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The Zaporozhye Baby's home Sun ("Solnishko")

About 300 children from 4 monthes up to 4 eyars old live in the "Solnishko" ("Sonechko" - Ukr.) children's home

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The Zaporozhye Baby's home Sun ("Solnishko") is more than half of century. This unique in Zaporozhye area establishment, where live, receive education and treatment about 280 children-fatherless, children-invalids, children who have stayed without custody of parents.

In the Childrens home the qualified doctors pediatrists, neuropathologist, nurses, the teachers, logopedists, helpers of the tutors and many other work, which give the professional knowledge, experience warm of their hearts to wretched children. The Zaporozhye Childrens home is a complex competent establishment having in their division the physiotherapeutic complex, diagnostic laboratory, cabinet of USI diagnostics, cabinet of medical physical culture and massage, sporting and musical halls, summer swashing basins, two the food block, two laundries, game and sport grounds, game and bedrooms.

For treatment and education of children the newest medical and pedagogical techniques, complex rehabilitation programs are used.

Pictures of the adopted children

According to the law of Ukraine, together with National Adoption Center in Kiev, with aboriginal education authorities, boards of trustees and judicial authorities Childrens home conducts work on adoption of children and social rehabilitation.

Receiving gifts from sponsor

In a difficult time for Ukraine the Childrens home is in trouble on support of children by all necessary things too. So any help are greatly appreciated.

Questions and answers:

1. What is the age of children?
From 1 month up to 4 years.

2. What are disease of children?
Most of children have some disease. 70 children have disablement in all. The disease are childs cerebral palsy, innate defects, several children have no legs or hands. There also practically healthy children.

3. Do the all children have no parental tutor?
No, not all. 10-15% have legal parents, which have no possibilities to take care to these children. Some those parents get children back to home in the long run.

4. Where children entered to Sun from?
Children entered to childrens home from hospitals, maternity hospitals, founding homes.

5. Where children are moved after 4 years age?
Depending on their state of health children are moved to Berdyansk or Molochansk orphanages (boarding schools, internats), boarding-school in Velikiy Lug (imbecile children) or other.

6. What help childrens home needs most of all?
Practically any help is appreciated. Except of toys, which kind people already gave to Sun in great quantity. For any questions please write: detizp[at]mail.ru

You may buy necessary things, come to Childrens home and give it yourself

Ukraine 69104 (postal code), city Zaporozhye
Ul. Olimpiyskaya (Kosmicheskiy mikrorayon)
House 6a, Dom rebenka Solnishko
Phone: 380 612 95-50-19 Fax: 380 612 96-06-12
Chief doctor (director): Lebedeva Elena Veniaminovna
email: sonechko.domrebenka@rambler.ru

You may transfer money to our account (in UA grivnya, not dollars!)

r/s: 35423001000988
UDK v Zaporozhskoi oblasti
MFO 813015
OKPO 05499139

List of needed items:
Big washing machine (for 20 kg)
Childs cloth (1 month 4 years old)
Childs shoes
Socks, pampers, swaddling bands, pants
Cots and other furniture
Fruits and vegetables
Dairy products, childs foods

7. What is the guarantee that my help will not be misused?
Statement about receiving charitable help is maked up. Then you may control use of your help yourself at any time.

Welcome to our childrens home!


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