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Kirill Karpachev (born 28 June 2000) and Timofei Karpachev (born 22 November 2011) Cystic fibrosis, mixed form

Mom, dad and two wonderful sons they would be the happiest family if only the boys were healthy. The two brothers have the same form of cystic fibrosis

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Andrei Vernon, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-06-09 22-00-00 Viewed, times: 5037
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Kirill Karpachev (born 28 June 2000) and Timofei Karpachev (born 22 November 2011)

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, mixed form.

Medical findings: page 1, page 2.

Discharge papers: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6.

Mom, dad and two wonderful sons they would be the happiest family if only the boys were healthy. The two brothers have the same form of cystic fibrosis.

The family eagerly awaited the birth of their second son. Excitement and small household chores all waiting for the white light to shine on Timofei. Kirill, the older brother, chose his little brothers name and firmly believed that Timofei would not be born with the same illness.

The parents already knew from their own experience the difficulties of being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. With faith and prayer they believed that the second child would not be afflicted with the same illness. One month after being born Timofei underwent a genetic analysis. The results destroyed their dreams and expectations.

Kirill arrived at the question in a philosophical manner: Everything would be wonderful if it werent for these genes. Now in our home there are two people with the same diagnosis. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that Timofei has cystic fibrosis. We were truly saddened by this event and our parents are discouraged, but we will get used to it. Unfortunately or fortunately, we know how to fight this disease.

The boys family is in a tough position financially. We hope that you will help return hope to this family. Please support the Karpachev family!

Each month the family spends around 340 USD on medical supplies preparations for inhalation, enzymes, and vitamins. This is a wonderful family full of love and understanding.

Kirill has already established himself as a gifted child. He studies in collegium and will receive an award for participating in Olympiads on both the city and national level. He dreams of studying to be a doctor and is teaching himself the configuration and structure of computers. With your help we hope that Timofei will be able to live until he is 16 years old and hopefully long after that. All we need to do is give him the ability to become completely healthy!

The family lives in Zaporozhe.

The familys phone number: +38 067 725 59 81 (Karina mother)

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21.10.2019Medications: Meronem 5599.16 US dollars
01.10.2019Food Nestle Resource junior, 400 gr - 12 pcs; Nutrition PediaShur Zdoroveyka, 200g. - 90 pcs342.49 US dollars
01.10.2019Nutrition PediaShur Zdoroveyka, 200g. - 300 pcs573.53 US dollars
16.09.2019Electric sterilizer, delivery68.89 US dollars
16.08.2019Medicines: Ursofalk; Cardonate 3 pack68.03 US dollars
16.08.2019Medicines: Hofitol 1 pack.8.67 US dollars
27.06.2019Pulse Oximeter Biomed BP-10M28.66 US dollars
24.06.2019Tobramycin 1 course2284.29 US dollars
21.06.2019Nutrition PediaShur Health, 200g. - 90 pcs.157.85 US dollars
18.06.2019Drugs: Smart Omega 6 Pack; Vitrum plus52.12 US dollars
12.06.2019Drugs: Sumamed 9 pack; Ursofalk 2 pack; ACC 4 pack199.25 US dollars
21.03.2019Food Resource junior, 400 gr - 24 pcs; Pediashur Maloezhka, 200g. - 300 pcs.724.73 US dollars
06.02.2019medicine: Varicella Vaccine (Cookilrix) 2 Pack, SynFlorix 2 Pack200.56 US dollars
06.02.2019Commission for replenishment of cards for payments, non-target payments0.61 US dollars
09.01.2019Tobramycin 24282.09 US dollars
03.01.2019Medications: Meronem 4 pack; Brakson 8.4 pack; Flowerpot 2 pack; Essentiale 3 pack; Tivortin 14 pack;1012.87 US dollars
13.12.2018Tobramycin2157.64 US dollars
27.11.2018Tobramycin 56 pack.2150.66 US dollars
24.10.2018Medicines: Ursofalk caps. 250 mg 100 - 3 pack.127.66 US dollars
16.10.2018Medicines: Acestad 3 pack, Essentiale 4 pack.47.85 US dollars
31.08.2018Ultrasonic inhaler OMRON NE-U100-E139.82 US dollars
08.08.2018Medicines: Ursofalk 3 pack.128.87 US dollars
19.06.2018Tobramycin 40 pack.3418.3 US dollars
10.05.2018Medicines: ATSTS long 10 pack, Lord of the hyal nebulus 10 pack.142.36 US dollars
26.04.2018Multislice computed tomography of chest and mediastinal organs26.65 US dollars
23.04.2018Tobramycin2406.56 US dollars
28.03.2018Medicinal preparations: Vasonate, Essentiale 2 pack, Tivortin 10 pack62.06 US dollars
20.03.2018Medications: Kolomycin injection 3 pack121.61 US dollars
17.01.2018Payment for Essentiale N Fort 2 pack, Vitrum 2 pack, Enterojermina Fort 2 pack, Lord 2 Pack, Smart Omega 5 pack92.39 US dollars
04.01.2018Oxygen concentrator YU300429.9 US dollars
15.12.2017Medicinal preparations: Essentiale H 2 pack, Ursofalk 2 pack.105.25 US dollars
26.09.2017Medications: ACTS, Braxon, Ursofalk85.46 US dollars
07.08.2017Medicinal preparations: ATSTS Long 3 pack, Domrid 2 pack, Cardonate 3 pack, Omez 3 pack, Preductal MR, Ursofalk 2 pack.140.7 US dollars
07.08.2017Medicinal preparations: Smart Omega 3 pack.20.39 US dollars
01.08.2017Creon 22 pack., Pulmozim 15 pack.2043.39 US dollars
26.07.2017Medicinal preparations: Heptral 2 pack73.46 US dollars
18.07.2017Mixture of Nestle Resource Junior 400 g 4 pack56.73 US dollars
07.03.2017Medications: ACTS Long 9 pack, Brulium Lingvatabs 3 pack, Omez 2 pack, Ursofalk, Fosfalugel 2 pack111.95 US dollars
22.11.2016Transporting drugs Bramitob 7.72 US dollars
21.11.2016Medications: Medopenem 46 pack, 4 pack lincomycin685.49 US dollars
08.08.2016Medications: Berodual, Metamax., Tivortin 10 pack, Ursofalk, Fluimutsil 2 pack, Essentsiale 2 pack107.6 US dollars
16.06.2016Spiral computed tomography (CT) of the chest with intravenous contrast36.16 US dollars
02.06.2016Medications : Berodyal 2 pkg13.37 US dollars
31.05.2016Medications : Berodyal, Lasolvan, Sumamed 5 pack, 2 pack Hofitol, Enap 3 pack, Essentiale Fort H 3 pack70.18 US dollars
23.05.2016059.52 US dollars
25.04.2016059.12 US dollars
11.03.2016Medications: Lesfal 2 pack, 14 pack Levofloxacin, meldonium, Merobotsid 42 pack, Tivomaks-10 gift pack389.14 US dollars
16.02.2016Patient Monitor CMS50B21.03 US dollars
14.01.2016Medications: Akvadeks72.33 US dollars
20.11.2015Purchase of medicines: ACC-200 33 pack, 4 pack Flomax, PMS-Ursodiol, Sumamed 14 pack227.8 US dollars
20.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Biokaltsevit powder 4 pack, Smart Omega 4 pack31.19 US dollars
15.10.2015Purchase of medicines: Meropenem 42 pack; Ciprofloxacin rr 45 pack.660.91 US dollars
23.07.2015Acquisition of drugs: Amitsil 20 pack, 10 pack Tivortin, Ciprofloxacin 20 pack59.85 US dollars
23.03.2015Medicines: Flomax, Cardonat 3 pack, PMS-Ursodiol 4 pack, Essentiale forte 3 pack116.43 US dollars
09.02.2015Medications: Vazonat, Lasolvan, Tsefobotsid 9 pack56.94 US dollars
29.12.2014compressor inhalers124.93 US dollars
28.11.2014Purchase of medicines: Kolomitsin, PMS-Ursodiol142 US dollars
04.11.2014Medications: Medopenem 30 pkg, 10 pkg Tivortin493.24 US dollars
10.09.2014Medications: Kolomitsin injection 2 pack260.64 US dollars
25.07.2014Lekarastvennye drugs:Kolomitsin, Creon 25000 8 pack, Ursofalk297.19 US dollars
17.07.2014Medications: Amitsil 10 pack; Ciprofloxacin 20 pack.29.15 US dollars
14.07.2014Tivortin 10 pack, 30 pack Fortum185.57 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 28901 US dollars