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Results of the work department of the family-based care for "Happy Child" Charity Foundation

Report of the work of fund for the period 2016

Author: Julia Doikova, translated by Elena Gonchar, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-02-01 23-00-00 Viewed, times: 948
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We made video shooting of 81 children-orphan and children without parental care within the framework of the project entitled Media passport for orphans, in partnership with Foundation Change one life in Ukraine and Zaporizhia Regional Child Service. 25 of these children are brought up in families. Another 22 children, for whom staff made videos in previous years, have found marital bliss in 2016.

Also team "Happy Child" Charity Foundation visited 12 regions and urban centers of our region with project Adoptive parents club. thanks partnership with regional centers for children, youth and families of Zaporizhia . We visited some regions twice. In Zhaporizhia were held 3 meetings of the club and meeting-relaxation for foster mothers Moms rest, where we invited parents from regions our oblast. We hold 18 club meetings, which were visited by 220 adoptive parents, parents-caregivens, guardians and adopters. They had opportunity to ask questions funds psychologist, CDSS specialists, and also practicing psychiatrist. We involved qualified lawyer for consultation parents on benefits, subsidies, housing for this category of families.

Besides, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Second Zaporizhzhya local center by free providing secondary legal aid. This means that all participants of meetings Adoptive parents club can request there with their questions and and receive assistance: 099-045-00-79; 097-254-71-12; 239-07-07.

Meetings of the club occurred in new format in Energodar, Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, Vasilevka, Pologi, Kujbyshevo and Zaporizhzhya. Clubs for teenagers and primary school-age children from foster families and family-type children's homes conducted this year parallel with Adoptive parents club with involvement necessary specialties. About 120 children took part in fascinating events.

LTD Vector Zaporizhzhya became our financial partner in holding meetings Adoptive parents club from September,.

Also, psychologist of the club held 3 seminars at further training courses for foster families and family-type children's homes Zaporizhya region to prevent emotional burnout syndrome and informational meeting for staff regional centers Family and Youth.

We memorized past 2016 year with holding All-Ukrainian competition Keys from marital bliss-2 for the best photo- and video story. The brightest foster families came in Zaporizhzhya to take part in event charitable fund Happy Child on 6 May. Solemn summing-up of national competition Keys from marital bliss-2 with presentation with valuable prizes took place in legendary island Hortitsa.

Besides, we had helped a regional Child Service to organized memorable, useful rest with training for foster families and family-type children's homes at sea, last summer. In June it was in Berdyansk, in August it was in Kyrylovka. We attracted in the project Summer school for foster families and family-type children's homes Thanks support BF Ukraine without orphans , the best coach for such families in Ukraine, Melnichenko Victoria, she was teaching parents during school.

In 2017 we plan to continue carry out all projects in direction families placing children BF Happy Child with new resolve and ideas.

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