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Darya Mochernyuk, born in 2010 cystic fibrosis

Our Dasha is a special child. Firstly, because she is very talented, and secondly because she lives with cystic fibrosis. For our young talent to live, she needs to take a handful of expensive pills every day.

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Anna Oliynyk, www.deti.zp.ua Published: 2015-09-11 8-45-00 Viewed, times: 6769
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Darya Mochernyuk, born on 29 July 2010

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis.

Little Darya is not just a lively and pretty kid, you can talk about her for hours. The girl is developed far beyond her years, well-read and curious. She is only five years old, but she is already a good helper and advisor to her parents.

Below you may find the girls story told by her mother Olga.

Five years ago our long-awaited daughter, Darya, first saw this world. We were so happy. But when she was just one month old, the fairy tale was over: the girl got sick with severe acute bronchitis, we were taken to the hospital and our life turned into a nightmare. We came back home only when our baby was already six months old, after endless droppers, injections and tests with a diagnosis cystic fibrosis and with pancreatic deficiency associated with hard therapy. Since then, every quarter we have to pass regular quarterly examinations and treatment courses in the regional hospital. Our girl has a very strict schedule she has to follow every day, with inhalations, kinesitherapy, classes at the steps and on the tramp.

Nevertheless, our little girl is very positive and sunny, she is full of love to life and enthusiasm. She generates ideas and activities in our family. Darya is not able to sit still for a moment, every day she wants to have new impressions and activities and she usually enjoys things not typical for little girls. The little princess is not about dolls, strollers and bags. But she is really excited if she can disassemble a computer with her Daddy or if he can show her how an electric lamp or a ventilator operates. Construction sets, puzzles, tests these are all the things which our active, curious and naughty Darya really likes as she is always eager to learn and get to know everything. When we celebrate her birthdays, she always asks for active gifts a bike, roller skates, a push stand-up scooter, so her mother has to carry all those things to playgrounds as Darya is always willing to play and use all this stuff.

In any company, the girl becomes a center of attention, and you can hear her catching laughter everywhere. She loves drawing and doing things with her hands.

Despite her young age, she can already understand everything. When we were writing a letter to Santa Claus for the New Year, the first thing she asked for was good health. When I collect the results of her tests, she comes to me and asks, So what, Mommy, its not that bad?

Last time when the nurse inserted the catheter, she was crying and repeating that she wants to be an ordinary child, that she is so tired of droppers and injections. It is very hard. But after we explain that those manipulations are necessary, she agrees and tries to bear it all.

Unfortunately, the little girl lives with cystic fibrosis, and she cant survive a day without her medications. Before, the state used to purchase at least Kreon for such children, and now it is no longer available. For the girl to have a chance to stay active and curious, for her to live at home and not in hospitals, she needs to follow a strict schedule of drug administration. Every month Darya requires USD 200 for drugs. Besides, the little sweetheart will soon have to purchase a new inhaler, the one that she uses now has served a long term already, it is 5 years old, just as Darya. A new inhaler for children with cystic fibrosis costs USD 300.

Our girl has a Mommy and a Daddy who love her, but they are not able to cover all the costs of her treatment. So we ask you to help this little wonder.

The family lives in Zaporozhe

Phone number of Olga, the girls mother: +38 095 63 16 901

For additional information, please contact The Happy Child Foundation

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