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Poluektov Ivan, born in 2009 Communicating decompensated hydrocephalus, optic nerve atrophy.

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

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Poluektov Ivan, 18.07.2009

Diagnosis: Communicating decompensated hydrocephalus, optic nerve atrophy.

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ATTENTION! AS AT 14.11.2017: Fundraising closed!
Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

Ivan is ill with hydrocephaly, that means a lot of liquid round the brain. It leads to high pressure at different brain regions and causes visual loop, fits, eye movement dysfunctions, weakness of upper & lower extremities. As a result tetraparesis.

Hydrocephaly is a bad disease: it can lead to death, major neural disorders, IQ reduction.

At the age of 2.5 months (30.09.2009) my son underwent bypass surgery his first operation. It gave Vanya possibility to live.

From the very beginning and during all 6 years of his life were under medical treatment & rehabilitation. We do all the best to help our child to be normal. We are under neuropathological & ophthalmological treatment every 3 month. Vanya is on somazina, cerebrolysin, cortexin, neofen, neurorubine, ocuwite and many other drugs by physicians order. From the age of 3 we injected dysport every six months to cure legs spasticity and temporary kill the pain. After drug treatment physical rehabilitation was provided monthly: massage, wax, therapeutic exercises.

Hard workers always succeed: despite medical forecasts Vanya began to sit, crawl, stand by the wall. At five he started trying to walk with the rack.

Now in 6 years time another surgery was underwent replacement of shunt according to age. It took place 27.08.2015 at Dnipropetrovsk Regional hospital. The operation was effective and my son is rehabilitating slowly.

Hospital stay and surgery procedures cost USD 780. Without including meal expenses.

Doctors of Dnipropetrovsk Regional hospital recommend us to do neurotomy (neurosurgical operation on legs) in November, 2015. This surgery will give Vanya a chance to walk on his own. But our little family (my son and me) are strapped for cash. I have no possibility to work being all the time with my son. I earn only 949 UAH from disabled children care social payments per month. We need approx. 20000 UAH. In a day or two doctor will spell out details about drugs for this surgery and rehabilitation. He says that the main thing is good narcosis for Vanya. And intensive physical rehabilitation after the operation. I will publish all information in our group just after the doctor provides it.

We are both at home now. 14.10.2015 we will go to Child Neurology Department of Zaporizhzhia Regional hospital to prolongate disability (need to do it every 2 years).

I rely on help of the kind people despite of the hard times. Great thanks to all who has already helped my son! Every little bit will help Vanya and I appreciate it.

Family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

Contact phone: +38098260 21 54 Natalya (mother).

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18.05.2017Aleksandr K.Ukraine3.77 US dollars
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22.03.2013Box for donationUkraine307.52 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 654.24 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
30.12.2018Medications: Cortexin 1 pack32.89 US dollars
02.11.2017Planned surgical treatment (removal of the plate and screws of the left thigh) in the Institute of Pathology of the spine and joints of Kharkov44.65 US dollars
09.06.2016Examination and surgery at the Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology named after MI Sitenko116.18 US dollars
11.02.2016A survey in the clinic im.Sitenko40.48 US dollars
26.01.2016Medications: Aktovegin 2 pack, 2 pack Neiromidin, Somazina 2 pack, Traumeel 2 pack, 2 pack Cere133.2 US dollars
22.03.2013Noofen, Somazin six pack, Okuvayt, Cavinton, Nycomed, Calcium D3307.52 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 675 US dollars

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