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Aaron Keyan, born in 2012 - retinopathy of prematurity of 5th degree, blindness

This little guy is ready to go to the INNOVO rehabilitation center in Lviv. The cost of treatment is 20,200 UAH

Author: Margarita Arkhipova, Roman Kirchenko, translated by Oksana Nikolenko, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-03-05 14-10-00 Viewed, times: 3510
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Aaron Keyan, born on 24.03.2012

Diagnosis: Retinopathy of prematurity of 5th degree, blindness.

I often see on my Facebook or Vkontakte feed list a number of tearful posts, full of terrible images and diagnoses about a sick child who needs some thousands of dollars.

I used to respond immediately by donating some money and then I got used to such requests and eventually stopped paying such a close attention to each and every help appeal online. You probably know from your experience some things just stop to touch your heart. Passing by the maternity hospital where I often see future moms smoke, drink beer on the bench, I think - okay, here they are - the future authors of the posts, "Help collect money for surgery!" in all its glory. Cynical, but what can we do?

Most of my friends have the same reaction. You cant help everybody, and then there is no guarantee that such fund-raising campaigners are not simple criminals.

However, one should always keep in mind that a small child is surely not guilty and not responsible for the sins of his parents. Whats more every one of us may face the same ordeal one day.

In 2012 my mother's friends have got a baby. The long-awaited one... He was born in the fifth month of pregnancy - and miraculously survived. What do parents feel if they are told by doctors "it may be better not to save your boy"? Parents usually do what they have to - they fight for life of their beloved child. They are aware that the child is likely to grow disabled. They know that they will make every effort to make their childs life happy. Unlike some parents they are ready to work long and hard to make their child feel better.

Unfortunately, after the ultrasonic scanning of eyes the news were not good. The retina of the left eye could not stand it and burst. And the brilliance that Natasha noticed in Aarons eye before leaving for the rehabilitation in Lviv was the visible sign of this situation. Now it is necessary to remove the brilliance. Dr. Baranov A.V. from St. Petersburg will try to "solder" the gap, but he gives no guarantee... It's just another opportunity to save the babys vision.

According to the checkups, it became clear that Aaron has a chance to see, the results show contour vision! The baby takes purposefully glowing objects. And this is a huge step forward, but to have his vision gradually restored, the boy should regularly take courses of stimulation. In March 2014 Aaron should take his second treatment. Unfortunately, there is no special equipment which can treat such special kids in Ukraine. A treatment abroad is too expensive for an ordinary Ukrainian family.

The Keyans family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

The cell phones of mother Natalia: +38 (066) 257 45 82 , +38 (098) 282 82 64.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
18.08.2018MarichkaUkraine1.76 US dollars
17.08.2018KantriUkraine7.03 US dollars
15.08.2018Aleksandr Z.Ukraine7.28 US dollars
15.08.2018Vladislav ChUkraine7.28 US dollars
14.08.2018ChP NVF AL'YaNSUkraine402.28 US dollars
09.08.2018Anna G.Ukraine1.8 US dollars
10.02.2018VitalijUkraine25.81 US dollars
14.12.2017Nadezhda T.Ukraine3.68 US dollars
10.11.2017Sergej V.Ukraine18.5 US dollars
05.11.2017runawayUkraine90.45 US dollars
26.10.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine1.86 US dollars
14.11.2016VitalinaUkraine3.9 US dollars
19.07.2016Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine386.22 US dollars
14.07.2016Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine41677.4 US dollars
12.07.2016Elena Ya.Ukraine4.03 US dollars
14.06.2016VitalinaUkraine4 US dollars
11.03.2016Svetlana .Ukraine18.87 US dollars
27.06.2014Oleg G.Ukraine8.37 US dollars
23.05.2014E.L.Ukraine4.23 US dollars
24.04.2014Konstantin .Ukraine175.68 US dollars
03.03.2014LudmilaUkraine5.01 US dollars
07.02.2014Olga D.Ukraine8 US dollars
31.01.2014Albert K.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
10.07.2013Albert K.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
01.07.2013Marusenko I.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
14.06.2013AnonymousUkraine2.5 US dollars
12.06.2013Subota M.Ukraine6.26 US dollars
11.06.2013anonymUkraine0.5 US dollars
06.06.2013Vladislav ChUkraine37.53 US dollars
29.05.2013Lubov KuvshinovaUkraine6.3 US dollars
06.04.2013Koptev DmitryUkraine6.26 US dollars
28.03.2013Paul (Diamond Ukraine)Ukraine106.34 US dollars
28.02.2013Paul (Diamond Ukraine)Ukraine81.07 US dollars
08.02.2013Panasyuk AntonUkraine250.22 US dollars
29.01.2013Xenia N.Ukraine256.47 US dollars
16.01.2013Elena ZaikaUkraine75.07 US dollars
18.12.2012Xenia N.Ukraine125.11 US dollars
12.11.2012Xenia N.Ukraine125.11 US dollars
12.11.2012Skotarenko DenisUkraine37.53 US dollars
01.11.2012T. B.Ukraine12.51 US dollars
23.10.2012Petrov PeterUkraine125.11 US dollars
23.10.2012MOTOMAX LTDUSA49.92 US dollars
12.10.2012Aleksej (kompaniya Mobi King)Ukraine625.55 US dollars
17.09.2012Box for donationUkraine177.16 US dollars
11.09.2012Andriy R.Japan97.84 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 45105.29 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
03.04.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs;68.81 US dollars
25.03.2020Respirator with exhalation valve Micron FFP2 White 3 pcs.10.25 US dollars
27.02.2020Acquisition of special rehabilitation equipment and treatment503.06 US dollars
27.02.2020bank commission 02.20200.09 US dollars
17.02.2020Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs.73.98 US dollars
09.12.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs;76.24 US dollars
11.11.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs;73.82 US dollars
08.10.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs;72.73 US dollars
27.09.2019Ursofalk 1 pack.48.04 US dollars
12.09.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs;72.69 US dollars
08.08.2019Food Nestle Resource junior 400 gr - 5 pcs;69.01 US dollars
03.07.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs.71.85 US dollars
12.06.2019Drugs: Lymphomyosot 2 pack; Humer; cinnabsin; Isofra37.69 US dollars
12.06.2019Drugs: Eliminal gel 1 pack.7.74 US dollars
12.06.2019Drugs: Deflu silver nose4.46 US dollars
03.06.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs.70.05 US dollars
08.05.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs.71.41 US dollars
16.04.2019Rehabilitation services, speech therapist, TOMATIS program361.8 US dollars
08.04.2019Food Nestle Resource junior , 400 gr - 5 pcs.70.27 US dollars
11.03.2019Speech therapist services 48 services272.84 US dollars
07.03.2019Drugs: Canephron; Urolesan; Triacutan; Enterohermina 4 pack; Mutaflor; Tonsilotren64.88 US dollars
25.02.2019Consultation with Tomatis Specialist, Neuro-Sensory Stimulation Method 1 course / 13 days359.03 US dollars
30.08.2018Ortezi FAFO EL 2 pcs.396.92 US dollars
14.06.2018Conducting a comprehensive survey, medicines38.28 US dollars
23.11.2017Payment of rehabilitation services, sensory-sound stimulation150.11 US dollars
27.04.2017Course of therapy 12 sessions460.11 US dollars
24.10.2016Passage of rehabilitation to conduct sensory-auditory stimulation Tamaris 549.43 US dollars
20.07.2016Physical therapy course, General sensory development program - 12 sessions544.04 US dollars
09.06.2016Complex physical rehabilitation services540.83 US dollars
27.05.2016Fundraising in the social network on Facebook (advertising)27.78 US dollars
24.12.2014Passing of stimulation of sight in the Moscow scientific research institute of pediatrics133.16 US dollars
13.03.2014Passage of stimulation of the Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics215.46 US dollars
02.12.2013The operation at the Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery1251.09 US dollars
29.05.2013Payment for ophthalmic surgery124.48 US dollars
27.03.2013Ophthalmic surgery325.29 US dollars
12.02.2013Conducting eye thumbmaker Children s Hospital 19 named. K.A.Rauhfusa , St. Petersburg450.39 US dollars
22.11.2012Carrying out repeated operation1251.09 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 8919 US dollars

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