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Kirill Karpachev, born in 2000 mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis)

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Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Elena Guda, deti.zp.ua Published: 2014-11-25 18-00-00 Viewed, times: 4916
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Kirill Karpachev born on June 28th 2000

Diagnosis: Mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis).

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Children with mucoviscidosis, in part of medical extracts and prescriptions look alike. In most cases, the prescribed medicines are similar, and each of these children needs a reliable inhaler.

Kirills parents make every effort for preservation of their childs life and for him to live as long as its possible. Kirill always takes all the medicine prescribed to him, performs all medical actions required; he takes inhalations and morning exercises. At present the child has to undergo multiple inhalations using an old inhaler which is already not able to cope with the load.

This seems only a piece of equipment but it is actually saving Kirills live. Unfortunately, simple and cheap models are not suitable for his daily inhalations. He needs at minimum the Omron nebulizer, and its cost is 2500 hryvnyas (approximately 160 US dollars).

Its with the help of such inhalers medicines penetrate the body in the optimal way. Also, this inhaler practically leaves no remains and this means that expensive medications will not be wasted and spilled to the sink after the inhalations.

Kirill is cheerful, goal-seeking, easy-going and curious. At present he studies in Zaporozhzhye Sich Collegium school for gifted children in the ninth grade (with linguistic profile). He has excellent marks and aims at graduating from the school with a gold medal. Kirill is interested in biology and participates in all school Olympics. The child dreams of becoming a pediatrician.

Kirill never stops his treatment: antibiotics, therapeutic physical training, massage, kinetic therapy. Also, each three months he gets in-hospital treatment in the Pulmonology department of Zaporozhzhye Childrens Regional Clinic.

The child constantly takes ferments, ACC, Ursofalk and vitamins 3 or 4 times a day; he takes inhalations with such medicines as: Berodual, Colomycin, Gentamycinum. Each month Kirills treatment takes about 3000 hryvnas (190 US dollars); if some in-hospital treatment is required, the sum rises up to 6000-7000 hryvnyas (380-445 US dollars). Blue pus infection is always present in the childs body and that means the inhalation treatment course must not be interrupted in any circumstances.

The family lives in Zaporozhzhye.

Contact telephone of Kirills mother Carine is +38 067 725 59 81.

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16.03.2017S. SavchenkoUkraine1.12 US dollars
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Total sum of received donations 354.35 US dollars

Expenses report

Date: Expense title: Sum, US dollars:
07.03.2017Medications: ACTS Long 9 pack, Brulium Lingvatabs 3 pack, Omez 2 pack, Ursofalk, Fosfalugel 2 pack111.95 US dollars
22.11.2016Transporting drugs Bramitob 7.72 US dollars
21.11.2016Medications: Medopenem 46 pack, 4 pack lincomycin685.49 US dollars
08.08.2016Medications: Berodual, Metamax., Tivortin 10 pack, Ursofalk, Fluimutsil 2 pack, Essentsiale 2 pack107.6 US dollars
16.06.2016Spiral computed tomography (CT) of the chest with intravenous contrast36.16 US dollars
02.06.2016Medications : Berodyal 2 pkg13.37 US dollars
31.05.2016Medications : Berodyal, Lasolvan, Sumamed 5 pack, 2 pack Hofitol, Enap 3 pack, Essentiale Fort H 3 pack70.18 US dollars
23.05.2016059.52 US dollars
25.04.2016059.12 US dollars
11.03.2016Medications: Lesfal 2 pack, 14 pack Levofloxacin, meldonium, Merobotsid 42 pack, Tivomaks-10 gift pack389.14 US dollars
16.02.2016Patient Monitor CMS50B21.03 US dollars
14.01.2016Medications: Akvadeks72.33 US dollars
20.11.2015Purchase of medicines: ACC-200 33 pack, 4 pack Flomax, PMS-Ursodiol, Sumamed 14 pack227.8 US dollars
20.11.2015Purchase of medicines: Biokaltsevit powder 4 pack, Smart Omega 4 pack31.19 US dollars
15.10.2015Purchase of medicines: Meropenem 42 pack; Ciprofloxacin rr 45 pack.660.91 US dollars
23.07.2015Acquisition of drugs: Amitsil 20 pack, 10 pack Tivortin, Ciprofloxacin 20 pack59.85 US dollars
23.03.2015Medicines: Flomax, Cardonat 3 pack, PMS-Ursodiol 4 pack, Essentiale forte 3 pack116.43 US dollars
09.02.2015Medications: Vazonat, Lasolvan, Tsefobotsid 9 pack56.94 US dollars
29.12.2014compressor inhalers124.93 US dollars
28.11.2014Purchase of medicines: Kolomitsin, PMS-Ursodiol142 US dollars
04.11.2014Medications: Medopenem 30 pkg, 10 pkg Tivortin493.24 US dollars
10.09.2014Medications: Kolomitsin injection 2 pack260.64 US dollars
25.07.2014Lekarastvennye drugs:Kolomitsin, Creon 25000 8 pack, Ursofalk297.19 US dollars
17.07.2014Medications: Amitsil 10 pack; Ciprofloxacin 20 pack.29.15 US dollars
14.07.2014Tivortin 10 pack, 30 pack Fortum185.57 US dollars
Total expenses for this category 4319 US dollars

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