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The Happy Child Charitable Foundation with support of the Democracy Grants Program of the US Embassy in Ukraine launches a project to provide legal support to orphans and foster families in Zaporizhzhia region

On Childrens Day, we signed a project agreement Legal support of deprived children in Zaporizhzhia region with the US Embassy in Ukraine

Author: Yulia Doikova, translated by Anna Oliinyk, deti.zp.ua Published: 2017-06-20 14-40-00 Viewed, times: 1582
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Celebration of June 1, 2017 became really symbolic for us. On the Childrens Day, The Happy Child Charitable Foundation received support of the US Embassy to implement the project Legal support of deprived children in Zaporizhzhia region. It is no secret that among the priority areas of activities of The Happy Child Charitable Foundation are family placement of orphan children and support of adopting families, family-type childrens homes, foster families and adoptive parents. Talking to the participants of the Foster Parents Club, we have long ago felt the need to provide not only psychological support to such families, but also legal assistance. There are many questions concerning the rights of orphans in family-type childrens homes, foster families as well as alumni of such forms of care. This is not to mention alumni of orphanage institutions who are not aware of their rights and do not have support of close adults.

Potential foster parents face a lot of questions at the stage of preparing documents for foster care as well as during their family life: subsidies, benefits, health improvement, education and housing. To provide detailed answers to those questions, our team in cooperation with the Zaporizhzhia regional center of social services for children, family and youth, will organize sixteen workshops in 8 districts of Zaporizhzhia region. We will come to each of the districts twice. At our second round of visits, we are planning to distribute printed guides with answers to frequently asked questions.


At 10-00 on 27 June, to mark the Ukrainian Constitution Day, Zaporizhzhia press center Vesti Inform will host a press conference on the launch of the project. We invite journalists, foster parents, representatives of regional and city centers of social services as well as regional and city services for children.

Schedule of workshops:
Enerhodar 7.07.2017
Tokmak 18.07.2017
Priazovske 18.08.2017
Berdiansk 30.08. 2017
Huliaipole and Bilmak (date TBC)
Vilniansk and Melitopol (date TBC)

Repeated workshops will be organized in October 2017 March 2018. They will be announced at the website http://deti.zp.ua.

We invite foster parents, adoptive families, and care givers of family-type children homes with children of 12 years and above as well as potential foster parents to our workshops. Participation is FREE!

All the activities will be carried out in district and local centers of social services. We greatly appreciate support of our partners Zaporizhzhia regional center of social services.

The events will be organized with support of the mass media, education and culture team of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

For additional information, please contact us at +380667719688, +380679776214, Yulia Doikova, Manager of Family Placement Program at The Happy Child Charitable Foundation.

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