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Dmytro Marusenko

October 16, 2023, 14:00 76 Author: Natalya Moroz deti.zp.ua Fundraising has been stopped! The foundation paid for the rehabilitation course, and Dmytryk attended classes and received physical support and new emotions.

Dmytro Marusenko

Dmytro Marusenko, born in 14.07.2011

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy Right-sided spastic hemiparesis.

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Dmytro Marusenko

WARNING! AS OF 11/17/2023: Fundraising has been discontinued. The fund paid for the rehabilitation course, and Dmytryk attended classes and received physical support and new emotions.

Dmytryk was born during a caesarean section, because his mother did not have seizures. And due to the long delay and wrapping the neck with the umbilical cord, hypoxia of the fetus developed. The result was a disturbance of the central nervous system.

Already at three months, the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, right-sided hemiparesis. Since then, long-term treatment began: massages every three months, injections for development, physical therapy. Also, it was prescribed to wear an orthosis on the right arm. He restrained her constant contortion and brevity.

Dmytryk started sitting without support a little late, at 10 months. And walk with support only at 2 years old. Now the boy does everything independently, but due to the fact that the leg goes to the side when walking, he often falls, injuring the ligaments.

Dima is very fond of animals, playing on the phone. But studying at school is difficult. He writes with his left hand, which, as my mother says, is not bad for a left-handed person. But in general, he needs the help of relatives in his studies. And Dmytryk is often sad that he can't wrestle or play football like other children.

Dmytro Marusenko

Despite everything, the boy periodically attends rehabilitation courses in his native Zaporizhzhia and other cities. They help reduce muscle tone and relieve tension from the fingers of the right hand. After classes, the boy becomes more lively, his mood improves, because for some time he feels complete. However, he often suffers from acute respiratory viral infections, has a fever, and after that the stiffness of the hand returns again.

Since 2015, Dmytro periodically visits the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic. It was there that parents saw significant results. The hand came out of the fist position, and the index finger began to move a little. Until then, there were no such results.

Of course, having certain results, it is necessary to continue physical therapy. Soon, in November, a new course will start, worth almost 20 thousand hryvnias. The parents turned to the fund with a request to help pay for it, because there was very little time left - less than a month.

We are sure that together we will be able to raise the required amount!

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