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Anastasia Zhygiliy, 4 years old - Mucoviscidosis, mixed form

Nastenka is a bright ray of sunshine, who rushes to live, to love, to create! From the first days of her life the baby girl was diagnosed with a dreadful disease of cystic fibrosis. Like for many others, it divided the lives of her parents into Before and After.

Author: Olga Vovk, translated by Iryna Nerubaieva, deti.zp.ua Published: 2016-05-25 13-50-00 Viewed, times: 5253
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Anastasia Zhygiliy, born on 19.08.2011

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, mixed form.

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Despite the forecasts of doctors, Nastyas parents rejoice every year and day of life spent together with her. According to one philosophical saying And in the end,it's notthe years inyour lifethat count.It'sthelife in youryears. Precisely by this motto lives the Zhygiliy family.

Mother Julia writes about her baby daughter:

Now my daughter Nastenka goes to kindergarten, she is 4 years old. Its hard to say whether she is little or grown-up. It seems to me that for children with cystic fibrosis years pass in a completely different way, they grow up differently and earlier. She is very cheerful and energetic, like a battery, despite all her deprivations in daily life and the painful everyday manipulations.

It is very interesting to observe her prompt growing up, emergence of her character. Literally every day there is something changing about her, she's getting new hobbies. Recently she started to love singing. Nastenka walks about the house and sings all the time. She puts the headphones from her toy cell-phone and sings in a loud voice, and that simply makes us happy. She has a lovely voice indeed.

Regarding our state of health, it's at medium level, she coughs more often. We realize that it will not get better with age, but rather on the contrary, it will worsen. There is another problem with stomach. When Nastenka is going to the toilet to do number two, there is blood, a lot of blood. At the moment we started to use suppository, we are being rescued like that. But were looking for a good doctor to help us with our problem.

But in general, we hold on just alright, and try not to complain.

Monthly treatment of Anastasia costs about 450 USD. Unfortunately, state funds are not being allocated for such children in the region. Before we took Nastenka under our protection, her family had to cope with their misfortune alone. We hope that you will help us to support this marvelous baby!

The family lives in Valky city, Kharkiv region.

Contact tel. of Julia: +38 098 99 09 222 (mother)

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