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Olga Kazakova, born in 2003 cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency

"Our life is divided into two periods of time: when we are at home and when we are in hospital. We have to stay at hospital for a month and then, having received some medical treatment, go home for another 3 months"

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Oxana Burns, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-12-01 20-50-00 Viewed, times: 6709
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Olga Kazakova, was born on December 1st, 2003

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency.

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Olga was given a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis when she was one year and nine months old. Her parents hoped that the diagnosis was false, but later it was confirmed by the specialists at genetic centers of the cities of Krivoy Rog and Lvov.

Valentina, Olgas mother, shares his story with us:

"Our life is divided into two periods of time: when we are at home and when we are in hospital. We have to stay at hospital for a month and then, having received some medical treatment, go home for the next 3 months. Just for three months and time flies so quickly when we are at home. But, nevertheless, no matter how hard and difficult it is for us to be in hospital, when coming home, we try to readjust and get back to our active and positive life.

Because Olgas disease is so serious, she mustnt get sick, that is why she is home schooled. We do our best to be aware of all school activities. Olga always takes part in competitions and quizzes conducted by the teachers of her school. She even manages to win some of them. For example, in spring there was a familiar drawing contest, Olga drew a girl on a horse and took the first place.

Our daughter is a big fan of horses, and everything related to them. She has pictures of horses everywhere: on her bag, notebooks, and sheets and even on her inhaler she has a sticker with guess what? Correct, a horse! She also has a large collection of rubber horses. Our daughter has a dream to have a real horse one day! Olga also loves her pet, a German shepherd Dina, she walks and feeds it with something delicious, and in its turn the dog loves Olga, and misses when she is in hospital.

Olga is always a leader both in the playground and in a team. Even with strangers, she knows how to behave in such a way that they immediately turn to her. She's free-and-easy, has a wonderful sense of humor, can keep the ball rolling. When examining her in the hospital, doctors like to have a chat with Olga, and she being accustomed to it, speaks with adults without fear and as an equal. Our doctor Marina Nikolaevna calls Olga "our positive baby girl".

While staying in hospital on a drip 4 months a year, we still (with God's help) have the strength to not lose heart, go on living, to go through life with a smile and have hope. Hope for the best!"

Mom and daughter have accepted diagnosis and necessity to be in hospital and it could be fine, but ... every month her medical treatment requires large sums of money. One month of outpatient treatment costs 7,000 UAH (275 US dollars) and inpatient treatment is between 10,000 (400 US dollars) and 12,000 UAH (500 US dollars).

We are asking all people attracted to this family for help. We are sure that one day she will make a difference to this world bringing light and warmth. Let us just give her a chance!

The family lives in the city of Dnepropetrovsk

Contact phone of Valentina, Olgas mother +38 098 125 15 26.

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