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Kyrylo Kulynych

April 22, 2024, 11:00 60 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua An unsuccessful intramuscular injection led to catastrophic consequences.

Kyrylo Kulynych

Kyrylo Kulynych, born on July 19, 2012

Diagnosis: Peripheral paresis of the right foot.

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The disappointing saga of Kyrylo has spanned nine years. At the age of three, his sciatic nerve was accidentally damaged during a routine injection, resulting in disrupted muscle innervation, loss of sensitivity in the right lower leg, and immobility of the foot. Despite eight months of drug and physiotherapy treatment, there was minimal improvement.

A year later, Kyrylo underwent his first operation, a neurolysis of the sciatic nerve, a microsurgical procedure aimed at releasing the nerve trunk from compressing tissues. Additionally, an electrical stimulation system was implanted. Two years later, another operation was performed to restore foot function, followed by another intervention to remove the electrical stimulation system.

As a result of the injection, Kyrylo’s right leg became shorter than his left, the foot deformed and differs from the left by 1 centimeter, which led to progressive deformation of the spine.

Presently at the age of twelve, Kyrylo studies at school online, attends the gym three times a week, learns guitar, and even plays soccer, living a seemingly ordinary life. However, the issue with his leg persists.

After several consultations, Kyrylo's parents opted for another operation, initially scheduled for February 25, 2022, in Kharkiv, but the outbreak of full-scale war necessitated a change of plans. Post-recovery, they reconsidered and chose Kyiv for the procedure, where arthrodesis will be conducted - fixing the foot in its natural position using implants. Temporary blocking of the growth zone in the healthy leg is also planned to allow the affected leg to catch up.

The cost of the implant set for osteotomy amounts to about 27 thousand hryvnias (682 US dollars), representing only a portion of the anticipated expenses. According to medical professionals, there is hope for Kyrylo's condition to improve, but the operation must be undertaken expeditiously. Contributions towards purchasing the implants will enable Kyrylo's prompt departure for Kyiv.

We earnestly appreciate any assistance provided, as it paves the way for Kyrylo's enhanced quality of life and strengthened familial bonds.

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