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Home for orphans - 3

Friends, we have a chance to help another ten young citizens of Ukraine, give them a home and a family. Let everyone will open your heart and help collect USD 800 for realization of the main dreams of kids warm and cozy, and most importantly - your home!

Author: Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, ubb.org.ua Published: 2016-03-22 13-10-00 Viewed, times: 1211
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It can be hard for those that have had a good life to fully understand what an orphan feels like, especially if they have a disability, when they have been given up by their parents. They are left virtually along in this cruel world with very little love, care and guardianship. If you ask any child at an orphanage what they want the most, they will most certainly say Уfamily.Ф

It is proven that sick and disabled orphans heal more quickly when they live in a home environment. That is exactly why we are starting the third fundraising drive to complete the construction of the family-style home Happy Home Ц 3.

With the help of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace from 2014 to 2015 we were able to equip Happy Home Ц 3 with a kitchen and bathroom. The Litavoi family currently lives there Ц mom, dad and their five children. They took these children into their home and since then the children have become calmer, more sensible, wiser and most importantly Ц they feel their parentsТ love. The children now feel loved and wanted. There are ten more disabled children that are waiting to be transferred to the home. But at the moment, there are not enough beds, nor are there enough blankets, pillows, mattress or sheets.

Friends! We have another chance to help ten children and give them the gift of a family. Why donТt we open our hearts and collect approximately 800 USD (21,104 UAH). We are trying to make a reality the childrenТs dream of a warm, comfortable and most importantly Ц their own home!

We really want each child at Happy Home Ц 3 to feel happy and have a bright future. Your donation will ensure that these children do not merely live day to day in an orphanage, but thrive in a home with a family.

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