Orphans and sick children of Zaporozhye, Ukraine
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Attending a beauty contest and purchasing medical equipment as well as handicrafts items were the main events of November
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Close your eyes for a minute... Close your mouth and nose with your hands, hold your breath, like you are playing that childhood game of Уwhoever holds his breath the longestФ
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This is a letter from our cystic fibrosis patient Arina and her mom Elena
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On December 14th Egor Organischuk is leaving for his scheduled surgery at the Burdenko Institute
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The reconstruction of a new accommodation of the hematology department is almost completed. The ChildrenТs hospital needs your financial support in purchasing bathroom faucets and sinks!
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Danil urgently needs an expensive surgery in the city of Moscow: according to the preliminary consultations with doctors, the surgery will cost the family 3,738 US dollars!
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On November 21st-22nd the Klubok touristic project arranged for twenty two children a fascinating trip to the capital city of Ukraine
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Viktor is a sunshine kid. Profile # 0055228
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Another large family received a computer from caring people
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Sergey is very sociable and never plays alone. Profile #0061017
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The surgery to remove the tumor in the Burdenko Research Institute of Neurosurgery will cost approximately 6350 US dollars
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This smiling little kid happily sent us kisses trying to attract our attention in every possible way. Profile # 0253597
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USD 45,000 are still to be raised. For us, it is a huge amount and we will just not be able to cope on our own
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Competently resolved issues with availability of equipment of high quality help to preserve health and save money
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We are grateful to everyone who is supporting displaced families from Lugansk and Donetsk. The families still need your help with food, washing agents, medicine, clothes and shoes
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We really need your financial support in equipping the shower cabin of УRekhovofФ camp in Zaporizhzhia for displaced persons fleeing the danger and destruction of the war in Luhansk and Donetsk!
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A striking illustration of how adoption can really change a childТs life within a year!
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On October 23rd-27th children together with Klubok touristic club travelled to Odessa for the first time
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Meeting on palliative care, session of the community council in Kalinovka and training for staff from three orphanages Ц those were the main events of October
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This boyТs name means УhappyФ in Greek. Profile# 0156412
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Inmates of the orphanage #3 Inmates of the orphanage #3
Each one of us has a possibility to help the children who are in trouble. ArenТt we living here on this Earth in order to help each other?

Sometimes, it seems that in one's life everything is going well. A wife, children, apartment, a car Ц all one needs, nothing to complain about! The man has his work and his friends, but sometimes, as he is watching the marvellous sunset, or listening to beautiful music, or reading wise books, he realises that there is something important in this life that he lacks. He realises that the Creator has created all this beauty, including people. And with every particle of his body he accepts this Revelation given to him from Heaven. If we disturb unity and beauty of nature on Earth, we disturb this divine harmonyЕ

A new day comes, and the old sinful human life continues. But hope for the better is still there.

Our appeal is to you, our friend: do not let the best that you have inside perish!

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$425 947 in 2014

Our expenses in 2014:

To sick children: $222 389
Medical equipment: $78 046
To disabled orphans: $67 183
To children's village: $56 291
To orphans and poor families: $5 427
Tourist program for children: $19 460
Help to adults: $16 277
Administration and fundraising: $48 102
Total sum of expenses: $535 431

$2 542 499 donated since 2007

Thank you!

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An Anderson Township mom says her congenital quad amputee son was denied access to Kings Island rides this summer despite being allowed on roller coasters at the Mason park last year
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A circuit court judge on Thursday ordered a Sioux Falls couple to turn over a Ukrainian orphan after deciding that claims he was abused
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Kristine and her husband James were just days away from bringing their adopted daughter, who decided to rename herself Melissa, home from Crimea when Russian troops poured onto the street
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Within months of bringing him home, Sheila Trznadel knew that the boy she and her husband had adopted from Ukraine needed more help than her family could offer or afford
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There is so much discussion and focus on transition from childrenТs to adult services at present, which is great, but in many areas of the UK there are not age-appropriate services available to care for these young adults
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Instead of asking their guests to spend money on a gift registry, a newly-married couple only wanted their friends and family to give a gift for free -- their blood -- to the Virginia Blood Services in Richmond, Va.
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Moments after reviewing the image I instantly knew I created something powerful, beautiful and moving
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In the heady days after the protests in Kiev's Maidan square brought transformation to Ukraine's government. Disability rights and children's advocates at the meetings were clear: We must get rid of Soviet-era orphanages
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Ukraine crisis hits home for one local family
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Adults who are in trouble also have the right to life. And we are able to ease their pain and suffering. We can do little by ourselves, and only being a team, we will find a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation
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The Regional Children's Hospital is in the list of the objects which are planned to be renovated
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I work with children who can not be cured. I sit at night on the weekend and I write because I'm scared, all of a sudden someone really might wonder - if a child can not be cured, it can not be helped?
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The representatives of the "Child's Smile" foundation arranged master shops for the children
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A Crimean photo-blogger Sergey Anashkevich made a series of portraits of orphans
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A professional chef told us why he dedicated his life to feed the children with cancer
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A little orphan boy from Ukraine flew 30 hours and 5,400 miles to a new a life in St. Louis. KSDK
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A photoreport: УFrom Heart to Heart Ц 2Ф: a trip to the rural orphanages of Zaporozhye region
Having see so many manifestations of evil, you want to do more good. We have all understood how trifle our everyday problems are. These children helped us see what is the most important and what is less important in our lives



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