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Vladymir Romanenko - osteogenous sarcoma of the right thigh

Vova Romanenko is no longer with us

Author: Viola Tarasova translated by Daria Sukach,
Published: 2010-09-21 17-00-00   Viewed, times: 5828

Diagnosis: osteogenous sarcoma of the right thigh

Vova was born on the 27th of August 1999

People say Misfortune never comes along. Eleven-year old Vova like no one else can confirm this proverb. His nightmares started when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. When the boys mom was not able to move unaided anymore, his dad decided to shift the responsibility to look after his terminally ill wife to her sister, so he drove his wife and two kids to their relative. This May the boys mom passed away The little boy has no one else but his younger brother Andrej and his aunt, who got custody of two brothers, since their father does not need them anymore

But time flies. Its definitely a real heartache to the boys to have lost their beloved mom. But the ordeals are not over.

Vova with his mom

Two brothers- Vova on the right side

At the end of July Vova stumbled and fell down resulting in a leg plaster cast. Not long afterwards his aunt Ljuda noticed a tumor above the boys knee. She immediately took his nephew to the hospital. The X-ray, various medical checkups and CAT Scan (computer-aided tomography) confirmed a horrible diagnosis of osteogenous sarcoma.

Doctors in Zaporizhia recommended the boy to undergo his treatment at the Kyiv National Cancer Institute.

As soon as the boys aunt Ljudmila Nikolaevna heard the diagnosis, she contacted the kids dad as Vova needed someone to look after him at the hospital. But his dad has no time and, probably, no desire to help his son. So, again, the aunt is all along with this heavy cross to bear.

According to the doctors initial calculations, the treatment in Kyiv requires around 30 000 hryvnyas. But we all know how unpredictable oncology is. Therefore any sum of money can be required at any moment.

The schoolboys Andrej and Vova

Little Vova needs your help so much. Let this terrible challenge the boy is facing now be the last one is his life. Let Vova conquer his illness, and grow a healthy and big-hearted man with a great sense of responsibility for his future family, a real man who will never leave his dearest ones in their tough times alone. Believe us, this little boy urgently needs your support now to get healthy and happy again, and to play football with his younger brother as well as to make his biggest dream of becoming a car driver become true.

The telephone number of the boys aunt Ljudmila Nikolaevna: +38 (066) 958-45-11

Vova, his brother and their aunt live in Zaporizhia region, Chernihyvskij district, in the village of Novomyhajlivka.

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