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Photo report of parcels and purchases for the Chernigov children's house-boarding school (Kalinovka) (February-March, 2008)

Author: By Albert Pavlov, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2008-07-04 00-00-00   Viewed, times: 10618

We thank all the volunteers and the supporters who helped the Chernigov children's house-boarding school (Kalinovka) of the Zaporozhye area. They are

Natasha Fernandes
Oleg K.
Tatyana Glazkova
Olga Geraschenko
Irina Morezi
V.N. Toropkin
Viktoria Kac
photographer Romashka
David Sudermann
Marina Malookaya
Svetlana Anatolyevna Bogimkevich
Maryana Voronovich
Yulia Gypalo
Marina Gonchar
Olga Anatolyevna Ch.
Segey (from Kalinovka)
Lina (from Kalinovka)
O.V. Artushina
Maksim Kerdan
Vitalyi Nischenko
Natalya Nic
Amy Swindle
Eleanore Kids charity, USA
Daria Aleksandrovna Pushinskaya
Hispalcargo employees (Spanish hauliers)
Irina Cholak
Anonym from Zaporozhye
and other responsive people

Below you can find a report on donations and charges connected with children's home of Kalinovka

Valentina Vasilyevna and Valentina Fedorovna, two additional tutors of the childrens house, have been working there since February, 2008. Their work is paid only from private donations. Both of them have the degree in pedagogy, worked as kindergarteners for about 20 years, but what is more important, they are eager to help children and to get new information on working with these special children.

Valentina Vasilevna works with group of boys and this allows dividing one big group of 30 children into two. As a result Sergey, Lesha, Vitya, Ruslanchik, Valera and other boys have an opportunity to develop their abilities. Some of them draw, thumb through the books, some even try to write. Valentina Vasilevna trains children to be orderly: do a room, put toys into place and look after themselves (wash themselves and ask for a toilet at the right time). Alesha Romanov fonds of toy construction set. He can sit in a corner on a mat and make wheeled complex mechanisms for hours.

Unfortunately, tutors working day comes to end at 2 p.m. and all the boys are united again in one room. So, it becomes quite impossible to play calmly because of endless noise and being in the vicinity of mentally ill children. In the near future we are planning to find another tutor for the group of boys to allow children with good potential of self-development be constantly separated from those with serious mental disorders.

Valentina Fedorovna works in the department for "lying" children. She is in charge of 6 children. She works with them in a separate room which was good furnished thanks to our sponsors with a soft easily washable corner, round little table, safe round stools, a cupboard for toys and a carpet. The children make progress: Alesha tries to draw with a pen in his mouth, Maksimka begins to pronounce some new words, Yura begins to walk without any help. But the main thing is that children are now devoted much attention to and they feel that are not neglected. The childrens house staff in its turn is changing their attitude towards their work.

We started a program of dietetic therapy for 5 children having weight shortage in March, 2008. We use high-quality medical baby food Nestle Peptamen to nourish these children. A new doctor of the children's home, Olga Nikolaevna, and some nurses have visited similar children's home in Znamenka of the Kirovograd area. There they had a course in usage of new children's nutrition. We are planning to sum up the results of the program of dietetic therapy in May.

Below you can find some photos illustrating how the donating money was spent.

100 Peptament cans were delivered in Kalinovka

Valentina Fedorovna and her pupil Jenya see round the new soft corner.

A parcel with nappies and toys from Dnepropetrovsk

Cupboard for educational toys, stationery and models

heater Scarlett

heater UFO

Electronic scale Tefal and baby food

Gifts from Anya (Holland)

Gifts from Anya (Holland)

Thermometers from Kiev

Two carpets were bought for the playning room

This wardrobe was bought for boys room

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