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Arthur Kerimov, born in 2011 - symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy

Two-year-old Arthur can't sit or walk yet. Every day he suffers from constant epileptic seizures. There is hope but no money. Please help us raise funds for the next course of treatment in October!

Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Oxana Burns, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2013-09-09 11-40-00 Viewed, times: 9651
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Arthur Kerimov, born on 16.05.2011

Diagnosis: Symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy.

There is nothing better, nothing more moving or heartwarming for a mother as hearing when her child calls her "Mommy". It's priceless...

Irina and her husband long dreamed of and believed that they would hear children's laughter, stamping of childrens feet in their home; they hoped their family would consist of at least three kids. Perhaps the Lord heard them and gave them 2 children at once.

"When we learned that we were going to have twins, I immediately felt that it would be "royal" twins - a boy and a girl, and so it happened. But the difficulty already waylaid our family,"- says Irina.

The children were born with low birth weight and very feeble, so they were immediately taken to an intensive care unit. On the 4th day the boy stopped breathing, on the 5th day the girl ceased to breathe as well. They were both connected to the medical ventilation apparatus. In 2 weeks the girl was "tired" to breathe with the help of the machine and she managed to break off the apparatus tube. There was positive dynamics in gathering strength and all the vital functions. Now she is two years old and not only she caught up with her peers in physical and mental development, but she also surpassed. Karina is a very athletic, smart and talented girl. She can retell many tales, loves her brother Arthur and cares about him.

But Arthur ... it is much more difficult with him. When the child reached 2 years old, doctors diagnosed a serious disease - symptomatic myoclonic epilepsy.

"Our son was a true warrior. He had been helping physicians to fight for his life for 4 months in an intensive care, and later he managed to overcome the bronchopulmonary dysplasia, pneumonia, and much more. But for the time being the child cannot walk or sit, he can only fix his head a little", - Irina continued.

The basic diagnosis of "symptomatic epilepsy" is the hardest and rarest form of childrens epilepsy. Severe spasms, which could occur up to 100 times a day, did not allow the child to lead a normal life. All anticonvulsants, which little Arthur had taken, did not remove spasms, they only turned the child into a "plant". Then the doctor recommended consulting Professor S.K. Yevtushenko, the best epileptologist in Ukraine. In June 2013 the child underwent a course of medical treatment, and his anticonvulsive therapy was changed.

The results were obvious and this is real progress for little Arthur. The number of seizures decreased from 100 to 10-20 per day, his physical activity intensified.

The child's mother is sure that this is only the beginning! We believe that we can continue to gladden everybody with achievements. But it requires a serious financial support. We are slowly but steadily moving forward to the set goal.

During all this time the family spent their personal savings, the money gathered by friends and acquaintances, took loans from banks. They spent more than 50 thousand hryvnyas (approximately 6,000 US dollars) for the 4 months in the intensive care unit. The previous course of treatment including the purchase of new drugs cost them 12 thousand hryvnyas (1,500 US dollars).

Now they have to repeat the treatment in October. Monthly expenses for medication and local rehabilitation are 2.5-3 thousand hryvnyas (300-400 US dollars).

"When we completely get rid of convulsions, Arthur will have 2 operations: to remove an inguinal hernia and insert the implant into his ear. And then he will have to undergo a few courses of serious rehabilitation".

The childs disability pension equals 1,100 hryvnyas (137 US dollars). Irina is on maternity leave till her children are 3 years old. Her husband had to shut down his business activity in 2011 after the birth of the children, as Irina was often in the hospital with the boy, and he had to stay at home with Karina because all their relatives live far away.

Arthurs monthly expenses are as follows:
- Sabril - 500 mg;
- Levitsitam - 500 mg
- Sinakten depot - 1 ml.
- Bioven Mono - 10% - 50 ml.
- The course of home rehabilitation.
- Carrying out MRI of the brain, etc.

But we believe in Arthur, believe that all our efforts will be lived up and we will be able to make the life of this little boy easier. We only need some money.

We know that there are people who are willing to help!

Help us cure the boy.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

This is the phone number of Irina, Arthur's mother: +38 068 728 13 76.

Report on donations

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14.10.2019VitalijUkraine40.77 US dollars
18.07.2019Andrew V.Ukraine10 US dollars
12.06.2019Natal'ya K.Ukraine7.6 US dollars
29.11.2018"Patriots of Zaporozhye" foundationUkraine0.55 US dollars
16.08.2018Tat'yana L.Ukraine7.28 US dollars
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31.05.2018Yuliya D.Ukraine1.9 US dollars
31.05.2018Polina O.undefined11.17 US dollars
11.03.2018Yuliya K.Ukraine3.8 US dollars
01.03.2018Tat'yana L.Ukraine9.28 US dollars
24.02.2018IrinaUkraine7.18 US dollars
21.02.2018Yuliya D.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
17.01.2018Vladislav ChUkraine3.65 US dollars
11.12.2017Vladislav ChUkraine18.23 US dollars
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20.09.2017 Natali G.Ukraine3.72 US dollars
02.08.2017Sergej V.Ukraine19.14 US dollars
23.04.2017yoziktyomaUkraine17.57 US dollars
12.04.2017Dmitry K.Ukraine7.4 US dollars
09.03.2017AnonymousUkraine2.06 US dollars
15.02.2017VitalinaUkraine6.1 US dollars
01.12.2016Lenard D.Canada600 US dollars
14.11.2016VitalinaUkraine3.9 US dollars
07.09.2016Svetlana .Ukraine22.53 US dollars
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21.05.2014Charity eventUkraine1454.38 US dollars
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11.04.2014NATAL'YA .Ukraine15.83 US dollars
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02.04.2014ELENA .Ukraine8.96 US dollars
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15.02.2014G.NATAL'YAUkraine8.18 US dollars
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10.02.2014AssistantUkraine116.67 US dollars
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18.10.2013Galina M.Germany48.25 US dollars
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17.10.2013Unknown donorUkraine0.62 US dollars
17.10.2013Oleg SUkraine12.39 US dollars
09.10.2013Andrew Z.Ukraine371.58 US dollars
08.10.2013Xenia N.Ukraine193.92 US dollars
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04.10.2013UKREXIMBANK SCUkraine25.02 US dollars
04.10.2013Tatyana MarushchakUSA146.59 US dollars
02.10.2013AnonymousUkraine74.32 US dollars
02.10.2013O. Y.Ukraine6.07 US dollars
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17.09.2013UR6QW Ukraine12.45 US dollars
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13.09.2013Brian W.undefined25 US dollars
12.09.2013Angela S.Ukraine12.45 US dollars
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06.09.2013Julia SerbinenkoUkraine25.02 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 7108.42 US dollars

Expenses report

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17.02.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 4 pcs; Nestle Peptamen junior 400 gr -3 pcs; Pediashur Tiny natures. 25 pcs;149.76 US dollars
16.01.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 4 pcs; Nestle Peptamen junior 400 gr - 3 pcs; Pediashur Tiny natures. 25 pcs;152.66 US dollars
28.12.2019Gift from the donor99.21 US dollars
09.12.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs; Nestle Peptamen Junior 400 ml - 9 pcs; Pediashur Little Boy - 15 pcs.210.86 US dollars
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12.09.2019Medical examination and treatment at the center of child and family psychiatry, Dnipro801 US dollars
12.09.2019bank commission 09.20190.09 US dollars
12.09.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF Neutral Dual 500 ml - 12 pcs; Pediashur Tiny - 20 pcs222.34 US dollars
08.08.2019Treatment and examination at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Dnipro157.33 US dollars
08.08.2019bank commission 08.20190.12 US dollars
08.08.2019Nutrition Nestle Resource junior 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF Neutral Dual 500 ml - 12 pcs; Pediashur in assortment 12 pcs.211.78 US dollars
03.07.2019Food Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 g - 14 pcs; Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs.219.04 US dollars
06.06.2019Undergoing treatment at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry259.93 US dollars
06.06.2019bank commission 06.20190.08 US dollars
03.06.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 gr - 14 pcs.213.53 US dollars
08.05.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 gr - 14 pcs.217.7 US dollars
23.04.2019Treatment and examination at the Research Institute of Child and Family Psychiatry, Dnipro372.39 US dollars
23.04.2019bank commission 04.20190.08 US dollars
08.04.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 g - 5 pcs.121.43 US dollars
19.03.2019Drugs: Noofen 3 pack52.71 US dollars
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27.02.2019Medications: Noofen 3 pack; Baclofen; Magne-B663.79 US dollars
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04.01.2019Medications: Noofen 2 pack; Magne-B6 - 1.2 pack.43.38 US dollars
04.01.2019Payment for examination and treatment109.05 US dollars
04.01.2019Commission for replenishment of cards for payments, unearmarked payments0.16 US dollars
17.12.2018Medicines: Noofen 2 pack; Baclofen; Akvadetrim vitamin D345.79 US dollars
07.12.2018Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 g - 14 pcs, Nestle Resource optimum , 400 gr Novo - 2 pcs;218.02 US dollars
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09.10.2018Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 g - 6 pcs; Nestle Peptamen AF , 500 g. - 12 pieces.175.9 US dollars
21.09.2018Drugs, laboratory tests71.12 US dollars
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31.05.2018Medical examination and treatment191.31 US dollars
22.05.2018Libero diapers for children Everyday XL (38) 11-25 kg - 2 pcs;17.18 US dollars
11.05.2018Medicines, survey76.28 US dollars
21.02.2018Medical examination and treatment184.69 US dollars
14.09.2017Conducting a comprehensive survey and rehabilitation153.8 US dollars
10.07.2017Conducting a survey and rehabilitation in Kiev153.71 US dollars
21.04.2017Conducting a course of examination and rehabilitation in Kiev186.48 US dollars
17.03.2017Carrying out of treatment and inspection of Kharkov185.33 US dollars
09.02.2017Medications184.65 US dollars
22.12.2016Purchasing drugs Alfaro, treatment ZOKB530.38 US dollars
07.12.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram12 US dollars
28.11.2016Examination and treatment in Zaporizhzhya children s hospital 5194.37 US dollars
24.10.2016Implementation of rehabilitation at the center Ruh Vlny Borispol370.19 US dollars
06.10.2016Surveying the Kiev Center of Medical Genetics, medicine34.75 US dollars
16.09.2016Conducting surveys in the Kiev Center of Medical Genetics and the purchase of medicines187.44 US dollars
05.08.2016Survey in Kievskoi Medical Genetics Center80.62 US dollars
07.06.2016Conducting the survey at the Kharkov Medical Genetics Center400.23 US dollars
24.05.2016Survey of Medical-genetic center of Kharkov39.68 US dollars
20.04.2016Medications: Sabra, Zonegran392.54 US dollars
12.04.2016Medications: Sabra, Enzymes. Passage of a rehabilitation course53.93 US dollars
27.01.2016Purchase of medicines: Sabri, Enzymes, rehabilitation121.01 US dollars
29.12.2015Medications: Sabri, Enzymes, a course of rehabilitation86.44 US dollars
15.12.2015Medications: Sabri, Enzymes, a course of rehabilitation64.19 US dollars
02.11.2015Medications: Sabri Solkoseril, a course of rehabilitation54.36 US dollars
16.09.2015Purchase of medicines: Sabri, Enzymes, a course of rehabilitation175.13 US dollars
21.07.2015gs of a reabilitologichny Acquisition of drugs (Sabril, enzyme) and passincourse of therapy127.19 US dollars
25.05.2015Passage reabilitologichnogo course of therapy and the acquisition of medicines: Sabra, enzymes95.98 US dollars
14.04.2015Purchase of medicines Sabra and rehabilitation course127.6 US dollars
04.03.2015Medicinal products for the rehabilitation course126.21 US dollars
04.02.2015Medicines: Sabril; Probiotics. Inspection in the center of immunology Kiev; Occupations with the reabilitology59.78 US dollars
03.02.2015Medicines: Sabril; Probiotics. Inspection in the center of immunology Kiev; Occupations with the reabilitology123.14 US dollars
22.01.2015Medicines: Glyceric soup.; Levitsitam45.11 US dollars
08.12.2014Acquisition of drugs and passing of a rehabilitation course of therapy129.74 US dollars
09.10.2014Purchase of medicines for rehabilitation therapy course386.67 US dollars
29.08.2014Medications367.49 US dollars
03.06.2014A course of rehabilitation and medication422.54 US dollars
30.04.2014Sabri, Fish Oil, a course of rehabilitation438.54 US dollars
17.03.2014Buying drugs: L-carnitine syrup 100ml, Qudesan to-whether 20ml Bepanten ointment 5% 30g, Noofen25.52 US dollars
17.03.2014Acquisition of drugs: Qudesan, Karniel, Noofen, Sabri, Fish Oil, Magnesium for a rehabilitation course at the clinic Donetsk520.8 US dollars
10.02.2014Payment diagnosis of vision and hearing469.03 US dollars
29.01.2014Acquisition of drugs: Levitsitam 500tab71.94 US dollars
13.12.2013Diagnosis of the clinic Visus ; Diagnosis of hearing in the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Otolaryngology375.33 US dollars
26.11.2013Diagnosis of the clinic Visus ; Diagnosis of hearing in the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Otolaryngology250.22 US dollars
12.11.2013Sabri Sinakten Depot250.22 US dollars
28.10.2013Payment drugs: Pantokaltsin, Noofen 100, Fish Oil, Kanekst Depot250.22 US dollars
22.10.2013Inhaler compression OMRON NE-C28P174.91 US dollars
21.10.2013Sabril, Qudesan8.88 US dollars
01.10.2013Sabri Levitsitam, Sinakten, Bioven Mono, a course of employment with the rehabilitator250.22 US dollars
25.09.2013Levitsitam 500 tablets 500mg69.34 US dollars
14.08.2013Sabri Kepra, Phenobarbital, Sinakten Depot, Levomitsitam, Dufalak, diapers, baby food187.66 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 15875 US dollars

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