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Inna Grishko, born in 2007 - cervical spine cord tumor

Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child July 1, 2015 relatives and friends said goodbye to Inna forever. Light clouds, and the kingdom of heaven. Patience and effort family ...

Author: Irina Gavrisheva, translated by Nataly, Daria Sukach, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-05-08 04-00-00 Viewed, times: 16390
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Inna Grishko, born on January 1st, 2007

Diagnosis: Cervical intramedullary pilocytic astrocytoma (cervical spine cord tumor).

ATTENTION (03.09.2015).:
Fundraising closed in connection with the death of a child. July 1, 2015 relatives and friends said goodbye to Inna forever. Light clouds, and the kingdom of heaven. Patience and effort family...

Nubbin of a pain it was probably the most exact phrase to describe a four-year old Inna Grishko. "It hurts" - cried Inna, closing her face with single "working" hand when someone new entered the ward... "It hurts" - the girl groaned, putting her hand to the neck where the heavy operation had been made one month before. "It hurts"- she pulled tiny, literally transparent hand with catheter. "It hurts"- she cried silently And it became so bitter from these helpless children's tears and it was so terrible from the consciousness of that the life of this little one depended on money, ill-fated money

Everything started when Inna was four years old. During a party at the kindergarten the teacher noticed that Inna could not raise her arm while she was dancing. The little girl couldnt raise her arm even after she was asked to do it.

Inna in 2007

Innas case turned out to be rather complicated. During three-hour surgery in the Kyiv Neurosurgery Institute, the surgeons managed to remove just a part of the tumour. The surgery made Inna almost fully paralyzed and dependent on expensive medicine. However, step by step, day by day Innas body has showed great signs of recovery.

Inna has entered into the stage of remission, - recollects Klaudia. Well, my daughter was still limping but she could again attend school. We also kept on taking MRT (magnetic resonance tomography) scan twice a year.

Last September Inna was not suddenly again be able to raise her arm. Then another MRT followed which showed the continuing growth of the tumour. On October 23rd Inna was taken to the hospital again. Here the girl celebrated her 11th birthday. She couldnt complete her fourth grade, Klaudia says sadly.

Inna has overcome five chemo therapy rounds by now. Another two chemo therapies in Kyiv were planned but had to be postponed due to a sudden decrease of thrombocytes.

There is no time to lose. On June 16th Inna with her mom should be already in Moscow. The surgery costs 315,000 Russian roubles which is almost 108,000 Ukrainian hryvnyas or 8,308 US dollars. There are also other important expenses such as surgical preparation, postsurgical rehabilitation and managing life in a foreign country for a while.

It is heartbreaking to see how helpless you are sometimes when your child is seriously sick. The Grishko Family is not going to give up. Lets help little Inna to become a healthy girl again! Every dollar you transfer is one step closer to the girls recovery!

The family lives in Pology, the Zaporizhzhia region.

The cell phone of Inna's mother, Klaudia: +38 099 311 86 65.

Report on donations

Date: Donor: Country: Sum:
14.11.2014ASSOCIATION OF HOTEL ASSEMBLIESUkraine6.49 US dollars
12.11.2014PE BOKUDUkraine19.05 US dollars
10.10.2014Ltd. SOTKA-7Ukraine38.61 US dollars
03.10.2014PJSC "Volodarka"Ukraine77.28 US dollars
30.09.2014PE MotorwayUkraine38.61 US dollars
27.09.2014Richie V.USA48.6 US dollars
18.09.2014PE-Garant Fortress 2Ukraine22.35 US dollars
17.09.2014AnonymousUkraine76.44 US dollars
17.09.2014AnonymousUkraine76.44 US dollars
16.09.2014AgroServiceUkraine15.4 US dollars
16.09.2014PAO KOLOMOYSKOE ATPUkraine30.8 US dollars
15.09.2014IPL lidadUkraine77.5 US dollars
15.09.2014Anonymous helperUkraine155 US dollars
10.09.2014TDV Zhilstroi-2Ukraine38.6 US dollars
06.09.2014Igor .Ukraine7.8 US dollars
05.09.2014Ltd. Autocomponent PlusUkraine23.4 US dollars
05.09.2014Ltd.BerezneftegazUkraine23.4 US dollars
03.09.2014PAO Ivano-Dolynskyy spetskarerUkraine23.94 US dollars
03.09.2014Ltd. Lavender-9Ukraine39.9 US dollars
03.09.2014Miroslav K.Ukraine23.94 US dollars
01.09.2014CAP SokolchaUkraine76.25 US dollars
29.08.2014Ltd.Standard Oil CompanyUkraine14.7 US dollars
27.08.2014PAO KievselelektroUkraine35.99 US dollars
26.08.2014Trading house UkragrovestUkraine14.64 US dollars
22.08.2014Ltd. PROFMASTERUkraine374.1 US dollars
20.08.2014Ltd.FalkomUkraine22.69 US dollars
18.08.2014DoraUkraine1.53 US dollars
15.08.2014Ltd. Inter SERVIYSUkraine228.39 US dollars
14.08.2014Ltd. OLENERGOUkraine763.85 US dollars
14.08.2014Ltd. KiddisvitUkraine152.77 US dollars
13.08.2014Ltd. KD LEKTROMASHUkraine114.41 US dollars
13.08.2014Ltd.STK LLC "Sparta"Ukraine76.27 US dollars
13.08.2014Olexandra V.Australia23.9 US dollars
12.08.2014PC AgroresursUkraine76.11 US dollars
11.08.2014LLC "OTTENSTEN UKRAINE LTD"Ukraine15.59 US dollars
11.08.2014Ltd.CompanytUkraine77.97 US dollars
24.07.2014AnonymousUkraine8.56 US dollars
21.07.2014Anna R.Ukraine17.16 US dollars
19.07.2014MikhailUkraine0.34 US dollars
18.07.2014Unknown donorUkraine0.42 US dollars
17.07.2014Julia S.Ukraine8.53 US dollars
16.07.2014Viktor S.Ukraine23.1 US dollars
02.07.2014V.N.Ukraine4.18 US dollars
29.06.2014Oleg K.Russia17.69 US dollars
18.06.2014anonymousUkraine41.05 US dollars
17.06.2014Olga D.Ukraine4.23 US dollars
16.06.2014Michael MaguireUSA488.7 US dollars
07.06.2014Richie V.USA97.5 US dollars
06.06.2014Galina M.Ukraine38.9 US dollars
06.06.2014Skorohodov S.Ukraine4.21 US dollars
05.06.2014AnonymousUkraine8.5 US dollars
05.06.2014Svetlana S.Ukraine67.77 US dollars
04.06.2014AnonymousUkraine16.76 US dollars
03.06.2014Olga D.Ukraine5.05 US dollars
02.06.2014IRINA .Ukraine4.21 US dollars
02.06.2014Andrew Z.Ukraine837.71 US dollars
30.05.2014Viktor S.Ukraine59.15 US dollars
28.05.2014Scherbina L.Ukraine4.23 US dollars
27.05.2014Valeria .Ukraine8.47 US dollars
10.12.2008Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine284.38 US dollars
23.06.2008Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine1148.11 US dollars
30.04.2008Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine1059.41 US dollars
04.04.2008Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine973.27 US dollars
28.02.2008Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine849.9 US dollars
28.12.2007Goncharuk AlexanderUkraine792.08 US dollars
Total sum of received donations 9806.27 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
15.06.2015Acquisition of medicines: N35 2 Tena 60kh60sm diapers , Diapers for adult Super Seni33.33 US dollars
03.11.2014Radiotherapy and further treatment Moscow1320.39 US dollars
03.10.2014Radiotherapy Moscow386.38 US dollars
23.07.2014Radiotherapy558.21 US dollars
16.06.2014Magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine with contrast119.17 US dollars
13.06.2014The operation and treatment at the Moscow Institute of Neurosurgery Burdenko852.6 US dollars
12.06.2014The operation and treatment at the Moscow Institute of Neurosurgery Burdenko1141.17 US dollars
16.05.2014Acquisition lekarstvennh drugs85.07 US dollars
14.01.2014Magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine with contrast150.13 US dollars
07.11.2013MRT of the cervical spine with contrast125.11 US dollars
12.12.2008To Inna Grishko282.23 US dollars
30.04.2008Temodal for Grishko Inna992.08 US dollars
06.04.2008Temodal medicine 100 mg + 20 mg992.08 US dollars
07.03.2008temodal to Inna Grishko821.78 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 7860 US dollars

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