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On January 23rd as a part of a motivational I want to be project fifteen orphans of the Matveevka orphanage had Alex TV Channel Tour
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Pupils of the Matveevka orphanage met with the medical workers of the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital on May 29
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This time I Want to Be Project offered students of the boarding school #7 to visit the Editorial House of Subbota Plus newspaper during their spring vacations
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As a part of I want to be project Chef Michael Pokrikyan and a representative of the Happy Child Charity Fund visited children of Matveevka Orphanage
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On Saturday, March 17 at the Sport Palace Youth Zoya Saganenko, a participant of the fourth season of a popular TV show Everybody Dances!, met with the students from Matveevka orphanage and boarding school #7
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Klubok Club keeps up doing a cool I Want to be project. Our paths crossed with the Kievstar company. This time the stars were children from the boarding school # 3
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25 children from Matveevka Orphanage visited Zaporozhye Firefighting Station #8 on February 29, 2012
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Within I Want to Be. .. project is an unusual occupation of a professional sportsman. A workshop for the pupils of the fourth municipal and Molochansk boarding schools took place at the Palace of sports ZAS, which was held by the basketball-players
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The friend of our Foundation, a professional traveler Sergey Gordiyenko met children from Kharkov-based Lestvitsa School within the framework of our "I Want to Be Project
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Our Foundation proceeds with its motivational I Want to Be Project. This time the participants of the project were students of 9-11 grades of Zaporozhye orphanage No. 4. They had a chance to visit the printing shop of Keramist Publishing House
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Within the framework of the project "I want to be ..." November 29 the pupils of Zaporozhye boarding school # 3 meet Vladimir Nikolaevich Kirichenko - the teacher of the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Scripochka
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On November 24 children from orphanage school No. 4 visited one of the world leading enterprises producing, maintaining, testing, and operating aircraft engines
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Television Broadcasting Company Zaporozhye discloses the secret of TV producing for the senior pupils of the orphanage #7
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November 14th A full conference hall of young dreamers got together to meet the famous traveler at the Regional Youth Center. Some curious children and their inventive questions made even the guest, Sergey Gordiyenko, applaud
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Fifteen children from the Zaporozhye boarding school #3 went on an excursion to learn more about TV professions in the scope of the project I want to be...
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The Happy Child Foundation continues its I Want to Be Project. Students get acquainted with the procedure of customs control and have a chance to feel themselves real pilots
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Within the bounds of the project "I Want to be" pupils of the 9th and 10th grades went on a field trip to the AutoZaz plant to watch cars being assembled
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