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Mira Sirota, born in 2012 - urinary system malformation

Fundraising is closed! Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

Author: Vakulinskaya Alina, translated by Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua
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Mira Sirota, born on May 2, 2012

Diagnosis: Urinary system malformation, urinary bladder sclerosis, neurogenetic urinary bladder, two-sided ureterohydronephrosis with drastic kidney failure. Chronic pyelonephritis. Ureterohydronephrosis on the right side.

ATTENTION! AS AT 14.11.2017: Fundraising closed!
Due to the lack of relevant information about the needs of the child

The story of Mira

A baby-girl Mira first faced the hospital when she was only eight days old. She was running fever and ultrasound exam revealed dilated ureter and enlarged pelvis. Then the baby was diagnosed with two-sided ureterohydronephrosis (3rd stage). At the age of four months old Mira was additionally diagnosed with urinary system malformation, ureterohydronephrosis on the right side (4th stage), stricture on the left side (4th stage), and chronic pyelonephritis.

Mira underwent endoscopic surgery to implant a stent and a Foley catheter, and there were other procedures as well. When the baby turned six months old she had to undergo another surgery which was aimed at withdrawing urine by means of ureterostoma on the right side or in other words Miras ureters were taken to her abdominal cavity, so her kidneys would not suffer. This was just the start of a number of other surgeries for this little princess.

At the age of eight months Mira again had to face endoscopic surgery which this time removed the stent and put gel into her ureter. Mira does not know what it means to sleep in her bed. All she has seen are hospital walls, antibiotics and anesthesia.

When Mira turned one year and eight months old she was examined again and diagnosed with urinary system malformation, urinary bladder sclerosis, neurogenetic urinary bladder, two-sided ureterohydronephrosis with drastic kidney failure, chronic pyelonephritis, and ureterohydronephrosis on the right side.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian physicians cannot help Mira any more and recommended that her parents try clinics abroad. Its hard to imagine what Miras parents are going through now. Miras mom is suffering from a nervous breakdown while Miras dad is taking care of her older brother Danil in the cancer department of the hospital.

When Mira was one year and ten months old she underwent another very complicated surgery on urinary bladder and ureters conducted by prof. Stakhovskiy E.A. However, Miras health condition has become even worse despite the fact that she faced a number of surgeries, treatment courses with piles of antibiotics and uroseptics.

A recent checkup showed that little Mira does not have a coccyx! It means she lacks nerve endings in her pelvis area which are also responsible for urination. This sadly means that nine surgeries were perhaps more harmful than helpful, but Mira had to follow the advice of Moscow physicians and receive the catheter implant. Mira had to follow the advice of Moscow physicians and was implanted a catheter. In addition, the girl has to take expensive procedures with German medication called UBRETID for a better function of her urinary system. Her bloodwork results are not very good and that is why Miras parents have decided to consult some German specialists.

Charite clinic has recently sent their examination bill of 7,630 euros which is huge money for the Sirota family. Miras parents are currently writing letters to German charity foundations, hoping they will be able to find money for the examination. There is very little time left since Miras kidneys are failing and can stop functioning any moment.

The story of Danil

This blue-eyed blond boy named Danil is one of the children people usually consider to be the joy of parents. He is a good student, sportsman and a winner of serious judo competitions. Danil was growing sociable and friendly. He enjoyed going to school and study. He had many friends at school. Danils teachers praised him for a good memory, diligence and discipline.

Its two years since Danial has been staying in Kyiv. The boy is surrounded by hospital beds and white walls. The physicians and the National Institute of Cancer have become his friends, relatives, his second home

When Danils leg prosthesis was implanted there have come many new troubles. The boy needs to lengthen his prosthesis because the length difference of his legs is already three cm. If nothing is done Danil may end up in spinal curvature, gait disorder and many more side effects. Danil is growing fast and it means his prosthesis requires regular lengtheningLast year surgery expenses were financed by the government but now such programs are closed and parents have to pay for it on their own Two-year battle with cancer has completely emptied the family budget. Whats more, Danils little sister Mira also needs urgent treatment...

Mira and Danil urgently need your assistance!

Miras kidneys are failing and there is no more time to lose. Charite clinic in Germany is ready to examine the girl and has sent the bill of 7,630 euros. The family doesnt have such money

Danil is scheduled surgery on lengthening his leg prosthesis which was implanted after removal of his cancerous tumor. The childrens parents are doing everything possible and impossible to raise money but the time is against them and they need your kind support! Every small donation is priceless and counts!

The examination bill for Mira in Germany: 7,630 euros.

The ticket for two persons to Germany (two ways) 800 euros.

All in all Mira needs 8,430 euros.

Danils surgery on lengthening his leg prosthesis: 18,000 hryvnyas (782 US dollars).

The second surgery on lengthening Danils leg prosthesis scheduled for August 2015: 23,000 hryvnyas (1,000 US dollars).

All in all Danil needs 41,000 hryvnyas (1,782 US dollars).

The Sirota family needs 264,00 hryvnyas (11,478 US dollars) to save their two precious children! Your donation can certainly make a difference!

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

The cell number of Danil and Mira's father Alexey: +38 095 233 41 91.

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