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Sukach Darya, 29 years adenocarcinoma

Fundraising is closed! Hooray! Thanks to your kind assistance Daria has successfully completed her treatment! We honestly hope that Daria will enjoy a long and healthy life!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Ivan, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-02-01 18-00-00 Viewed, times: 2407
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Sukach Darya
Sukach Darya 12.07.1986 year of birth

Diagnosis:adenocarcinoma (rectal cancer).

ATTENTION! 17.05.2016.: Fundraising closed.
Hooray! Thanks to your kind assistance Daria has successfully completed her treatment! We honestly hope that Daria will enjoy a long and healthy life!

Here goes the Dashas own plea:

Until recently, it seemed to me that I was just starting to live, and all my dreams are about to start coming true! However, the life has some more crush-tests for me. The autumn of 2014 has brought me the diagnosis of rectal cancer.

After the 32 days of the radiation therapy there was a difficult operation proposed to me, which notwithstanding all the risks, could become my only chance to live. Since as a result of my inborn physical musculoskeletal systems pathology the operation could result in all kinds of complicationsIve decided to undergo another more detailed examination in one of the Kievs medical clinics.

It is quite surprising how life can change in a glance This May, when it became obvious that my tumor has gone, I was the happiest girl on the Earth! All my previous trials radiation therapy, innumerable examinations seemed to sink into oblivion This summer I went to the seashore and even fulfilled my dream - I have swum for the first time in my life! Ive returned to my favorite job, had some meetings with my friends, started dreaming of overland journeys again

However, my joy of life out of the hospital walls turned to be short-dated. My check-up colonoscopy revealed some new formations, which unfortunately turned to be cancerous Medics were shocked by the speed of growth of these tumors thus the council of physicians has decided to turn to the emergency surgery. The eighth of September became the beginning of my new life with ileostomy (small intestine drawn into the abdominal cavity). During the operation, 14 cm of my intestines were cut off along with the tumors. I have the perspective of operational reconstruction and closure of my stomach, but check-up biopsy has shown that the removed tumor is so aggressive that there is high risk of the new relapse.

With the expenses tied to the chemotherapy, there, sadly, will be others: because of the disability of mine, I simply cannot use the public transport, so the taxi is my only way to move around. In addition, there are always the medicine expenses, which I cant afford.

I understand perfectly that the current instability of the situation in Ukraine adversely affects anyones ability to help financially, but even the most trivial donation can eventually hasten my recovery!

The spring reins at its fullest and I hope so much that I will not only see the blooming of trees in our garden, but also restore the tree of my own life free of cancer

In the end of October, I am going to start a half-year chemotherapy course according to the FOLKS4+AVASTIN protocol (12 cycles, 1ce per 2 week). Preliminary calculations show that one cycle of the chemotherapy will cost me 28 871 hrn, excluding additional medicines that I could require if any severe side effects are to happen, daily hospital expenses, apartment rental and travel expenses (the therapy takes place in Kiev). Now I also have to spend coin on incontinence bags and their elements (creams and plates). All this makes me sad and means that I have a need of Your prayers and financial support, lacking these I cannot win this harsh battle for my own tomorrow. Ive calculated that if I had to take all the money from mine and my mothers pensions it would take 30 years to achieve my grand goal My fathers modest income as a whole goes into food and maintenance services, so my only hope to fight on is your help my good and kind-hearted people!

We the Fund Officers ask all our Friends to answer this plea. Please take our sincere gratitude for Your support in these difficult times!

Family resides in Zaporizhya city, Zaporyzhska district.

DaryasPhonenumbers: (+38) 096 66 850 46; (+38) 066 281 44 96.

Vkontakte support group - http://vk.com/club91988716

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
06.05.2016Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine514.15 US dollars
27.04.2016Haven Bridge Incundefined500 US dollars
21.03.2016Valentin Z.Ukraine3.81 US dollars
19.03.2016Dan G.undefined50 US dollars
07.03.2016Haven Bridge Incundefined1500 US dollars
29.02.2016Egor P.Ukraine1.33 US dollars
26.01.2016Yuliya Z.Ukraine10.49 US dollars
21.01.2016Phillip R.Great Britain67.46 US dollars
18.01.2016Diana D.Ukraine1.99 US dollars
11.01.2016Margarita O.Ukraine4.14 US dollars
30.12.2015Dima . and Elena S.Ukraine14.71 US dollars
21.12.2015Olga P.Ukraine4.27 US dollars
17.12.2015Ukrainian Exchange charityUkraine474.51 US dollars
14.12.2015Pavel Ch.Russia86.42 US dollars
11.12.2015Svetlana L.Ukraine4.37 US dollars
13.11.2015Xenia N.Ukraine52.1 US dollars
11.11.2015JinnUkraine9.32 US dollars
09.11.2015Scherbina L.Ukraine2.97 US dollars
09.11.2015Sergej .Ukraine2.97 US dollars
07.11.2015May F.Russia4.69 US dollars
04.11.2015N. .Ukraine1.27 US dollars
02.11.2015Egor V.Ukraine8.7 US dollars
21.10.2015Birger B.undefined160.91 US dollars
20.10.2015AlbertUkraine21.13 US dollars
08.10.2015Joel W.USA97.5 US dollars
06.10.2015Tetiana Sh.USA97.5 US dollars
02.10.2015Svetlana .Ukraine28.17 US dollars
02.10.2015JinnUkraine10.69 US dollars
30.09.2015Elena S.Ukraine13.51 US dollars
25.09.2015210144070043Ukraine9.69 US dollars
09.09.2015Olga V.Ukraine91.15 US dollars
21.05.2015Cottrell DavidUSA50 US dollars
13.05.2015AnonymousUkraine19.91 US dollars
08.05.2015Vladislav ChUkraine9.86 US dollars
28.04.2015M. S.Ukraine8.88 US dollars
24.04.2015Joel W.USA97.5 US dollars
21.04.2015Cottrell DavidUSA50 US dollars
21.04.2015Oleksandr K.USA48.6 US dollars
20.04.2015Irene L.Ukraine203.23 US dollars
20.04.2015Vladislav ChUkraine9.5 US dollars
17.04.2015210144070043Ukraine12.82 US dollars
15.04.2015Tetiana Sh.USA97.5 US dollars
08.04.2015Vail R.undefined1265.84 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 5723.56 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
20.09.2017Complex treatment78.31 US dollars
08.06.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram10 US dollars
06.05.2016Advance payment for medical services515.74 US dollars
06.05.2016Prepayment for symptomatic treatment480 US dollars
08.04.2016Reimbursement for sending MoneyGram30 US dollars
23.03.2016Prepayment for symptomatic treatment1450 US dollars
17.03.2016Prepayment for symptomatic treatment22.35 US dollars
10.03.2016Medications65.88 US dollars
02.02.2016Medical services443.71 US dollars
29.12.2015Drugs for chemotherapy168.56 US dollars
04.11.2015Drugs for chemotherapy194.27 US dollars
04.11.2015Drugs for chemotherapy355 US dollars
31.08.2015On carrying out operation of a kolonoskopiya236.01 US dollars
21.05.2015On carrying out operation of a kolonoskopiya50 US dollars
28.04.2015Carrying out inspection1413 US dollars
21.04.2015On carrying out operation of a kolonoskopiya50 US dollars
15.04.2015transportation to X-ray therapy, 2 days4.23 US dollars
06.03.2015For treatment42.07 US dollars
05.02.2015For treatment95.64 US dollars
30.01.2015transportation to X-ray therapy, 3 days13.06 US dollars
30.12.2014For treatment101.47 US dollars
03.12.2014Purchase of medicines and examination132.89 US dollars
30.11.2014A trip to the hospital for treatment 92 km7.22 US dollars
07.11.2014transportation to X-ray therapy, 6 days42.78 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 6002 US dollars

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