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Pelageya Nesterenko, 2 y.o. Cystic Fibrosis, Severe Condition

One can talk or write about the little Pelasha only with a smile on ones face. She is constantly moving, jumping and smiling around!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-12-11 16-30-00 Viewed, times: 5361
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Pelageya Nesterenko, born on 29.05.2013

Diagnosis: Cystic Fibrosis, Severe Condition.

Medical extract: p. 1, p. 2

Health certificate: p. 1, p. 2

Pelasha is a strong and bright sun ray. This girl has a hard life and strong character. Looking at the Nesterenko family, their close friend wrote a poem about the girl and her mother (translated from Russian):

My babys sleeping on my arms, shes so fragile
My eyes are full of tears and I keep asking why
But I dont have the answer, whos to blame
Why cant we live a life without pain
So I keep crying that together we can fight
Ill learn and teach you what is life
I am a mother, meaning I am strong
We are together and we cant be wrong
Ill stop the wind and make the death go by
My precious little thing, I wish to give you life

Pelasha is just two and a half years old, but she has already demonstrated that she is a real champion. If this little beauty did not have such a firm and virile character as her mother, we would have no reason to write this article.

One can talk or write about the little Pelasha only with a smile on ones face. She is constantly moving, jumping and smiling around!

Just recently our little girl started talking, though she does not pronounce all the words clearly yet. But when her parents understand what she is saying, she feels so excited she starts clapping her hands. Besides, the little princess has a talent of a performer and a singer. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she runs to her wardrobe and throws absolutely all of her clothes out to choose what she is going to wear. At first, her mom was complaining, but then she realized that the girl wont change her ways. Besides, this girl of fashion only wears the clothes she chooses and refuses to wear anything else. After being all dressed up, she cheerfully puts on her favorite jewelry, takes a hair brush and sings at the mirror.

Inhalations are something special with this little girl. Pelasha does not like breathing through a nebulizer on her own. So she sits her favorite doll next to her and puts in a mask on her, looking carefully for it to stay firmly against the dolls face. Pelashas toy friend also has to go through injections and take all the drugs as the girl shares all her experiences with the dolly.

The only thing she cant share with her doll-friend is the expenses to buy the medicines. Every month our little princess needs a number of drugs: Collomycin, Fluimucil, vitamins Aquadeks, special nutrition Enterogernima and PediaSure, Lasolvan, and vitamin D3 worth a total of USD 300. Besides, the girl has to take treatment courses in the in-patient hospital department once every 3 months, which may cost up to USD 700.

Let us together help this family, which raises four children. It would be such a joy to see Pelasha and her parents smiling, forgetting about their troubles, if the only problem in their lives would be making inhalations and taking drugs, but not constantly searching for money to buy them.

The family lives in the town of Melitopol, Zaporozhye oblast.

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Expenses report

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30.10.2019Nebulizer PARI LC SPRINT STAR - 4 pcs175.2 US dollars
30.10.2019bank commission 10.20190.09 US dollars
21.03.2019Food Pediashur Maloezhka, 200g. - 60 pcs.83.22 US dollars
02.08.2018Medicines: Meronem pores. d / prig. in. r-ra 1000 mg 10 - 3 pack.535.4 US dollars
27.03.2018Payment of PARI SINUS304.13 US dollars
23.03.2018Payment of PARI Compact inhaler with LC PLUS110.27 US dollars
16.03.2018Boven 2 packs119.49 US dollars
14.03.2018Medications: Tivortin 15 pack, Vazonat 1.5 pack, Essentiale 3 pack92.29 US dollars
09.10.2017Nebulizer PARI LC SPRINT, air flow interrupter to nebulizer, filter to compressor50.64 US dollars
07.02.2017Travel expenses0.44 US dollars
25.01.2017062.2 US dollars
17.11.2016The mixture Nestle Resource Junior 400 g 14 pack178.21 US dollars
16.11.2016Medications: Cardonat 3 pack, Meronem 1 pkg212.48 US dollars
04.11.2016Payment for the test tubes for analysis and delivery3.61 US dollars
26.07.2016Medications: Lord of hyal hyper 0,1% 4ml nebula6.09 US dollars
21.07.2016Pharmaceuticals Preparations: 2 Meuron packing360.32 US dollars
25.04.2016059.12 US dollars
26.01.2016Directions for medicine0.32 US dollars
18.01.2016Medications: Meronem187.73 US dollars
28.08.2015Purchase of medicines: Meronem190.83 US dollars
05.12.2014Medications: Kalsheyk 2 pack52.78 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 2785 US dollars