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Stanislav Andreyev, born in 1992 sarcoma

Fundraising is closed! Stas Andreev behind two complicated operations. The tumor in the lung was defeated! Surveys have shown that he is healthy, which we all rejoice!

Author: Alina Senjuk, Stanislav Andreev, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua
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Stanislav Andreyev, born on 10th of October 1992

Diagnosis: malignant schwannoma (sarcoma).

ATTENTION! AS AT 29.12.2015 .: Fundraising is closed!
Stas Andreev behind two complicated operations. The tumor in the lung was defeated! Surveys have shown that he is healthy, which we all rejoice!

We all know what pain is like. The emotional pain is much stronger than the physical pain, and sometimes it becomes so hard to stand it that it is totally frustrating. One may feel like retiring into ones shell and waiting for it to pass Breathe and wait, wait and breathe

Last week I had an appointment to meet a young couple. I have never met them before. When I came to the agreed place, I saw a guy, who seemed handsome, slim and happy. There was a glint in his eyes and a smile on his face, though you could feel some worry in him. Also, I saw a girl, who helped him get out of the car with great love and care. When we took our seats in the cafe, they started telling me the story of their life, which sent goose bumps down my spine

My name is Stanislav Andreyev, I am twenty one, I study in Zaporozhzhye State Medical University, and for the biggest part of my life, thirteen years, Ive been struggling to fight cancer. When I was nine, I fell down from my bicycle, felt a strong bump on my inner thigh, and lost consciousness due to the severe pain. Thats when it all started.

I come from a village, and my parents earn their living from farming. I was raised with love to work and respect for seniors, I helped my family about the house, did farming works, but sometimes the pain was so bad that my parents had to help me go to the toilet. Our local doctors could not understand what was wrong with me, and me, the rural boy, I was suffering but kept on working.

The regular checkup at the age of sixteen showed that I had a tumor. I had biopsy, doctors found nothing, but told me I had to go through a surgery. After the surgery, I was told that I had sarcoma (malignant schwannoma) or just cancer. Ill be honest with you, I could not fully realize what they told me. I didnt even want to think that I was sick.

I entered the Medical University, soon had a relapse and had a surgery again. So, it all lasted till 2013, and altogether I had 6 surgeries.

I was offered amputation, but I was very scared. I had surgeries on my thigh, it was really painful, I had to stay in bed for months, endure the pain and wait for good news. I went to hospitals in Zaporozhzhye, Kyiv, Donetsk, but it changed nothing So, for six years already Ive been using either crutches or a stick to move around. I cant even dream about using public transport as the thigh is constricted with the seat, so my friends and family help me with transportation. Before I used to do everything I could help my parents, as they devoted their lives to raise me and fight my disease.

Three years ago, I met a wonderful person, my girlfriend, and since then she never leaves me alone in the hospital when it is bad or at home when it is good, she is my joy, my support and my sun! The recent year was the worst, my disease is progressing, the pain doesnt leave me even for a moment, I cant sleep, I cant sit, I cant lie, and I have a lesion in my lung. Im becoming scared

Chemo and radiation courses make me feel exhausted. My parents help me to move around. I try to study and to go on living, not surviving. Now I look for other treatment options. There is a chance that Italian doctors may help me and I dont want to lose this chance. No money is left in the family, there are only difficulties, sadness and anxiety. Each block of chemotherapy costs about 5-7 thousand hryvnias (386-540 US dollars) And in-between I have to take expensive drugs to support my immunity and stable state.

I am laughing on the outside and crying on the inside, trying to find help and live as everyone else cure from cancer, get education, get married, have many children, thank my mother and my father, my honey, my friends and family who did not leave me when I was going through the hard times. I am not ashamed of how I am now, it is a challenge I have to go through. Everyone has his own challenges. I am not ashamed to ask for help, when I am struggling to stay alive. When I am healthy again, I will do everything I can to help those in need, I will value the life of every human being, not only as a doctor but also as an individual, told us Stanislav.

Today the treatment of sarcoma is a very big issue. Stanislav had his leg amputated and he urgently needs 2,765 US dollars for his coming chemotherapy. Challenges make a person stronger. Stanislav is just like that. Support him, please!

We ask everyone to help Stanislav to get on his feet and bring all his goals (!) into life and do it as soon as possible. We will save the world together! Remember it

Stanislav lives in the city of Zaporozhhye.

Stanislavs phone number: +38 099 921 64 06.

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