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On Childrens Day, we signed a project agreement Legal support of deprived children in Zaporizhzhia region with the US Embassy in Ukraine
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To delay the treatment of our fighter was dangerous, the child went abroad for the treatment without having collected the necessary amount for it.
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Without the necessary medicines, my condition will only deteriorate, and I dread to wait for the next worsening, because antibiotics that I can buy will not help me anymore.
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A sporting family. Nastia 0296675, Kolia 0296677 and Vika 0296679.
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At the final stage we need help with furniture, cooking staff, cutlery and dishes, computer and TV-set, bed linen
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Little Liza`s treatment takes monthly about 200 USD
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Another oncology challenge for little Yaroslav.The family urgently needs money to cope with the relapse
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With the support of the Consulate, the renovation of the second floor in the "Happy Home-3" is about tobe completed.
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Monthly Vadik needs 310 dollars for treatment
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Vanyas Struggle - 29.05.2017

We are starting collections for the ongoing and future rehabilitation (second round of rehabilitation is planned for July 30, 2017)
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Dasha with special eyes. File No 0204350.
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Good news! - 25.05.2017

Aniutka Diatlova`s mother shares good news with us.
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Vladik's parents are appealing to those who help us bagging to help to curetheir onlyson, their hope and their reliance.
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The next course of therapy is planned for 24 July 2017, the family does not have money to pay it and they will not be able to produce them. One course costs 370 USD.
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Olga knows all about the day-to-day taking medicines schedule and vital inhalations, she abides and keeps doing. She has additional pills arranged in sets for morning, afternoon, evening (in case if it gets worse)
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Now the State completely ceased to care and help me as if in a single day I disappeared, me, my illness and my problems. I am over 18, I am with cystic fibrosis, and I exist!
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The approximate amount of 3 820 USD is needed for examination. Your dollar can save the life of a child.
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Take care of your family and yourself! Thank you very much for your supporting me at a time when I needed it so much!
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For April we need 770 USD and we will not be able to collect them alone ...
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New treatment options is so close
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Inmates of the orphanage #3 Inmates of the orphanage #3
Each one of us has a possibility to help the children who are in trouble. Arent we living here on this Earth in order to help each other?

Sometimes, it seems that in one's life everything is going well. A wife, children, apartment, a car all one needs, nothing to complain about! The man has his work and his friends, but sometimes, as he is watching the marvellous sunset, or listening to beautiful music, or reading wise books, he realises that there is something important in this life that he lacks. He realises that the Creator has created all this beauty, including people. And with every particle of his body he accepts this Revelation given to him from Heaven. If we disturb unity and beauty of nature on Earth, we disturb this divine harmony

A new day comes, and the old sinful human life continues. But hope for the better is still there.

Our appeal is to you, our friend: do not let the best that you have inside perish!

Help to refugees from Donbass, Ukraine
You donated
$192 205 in 2017

Our expenses in 2017:

To sick children: $50 082
Medical equipment: $62 531
To disabled orphans: $25 391
To children's village: $18 822
To orphans and poor families: $1 240
Tourist program for children: $3 818
Help to adults: $19 306
Administration and fundraising: $11 799
Total sum of expenses: $205 675

$3 708 380 donated since 2007

Thank you!

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As Ukrainian PM Volodymyr Groysman winds up a three-day visit to Israel, Jews back home try to cope with economic difficulties and the effects of war
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THREE RIVERS Kitty Nottoli talked about Force for Christ Orphan Outreach (FCOO), an orphan hosting agency that works in the Ukraine, on Wednesday, Feb. 22 at Three Rivers Bible Church.
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Families in southwestern Wisconsin are hosting orphans from eastern Europe for the holidays, and hoping to find them families here.
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Representatives of Zaporozhye and American charities have spoken about the life of disabled orphans in Ukraine and abroad
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Mark Zuckerberg announced Tuesday that he's giving away 99% of his Facebook shares valued at $45 billion today during his lifetime
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With IKEAs help, 10 lucky kids drawings have left the realm of fantasy to become real, tangible soft toys that IKEA will sell around the world as part of its Soft Toys For Education campaign
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Holly Christensen, a mother of three and former oncology nurse in Alaska, crochets flowing wigs out of soft yarn for children whove lost their hair to chemotherapy in their battle with cancer
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As ceasefire takes hold a lock of heating and broken windows slowly become things of the past
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Shortfall in state funding leaves orphanages reliant on generosity of volunteers
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Dima joins family whose adoptive parents have taken in eight children from across the world
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Kids in Ukraine are paying the price for a conflict they didn't create
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Please help buying seedlings for the children's village Happy Child
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Having see so many manifestations of evil, you want to do more good. We have all understood how trifle our everyday problems are. These children helped us see what is the most important and what is less important in our lives