitovich Christina2358.42 US dollars
01.04.2011to Voitovich Christina346.73 US dollars
31.03.2011to Voitovich Christina381.91 US dollars
30.03.2011to Voitovich Christina642.09 US dollars
30.03.2011to Voitovich Christina296.61 US dollars
28.03.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment299.5 US dollars
16.03.2011to Voitovich Christina188.9 US dollars
11.03.2011For Voitovich Christina treatment1260.22 US dollars
10.03.2011to Voitovich Christina6.05 US dollars
01.03.2011to Voitovich Christina356.41 US dollars
01.03.2011to Voitovich Christina407.33 US dollars
01.03.2011to Voitovich Christina159.93 US dollars
28.02.2011to Voitovich Christina9.96 US dollars
22.02.2011MabThera for Voitovich Christina712.08 US dollars
22.02.2011MabThera for Voitovich Christina1259.43 US dollars
22.02.2011to Voitovich Christina638.15 US dollars
18.02.2011Tomography for Voitovich Christina167.72 US dollars
18.02.2011Tickets to Kiev for a treatment for Voitovich Christina63.08 US dollars
08.02.2011Tomography for Voitovich Kristin176.21 US dollars
04.02.2011to Christina Voitovich50.1 US dollars
26.01.2011Voitovich Christina3189.02 US dollars
03.12.2010Tomography for Voitovich Christina104.28 US dollars
26.10.2010Tomography for Voitovich Christina189.72 US dollars
24.09.2010Tomography for Voitovich Christina168.26 US dollars
04.08.2010Tomography for Voytovitch Cristina168.79 US dollars
09.07.2010Tomography for Voytovich Christina168.48 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 81067 US dollars

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