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Yaroslav Belchenko, born in 2014 - Cerebral palsy

Fundraising is closed! In March 2021, Yaroslav went for rehabilitation at the Tomatis-Ukraine center.

Author: Natalia Moroz, deti.zp.ua
Published: 2021-03-12 21-38-00   Viewed, times: 818

Yaroslav Belchenko
Yaroslav Belchenko, born in 19.12.2014

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, psychoorganic syndrome.

ATTENTION! AS OF 03/31/2021: Fundraising is closed!
In March 2021, Yaroslav went for rehabilitation at the Tomatis-Ukraine center.

The birth of Yaroslavchik was not easy. The birth was difficult and protracted. Then the child spent three more days in a state of drug-induced sleep. Even before the baby came to his senses, signs of cerebral edema were identified. Further examinations also confirmed intestinal obstruction and impaired blood flow in the central liver vein. At 1.5 months, an operation was performed to eliminate the problem with the intestines. And only two months after the birth, the mother and son arrived home.

Yaroslav Belchenko

Until nine months, Yarik's physical development was slow. The child was inactive: most of the time he just lay there and barely moved. This forced the parents to conduct additional examinations, which showed the presence of a whole list of diagnoses: cerebral palsy, double hemiplegia, spastic tetraparesis.

At first, the parents turned to local rehabilitation specialists for help. Physical exercise combined with medication produced only small improvements. And because of frequent illnesses with high fever, which provoked seizures, I had to postpone homework under the supervision of a neurologist.

From the first days of Yarik's life, the family rejoices at every small victory over the disease. Yaroslav is a very cheerful child, he loves to walk on the street with his younger sister Dasha and watch bright cartoons. He understands everything, reacts to everything, but so far he cannot speak because of the delay in speech. The child needs constant rehabilitation in specialized clinics. Since 2018, we have been helping to pay for Yaroslav's rehabilitation courses every year. This year the family is asking for support again.

Yaroslav Belchenko

Alena Belchenko always proudly shares her son's successes: Last year was not easy. Due to quarantine, our local rehabilitation center was closed, and only from September 2020, classes resumed. The kid was so glad to see the teachers that the first 10 minutes of the meeting expressed joy and delight in his own way! The psychologist and music director help Yarik to learn about the world around him. And we conduct massage courses and work with a social teacher at home. My son has learned to distinguish colors, knows numbers, shapes, edible and inedible objects, learns to draw and make applications. But with physical skills it is more difficult for us, therefore, with the arrival of spring, Yaroslavchik and I are going to the next rehabilitation. "

Parents are trying to do everything to make Yaroslav more adapted to life, but this path is long and difficult. And each rehabilitation is a chance to learn something new, to consolidate the previously acquired skills to control your body. At the end of March, rehabilitation begins at the Tomatis Center at a cost of 23,600 hryvnias. We only have a couple of weeks to collect the amount that will help the kid get to class and consolidate the skills they have learned.

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