Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Dear friends, our charity foundation is facing serious financial problems, so we really need your help!
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For the Happy Home-3 to welcome orphans as soon as possible, we need your support to procure interior doors, furniture, household and electronic appliances, lighting equipment
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Georgiy is a real ball of fire and little son who dreams of warming and brightening the lives of his future mom and dad. Profile# 0057700
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SerheyТs eyes reflect love to the world around and a dream of being loved by someone else than in the orphanage. Profile# 0056074
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful gift on the eve of my birthday!
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As a result of purulent meningitis a lover of singing and dancing can no longer hear the music. Help Snezhana buy a hearing aid and return her happy childhood!
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The brightest events in May included the training organized for staff members of two orphanages and the trip of the residents of the third orphanage to a zoo
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Unfortunately, this baby has passed away...
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A boy with thoughtful eyes and beautiful smile. Profile #0249701
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Step by Step - 29.05.2015

On May 15-17 the second training on working with complex behavior of children and adults with special needs was held on the basis of the Kirovo orphanage
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Little Nikita is scheduled for another surgery on June, 8th which requires 25,000 US dollars. We are asking everyone to support this family!
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In April the Kalinovka residents attended a concert in Zaporozhzhye, opened the hiking season and started making soap
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This brave girl is taking her second round of high-dosed chemotherapy with two more ahead. Maria is taking bone marrow transplant in August. There is a very little time to raise the money!
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In 2.5 months the Belarus Oncology Center should receive a pre-payment of USD 100,000 for bone marrow transplantation for Maria Sklyar. The family needs our support like never before
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This program is based on real stories of the children. All the events are real and taken from the lives of the children we support. In the future we will publish the official recommended program on our website, to be implemented by the government official
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Sonia is a warm-hearted and energetic girl. Profile#0055226
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A workshop on soap-making for tutors and a trip to Zaporozhzhye arranged for the people under care of Kalinovka orphanage are the main events of the past month
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It is hard to realize that such a young boy is fighting the third recurrence of his disease! StasТs family members till the last moment hoped that they would cope with the treatment costs themselves, but all the possible reserves have been depleted
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The fund-raising campaign is closed. Olga has managed to raise the money for her surgery! Thanks to everyone for all your grear support!
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Viktoria is being prepared for a donor transplantation which will most likely take place in a couple of weeks. This surgery will require approximately 2,600 US dollars for medical drugs only. Let's help this young lady in this difficult time!
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Inmates of the orphanage #3 Inmates of the orphanage #3
Each one of us has a possibility to help the children who are in trouble. ArenТt we living here on this Earth in order to help each other?

Sometimes, it seems that in one's life everything is going well. A wife, children, apartment, a car Ц all one needs, nothing to complain about! The man has his work and his friends, but sometimes, as he is watching the marvellous sunset, or listening to beautiful music, or reading wise books, he realises that there is something important in this life that he lacks. He realises that the Creator has created all this beauty, including people. And with every particle of his body he accepts this Revelation given to him from Heaven. If we disturb unity and beauty of nature on Earth, we disturb this divine harmonyЕ

A new day comes, and the old sinful human life continues. But hope for the better is still there.

Our appeal is to you, our friend: do not let the best that you have inside perish!

Help buy a van to kids with special needs in Ukraine
You donated
$239 501 in 2015

Our expenses in 2015:

To sick children: $74 271
Medical equipment: $73 981
To disabled orphans: $12 707
To children's village: $48 051
To orphans and poor families: $2 969
Tourist program for children: $4 346
Help to adults: $8 867
Administration and fundraising: $10 411
Total sum of expenses: $247 375

$2 815 920 donated since 2007

Thank you!

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Strangers started a Facebook group called Maddy's Mighty Minions to spearhead a pay-it-forward campaign in her memory
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Orphanages are costly and can cause irreparable damage both mentally and physically for its charges Ч so why are they still so ubiquitous? Georgette Mulheir gravely describes the tragedy of orphanages
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People should be aware of the fact that they have a right NOT to suffer from pain, be aware that there are ampules, pills and patches Ц and one can get them to control pain
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Dying and death confront every new doctor and nurse. In this book excerpt, Atul Gawande asks: Why are we not trained to cope with mortality?
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Stella Young, who has died at the age of 32, was a passionate, provocative and funny activist for disabled people. Here are 17 things she wanted people to know
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Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by war in the east, with those who venture back saying Сbandits have taken overТ
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the situation in Ukraine's medical sector is critical, the WHO press service has reported.
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An Anderson Township mom says her congenital quad amputee son was denied access to Kings Island rides this summer despite being allowed on roller coasters at the Mason park last year
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A circuit court judge on Thursday ordered a Sioux Falls couple to turn over a Ukrainian orphan after deciding that claims he was abused
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Kristine and her husband James were just days away from bringing their adopted daughter, who decided to rename herself Melissa, home from Crimea when Russian troops poured onto the street
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Within months of bringing him home, Sheila Trznadel knew that the boy she and her husband had adopted from Ukraine needed more help than her family could offer or afford
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There is so much discussion and focus on transition from childrenТs to adult services at present, which is great, but in many areas of the UK there are not age-appropriate services available to care for these young adults
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Children of Zaporozhye
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A photoreport: УFrom Heart to Heart Ц 2Ф: a trip to the rural orphanages of Zaporozhye region
Having see so many manifestations of evil, you want to do more good. We have all understood how trifle our everyday problems are. These children helped us see what is the most important and what is less important in our lives



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