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Alyona Volosevich, born in 1992 - brain tumour

The latest brain scan has shown that Alyonas tumour is back She can feel it by headaches and seizuresThe girl urgently needs 4,608 for life-saving surgery!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Anya Gvozdyeva, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-01-18 12-30-00 Viewed, times: 10803
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Alyona Volosevich, birthdate 16/05/1992

Diagnosis: Brain tumour, symptomatic epilepsy, astrocytoma.

Alyona is a nice quiet girl, her dream is to wake up one day without any headache and enjoy day without an epileptic fit. Alyona has many plans for the future and she would love to make all her dreams come true, if only she werent so severely ill.

Alyona was first diagnosed with symptomatic epilepsy in 2005. The attacks were very often and lasted a long time. Later on severe headaches started and the attacks became more frequent. The girl had to undergo numerous tests and pay many visits to doctors. Her parents even contacted the alternative medical practitioners in an effort to identify the cause of constant headaches.

In 2007 Alyona was an in-patient at Hospital No. 5 of Zaporozhye, and she was referred for an MRT scan. The verdict was devastating she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. A doctor informed them of a childrens neurosurgical centre, Romadanovs Institute, in Kiev. In October 2007 Alyona was operated on but, alas, her condition did not improve and she is still experiencing the attacks. Tomography is currently showing the continued growth of post-haemorrhagic cyst in the right occipital lobe. The doctors are convinced that another operation would not give the long-awaited result and recommend chemo- or radio-therapy.

The latest brain scan has shown that Alyonas tumour is backShe can feel it by headaches and seizuresThe girl urgently needs 4,608 US dollars for life-saving surgery!

The family live in the city of Zaporozhye.

Contact Alyona Valeriyevna on this number: +380 671 691 360

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06.06.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast81.69 US dollars
08.11.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrasting74.76 US dollars
27.04.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast35.54 US dollars
30.12.2016Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast73.55 US dollars
22.07.2016Medications: Lomustin161.47 US dollars
17.05.2016Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast78.58 US dollars
14.07.2015Carrying out MRT of a brain at institute of neurosurgery of Romodanov52.49 US dollars
01.04.2015Conducting radio surgery in the Institute. Ramadanov383.92 US dollars
24.03.2015A trip to the consultation and examination at the Institute im.Ramadanova129.65 US dollars
26.02.2015Brain MRT-tomography with contrasting49.92 US dollars
08.04.2014Payment procedures PT tomograph682.12 US dollars
16.10.2013The procedure for PET tomography (St. Petersburg)750.66 US dollars
18.03.2013Operations in the Center of Nuclear Medicine of the International Institute of Biological Systems im.Berezina 5431.2 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 7986 US dollars

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