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Waisen und kranke Kinder von Zaporoshye, Ukraine
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A Cottage of Dreams on the Zaporizhian Steppes

In the internat (orphanage) for disabled children at Kalinovka nine boys share a dream: to live in a cozy home with a warm family atmosphere. Each of us can become a magician and help them realize this dream.

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Click on the image to see a slideshow on the progress of the work.

Children's Home for orphans with disabilities. Kalinovka, Ukraine
27 December 2010. Fully complete rebuild of the roof; ceilings replaced and covered with insulation; system of gutters installed.

A family-type home (page in Russian) for orphans with special needs at the village of Kalinovkaits a dream for nine boys from the third building. The children have become older and would rather live in warm, caring family setting, not in a barracks.

Even though physically and/or cognitively disadvantaged by fate, these youngsters have the right to live and develop their abilities just like the rest of us!

And if hope for finding a real family is not realistic for most of these children, still, together with loving teachers and caregivers, the boys can form their own family.

These magnificent guys would like to live in a family-type home at Kalinovka.

In the summer of 2010 the Happy Child Charity began an ambitious project to create a family-type educational setting at the internat (orphanage) in Kalinovka. Quite a bit was accomplished during the last six months: 173,000 hryvnia (U.S. 21,740) was collected for the reconstruction of the building, thanks to which a rebuilding (complete replacement) of the roof and ceiling of the house (200 square meters) was completed. This year we have set ourselves the task to complete the reconstruction and celebrate a housewarming for the kids.

In the near future, thanks to a donor from Kiev, ten new double-pane windows will be installed.

For the work to continue, however, we all need to make an effort!

Please consider assistance for any aspect of the rebuilding project, whether for materials or for labor. Make a charitable contribution for the childrens future!

A list of the necessary work in the order of importance:

- Restore of the back wall of the building; replacing brick around the windows (brick, mortar, sand, and funds for labor are needed);

- Prepare the base under the floor, cement leveling layer, laying of laminate flooring, and infloor heat in several rooms;

- Install wiring, hot and cold water supply, connect to existing utilities (needed are pipe, cable, meters, lighting, and radiators);

- Equip a bathroom and toilet (needed are two toilets, wash basins, bath and shower, plumbing, tiles);

-Fix up the walls and ceiling (sheets of drywall, moldings, plaster, spackle);

- Install two new exterior doors ($280 total) and replace interior doors (8);

- Add a porch and build an overhang over the exterior doors;

- Build a stairway to the second floor;

- Hopefully, install a boiler for an independent heating system;

- Purchase bedroom and kitchen furniture, rugs, kitchen utensils, curtains, etc.

- Add a play area and a summer pavilion;

You may familiarize yourself with the list of needed materials (page in Russian).

Please consider helping with any aspect of this rebuilding project, either in the form of building materials or for the labor! Make a charitable contribution for the childrens future!

In order to help the children gain a real home, you may also buy crafts made by the children at Kalinovka.

To get acquainted with other examples of the childrens work, you may want to check out Anna Gerashchenkos report (in Russian but with photos).

Ways of making donations to create a family-type home for the special-needs children at Kalinovka (transfer funds directly to the Happy Child Fund, or use Webmoney, PayPal, Privat24, and others)

Our organization, by the way, provides full and transparent accounting for all donations.

(As of 22 February 2011)

Donations received: 173,497 hryvnia (US $21,800)

Outlays for the building so far amount to: 164,024 hryvnia (US $20,700)

We are grateful to all of our donors!

We will be happy to answer any and all questions. Call or write us. Even better, come out yourself to Kalinovka!

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+3 8 066 513 34 35

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