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Yegor Bespalyi, born in 2017 - Severe cystic fibrosis

To be home with Mum and Dad is possible! Its up to us to help Yegor!

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Timchuk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2018-07-04 09-00-00 Viewed, times: 543
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Yegor Bespalyi, born in 15.09.2017

Diagnosis: Severe cystic fibrosis.

Hello, dear friends!

I want to tell you about our son Yegor. His birth was the happiest moment for our family. But hearing his first breath, we understood that there were problems.
Yegor was immediately placed into intensive care and transferred to Zaporizhzhia Hospital 5. After a month, we took Yegor home. The first two weeks were like paradise At two months, we hoped that everything would be fine.

After his next blood work, he was hospitalized again. His hemoglobin was down to 60 g/L (normal range is 120-160), but the doctors didnt know why. Daily monitoring led to a preliminary diagnosis: cystic fibrosis. That was like a nightmare. This diagnosis was confirmed by DNA testing.

We transferred to the Regional Children's Hospital in Zaporizhzhia. After a full diagnostic workup and 3 months time, the committee of physicians diagnosed a severe case of cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency. To me as a mum, it sounded like a life sentence. I had shock, hysterics, panic, and fear. What is to be done next? How to survive? and most importantly, how long will my child live?

I pulled myself together and realized that if I failed, I wouldnt be able to help my child. I had to be strong for Yegor. Even though Yegor spent much time hospitalized, he is recovering step by step. He is smaller than other kids of his age but developing and interested in everything around him. He is a smiling and cheerful boy who wants to live.

I do say that Yegor fights for his life from his birth. He showed us that he wants to live and will continue to fight. Our family will keep supporting him. Unfortunately, treating CF is very costly. His father is the only one employed in our family and we dont have enough money for vital medicines.

Every day Yegor takes Convulex (valproic acid), Ursofalk (ursodeoxycholic acid), Creon pancreatic enzyme, N-acetylcysteine, vitamin D, Maltofer (iron polymaltose), and inhalants Berodual (ipratropium bromide) and Lorde Hyal (hypertonic saline).

After six months of hospitalization, all our money was spent. We are asking for your help as we cant handle it ourselves.

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

For additional information contact the staff of Happy Child Foundation.

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10.02.2020Medicines: Ursofalk 3 Pack; Lord hyal 15 pack; Aquadetrim vitamin D3 - 2 fl; ATSTs 100 - 2 pack.294.53 US dollars
27.11.2019Medicinal preparations: DTP vaccine, Vitamins83.39 US dollars
27.11.2019bank commission 11.20190.09 US dollars
07.10.2019Respiratory simulator PARI O PEP 1 pcs.42.66 US dollars
01.10.2019Food Nestle Resource junior, 400 gr - 6 pcs; Nutrition PediaShur Zdoroveyka, 200g. - 60 pcs199.92 US dollars
30.09.2019Medicines: Lord hyal 10 pack96.76 US dollars
30.09.2019Medicines: Bactoblis 3 pack24.53 US dollars
15.07.2019Consumables nebulizer (cannula, hoses, adapters, die)393.99 US dollars
15.07.2019Medications: Lord hyal 15 pack; Akvadetrim vitamin D3 3 pack; Berodual161.16 US dollars
27.06.2019Pulse Oximeter Biomed BP-10M28.64 US dollars
21.06.2019Nutrition PediaShur Health, 200g. - 60 pcs.105.23 US dollars
24.05.2019Payment for New Mail services - Drug delivery3.46 US dollars
24.05.2019Ursofalk 3 pack.136.86 US dollars
22.04.2019Medications: Ursofalk, Berodual 3 pack.118.13 US dollars
25.03.2019Medications: Lord hyal nebula 10 pack; Akvadetrim 3 pack; ACP 1.5 pack; Pulmicort; Cefodox 2 pack; Sumamed155.95 US dollars
25.03.2019Medications: Smart Omega Baby Lemon 100 ml - 2 pack.14.43 US dollars
21.03.2019Nutrition Resource junior, 400 gr - 24 pcs;308.65 US dollars
29.11.2018Medicines: Acetal C 6 pack, Aquadetrim, Berodual 2 pack, Lord hyal nebula 10 pack, Maltofer 2 pack.124.4 US dollars
29.11.2018Medicines: Smart Omega 2 Pack14.9 US dollars
23.03.2018Payment of PARI Compact inhaler with LC PLUS110.27 US dollars
12.10.2017Accessory set for Nanodact 131.79 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 2450 US dollars