Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Dima still needs your support
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Despite the inclement weather, we had a very successful charity bike ride!
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Arthur urgently needs to procure medications and go through rehabilitation
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And new needs Ц how to live without them?
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On March, 25 Ц 27th 2016 ЂKlubokї touristic club had a three-day trip in Zaporizhya region
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Best in Ukraine!
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The bad news is that KirillТs brother is also ill with mucoviscidosis.
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Vladik has a plan to follow and proceed, but the main thing is missing Ц moneyЕ $2223 is necessary
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Every day, our Tanya harder to win in the disease life. But our girl does not even think to retreat and give up.
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Taisia vitally needs an expensive medicine, Sinacthen Depot, one ampoule of which costs about USD 27 (UAH†700)
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320 children who participate in the Klubok tourist club and their parents attended the Kobzov Circus on 17 March 2016
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Friends, we have a chance to help another ten young citizens of Ukraine, give them a home and a family. Let everyone will open your heart and help collect USD 800 for realization of the main dreams of kids warm and cozy, and most importantly - your home!
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These days our boys feel poorly and doing worse than before.
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Breathe freely - 17.03.2016

Cystic fibrosis ... What are these terrible words? What is this disease? What do we know about this? Through knowledge comes understanding, and kindnessЕ
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"Sorry to bother you, but I need your moral support!
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A few days ago 30 pupils and 10 adults from the tourist club "Tangle" returned from an exciting journey to the charming and magical Carpathian City of Lviv. Radionova Oksana shared impressions about the trip.
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Help Received and Help Needed
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Before the end of March 2016, we urgently need to collect $260, and before the end of the year - $1040
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Klubok children's travel club has opened its 2016 season.
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Belarusian doctors are willing to treat Nastya, but the operation costs a lot of money - $170 000. Unfortunately, none of the family members are suitable bone marrow donors for Nastya
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Inmates of the orphanage #3 Inmates of the orphanage #3
Each one of us has a possibility to help the children who are in trouble. ArenТt we living here on this Earth in order to help each other?

Sometimes, it seems that in one's life everything is going well. A wife, children, apartment, a car Ц all one needs, nothing to complain about! The man has his work and his friends, but sometimes, as he is watching the marvellous sunset, or listening to beautiful music, or reading wise books, he realises that there is something important in this life that he lacks. He realises that the Creator has created all this beauty, including people. And with every particle of his body he accepts this Revelation given to him from Heaven. If we disturb unity and beauty of nature on Earth, we disturb this divine harmonyЕ

A new day comes, and the old sinful human life continues. But hope for the better is still there.

Our appeal is to you, our friend: do not let the best that you have inside perish!

Project: Happy Child ChildrenТs Village
You donated
$150 888 in 2016

You donated
$443 818 in 2015

Our expenses in 2015:

To sick children: $165 761
Medical equipment: $81 015
To disabled orphans: $24 361
To children's village: $67 729
To orphans and poor families: $4 772
Tourist program for children: $10 113
Help to adults: $17 389
Administration and fundraising: $21 264
Total sum of expenses: $414 628

$3 171 226 donated since 2007

Thank you!

Detailed reports >>>

Representatives of Zaporozhye and American charities have spoken about the life of disabled orphans in Ukraine and abroad
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Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that he's giving away 99% of his Facebook shares Ч valued at $45 billion today Чduring his lifetime
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With IKEAТs help, 10 lucky kidsТ drawings have left the realm of fantasy to become real, tangible soft toys that IKEA will sell around the world as part of its Soft Toys For Education campaign
Views: 320
Holly Christensen, a mother of three and former oncology nurse in Alaska, crochets flowing wigs out of soft yarn for children whoТve lost their hair to chemotherapy in their battle with cancer
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As ceasefire takes hold a lock of heating and broken windows slowly become things of the past
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Shortfall in state funding leaves orphanages reliant on generosity of volunteers
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Dima joins family whose adoptive parents have taken in eight children from across the world
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Kids in Ukraine are paying the price for a conflict they didn't create
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Please help buying seedlings for the children's village Happy Child
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Unvaccinated children at risk as healthcare lobbyists claim UN-donated vaccines are unsafe in spite of assurances from World Health Organisation
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Hundreds of orphans from Donetsk have been evacuated and placed in the care of staff at this summer camp in eastern Ukraine. Staff says they need bigger workforce and supplies at the orphanage
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Being a fundraiser is not just about collecting donations Ц youТll need to inspire passion and learn the art of asking
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Joanna Moorhead meets mothers who have inspired a new Mumsnet campaign to change people's attitudes towards children with disabilities
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Two children in western Ukraine have been paralyzed by polio, in the first cases of the disease seen in Europe in five years
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What could be better than hearing the news from your children that you are about to become a grandparent again?
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Rudi Luchmann, deputy representative of the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), gives an interview to the Kyiv Post in his office of Kyiv, on July 29
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A photoreport: УFrom Heart to Heart Ц 2Ф: a trip to the rural orphanages of Zaporozhye region
Having see so many manifestations of evil, you want to do more good. We have all understood how trifle our everyday problems are. These children helped us see what is the most important and what is less important in our lives



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