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Sergey Krivorotov, 7 years old Ц Cancer of the spine (mesenchymoma)

"Pursue the dream despite difficulties and obstacles" - motto of our small fighter!

Author: Vovk Olga, deti.zp.ua Published: 2018-04-02 13-00-00 Viewed, times: 2692
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Krivorotov Sergey, was born 15.06.2010

Diagnosis: Cancer of the spine (mesenchymoma).

My son Sergey is 7 years old. He started kindergarten in 2016 as a happy, healthy boy, excited to learn and looking forward to first grade. In April 2017, he started to complain about pain in his neck. The pain worsened, but we hoped for the best.

In June 2017, he received an MRI and CT scans at Zaporozhye Regional Hospital. The doctors diagnosed him with a malignant tumor in the canal of the cervical spine in July. We were devastated. Sergey began chemotherapy treatment and the tumor decreased considerably. The metastasized cancer decreased 80%. Although Sergey felt better, the doctors warned us that the cancer will return without continued treatment.

Sergey has undergone four chemotherapy treatments which exhausted our family savings. Sergey has a 1-year-old sister. Their father works at ZaporozhOblEnergo (Zaporozhye energy production company) earning only 3500 UAH ($135 USD) per month. I am on maternity leave with my infant daughter and tend to my son at the hospital. SergeyТs continuing chemotherapy treatments and care cost 17,000 UAH ($654 USD) per month. We are unable to afford this.

We are desperate to save SergeyТs life. As a mother, I beg you to donate what you can to help us pay for SergeyТs treatment. All I want is to give Sergey the chance to be a child, to go to school, and to enjoy every day!

The family lives in village Veseloe, Zaporozhye region.

For additional information or to make a donation, please contact Charity Foundation Happy Child.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
06.03.2020VitalijUkraine40.1 US dollars
22.02.2020Andrej T.Ukraine24.51 US dollars
19.02.2020Melodezhnyj profsoyuz "Zaporozhstal'"Ukraine22.91 US dollars
27.11.2019Yuliya K.Ukraine75.66 US dollars
22.11.2019Andrej T.Ukraine74.4 US dollars
27.09.2019Andrej T.Ukraine40.93 US dollars
29.08.2019Andrej T.Ukraine39.65 US dollars
21.08.2019Andrew V.Ukraine29.84 US dollars
15.08.2019Irina S.Ukraine1.93 US dollars
15.08.2019+38067Е..64Ukraine3.53 US dollars
11.08.2019AnonymousUkraine3.46 US dollars
09.08.2019V. A.Ukraine48.02 US dollars
08.08.2019Vladimir Sh.Ukraine15.73 US dollars
07.08.2019DmitrijUkraine7.6 US dollars
30.07.2019Andrej T.Ukraine39.6 US dollars
04.03.2019Daria G.Italy107.96 US dollars
28.02.2019Ol'ga Sch.Ukraine3.69 US dollars
20.02.2019Pavel S.Ukraine36.78 US dollars
27.01.2019+38093Е..00Ukraine0.87 US dollars
25.01.2019Yuliya A.Ukraine17.5 US dollars
22.12.2018PROMITUkraine0.26 US dollars
13.12.2018TORUkraine0.61 US dollars
11.12.2018TORUkraine0.18 US dollars
20.11.2018Natal'ya K.Ukraine13.31 US dollars
17.09.2018AnonymousUkraine0.6 US dollars
26.08.2018AnonymousUkraine1.79 US dollars
06.07.2018Olga A.undefined16.95 US dollars
13.06.2018K.Dn.Ukraine3.83 US dollars
31.05.2018Eduard L.undefined11.17 US dollars
19.04.2018G. Zh.Ukraine11.28 US dollars
18.04.2018Yuliya S.Ukraine33.55 US dollars
16.04.2018Andrej T.Ukraine26.79 US dollars
02.04.2018Anonimnyj zhertvovatel'Ukraine11.4 US dollars
14.03.2018Andrej T.Ukraine22.99 US dollars
13.03.2018Elena F.Ukraine3.83 US dollars
03.03.2018Olga ћ.Ukraine3.75 US dollars
01.03.2018робокарUkraine0.07 US dollars
18.02.2018Tatiana NaumovaUkraine7.3 US dollars
15.02.2018Andrej T.Ukraine36.12 US dollars
12.02.2018Yuliya A.Ukraine17.97 US dollars
30.01.2018Yuliya A.Ukraine17.03 US dollars
27.01.2018AnonymousUkraine0.34 US dollars
26.01.2018Lesya ¬.Ukraine12.18 US dollars
11.01.2018Sergej V.Ukraine17.47 US dollars
09.01.2018AnonymousUkraine0.34 US dollars
29.12.2017Ol'ga Sch.Ukraine3.55 US dollars
19.12.2017Aleksandr Z.Ukraine18.09 US dollars
16.12.2017VitalijUkraine21.89 US dollars
11.12.2017Irina S.Ukraine1.79 US dollars
07.12.2017Sergej V.Ukraine18.22 US dollars
03.12.2017AnnushkaUkraine3.58 US dollars
02.12.2017Yuliya D.Ukraine1.83 US dollars
02.12.2017Scherbina L.Ukraine5.52 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 980.29 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
18.03.2020Medicines, laboratory tests55.44 US dollars
10.01.2020Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral spine with contrast222.85 US dollars
20.08.2019Medicines, biopsies at the National Children s Specialized Hospital OKHMATDET in Kiev198.86 US dollars
08.07.2019Multislice computed tomography of the chest and mediastinum, abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space with contrast enhancement94.9 US dollars
04.07.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain with contrast52.79 US dollars
04.07.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracic spine with contrast52.79 US dollars
04.07.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbosacral spine with contrast52.79 US dollars
08.02.2019Magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine157.08 US dollars
07.11.2018Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, cervical, thoracic spine with contrast176.17 US dollars
06.07.2018Magnetic resonance imaging with anesthesia186.34 US dollars
13.04.2018Magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine with contrasting189.52 US dollars
07.12.2017Magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine with contrasting200.63 US dollars
17.11.2017Medications: Uromiteksan 2 pack.114.68 US dollars
10.11.2017Medications Kosmidak197.67 US dollars
13.09.2017Spiral computed tomography of the abdominal organs with intravenous contrast and chest without contrast59.52 US dollars
29.08.2017Medications: Cosmigen є3187.9 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 2200 US dollars

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