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Maxim Gladkov, 1 year - Biliary atresia

Fundraising is closed due to the death of the child. Unfortunately, the struggle for Maxim's life is over ... The boy died in the hospital.

Author: Alina Vakulinskaya, translated by George Yost, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2016-08-23 13-30-00   Viewed, times: 5826

Maxim Gladkov, born August 12th, 2015

Diagnosis: Biliary atresia (bile duct blockage disease of the liver)

ATTENTION! AS OF 23.11.2017: Fundraising is closed due to the death of the child.
Unfortunately, the struggle for Maxim's life is over ... The boy died in the hospital.

Maxim was born with biliary atresia, a liver disease where the bile ducts do not function properly leading to the eventual destruction of the liver itself. He has spent 8 months of his life already in hospitals. Two operations were performed at the Okhmatdyt Childrens Hospital in Kiev. These operations were successful, but there has since been a fungal infection which further damaged his liver. He is now suffering recurrent cholestatic hepatitis and ascending cholangitis.

Without a liver transplant the doctors predict a poor outcome, resulting in Maxims eventual death. Maxims parents and extended family have spent all of their money paying for his treatment.

At present, his condition continues to deteriorate. He is being treated at the Zaporizhzhya Regional Hospital.

He is in need of blood transfusions and expensive long-term treatment drugs: Bioven mono, UKRLIV, Glutargin, Linezolid Gepatsef, and Tseftum,. This course of treatment is expensive at an average of $40 per day. He also urgently needs to undergo a course of treatment with the drug "Vfend" to fight this latest infection at a cost of $160 per bottle. He may need three bottles.

Once the infection has been cured, he will be sent for examination to the AA NIHIT Shalimov (a surgery and transplant center that is part of the National Academy of Medical Science of the Ukraine) to further address the liver transplant. This transplants surgery will be expensive and the family will need help covering these costs.

Please help to save Maxims life. To fight the infection and treat the liver related issues he is facing at the moment, we urgently need to raise $480. The sooner the money is raised the better

The family lives in the city of Zaporozhye.

Denis Contact phone: +38 066 811 10 December (Dad)

To get more detailed information, you can contact The Happy Child Foundation

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