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Belenkaya Kira, 3 years old - Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Relapse.

There are only 3 weeks to save this small life. 80 000 Euros are necessary for KirochkaТs treatment. The baby needs bone-marrow transplantation.

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Ѕеленька€  ира 18.06.2014 года рождени€

Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Relapse.

Medical Help page. 1, page. 2.

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Kirochka was born absolutely healthy with almost 5 kilograms of weight; doctors called her a real bogatyr. Kira developed very quickly, started to go and talk early. In a year and a half, together with her mother, she started to attend developmental lessons, where she was a bright star. The baby is much more talkative than her peers and even than elder children. But this is not the main thing; the main thing is her health. Up to two years, Kira got ill, like all children, with usual colds - and then rarely.

But in 2 years something went wrong. Parents noticed enlarged lymph nodes on the neck and immediately turned to the pediatrician. The doctor examined the girl and said that everything was fine. Time passed, but the lymph nodes did not decrease in volume, in addition cough occurred. Searching for a reason, parents turned to two more specialists. Finally doctors paid attention to Kira and took blood sample for tests. Obtained results shocked both parents and doctors. Blasts - cancer cells were found in the blood, in large amount.

Only those who passed through the same are able to understand what the parents have experienced. They had an analysis with terrible indicators, and a small sunshine was running around, and nothing bothered her, and she did not suspect about pending tests. A girl of two years, who yesterday danced at a children's festival. The family was immediately sent to the children's regional hospital. Next time they got home only after 3 long months.

At first, the treatment took place in Zaporozhye, then in Kiev. Kirunya was treated for more than a year. Fortunately, the family had no borders, when on November 1, 2017, Kira passed all the chemotherapies and was dismissed home. It was impossible to recognize the child - she was running from one toy to another, hugged and kissed all of them.

For the time that Kirochka spent in the hospital, she was very bored with everyone. But the happiness was short; the family spent 4 months only at home. Next analysis control on 24the of March showed blasts again. Doctors made a verdict - an early relapse. Again shock, tears, hysterics - what to do? Where to run?

Urgent bone-marrow transplantation abroad was recommended, only 2 months were given for collection. After sending the documents to a number of foreign clinics, two of them - Turkish and Italian - gave consent and account for the treatment. The clinic in Verona was chosen.

The family filed documents for the payment of treatment in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but as time is an issue, family canТt count on its help. There are only 3 weeks left for collection of funds. With the help of central television channels, radio, collection groups in social networks it was managed to collect 40 000 Euros - an impressive amount. Parents have done a great job, but these efforts are not enough. Only one third of the required amount is collected. In the last decade of June, Kirochka needs to fly for bone-marrow transplantation to Italy. The baby will be taken for treatment only after 100% payment of the treatment.

Kirochka's parents ask you to save their single daughter. There is almost no time for collection, together we need to collect another 80,000 Euros, this is 2 400 000 hryvnia.

The family is residing in the village of Konstantinovka, Melitopolsky district, Zaporozhye region.

For additional information or to make a donation, please contact Charity Foundation Happy Child.

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