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Hoverla 2011: Photo Report From the Press Conference

The Happy Child Charity Foundation holds a press conference devoted to an exciting and interesting project Children From Zaporizha Climb Hoverla, the highest mountain in Ukraine

Author: Vladimir Kransogolovy, translated by Daria Sukach, happychild.org.ua
Published: 2011-09-20 00-45-00   Viewed, times: 8056

Our conference discussion went naturally which made it easy for organizers and especially for children who took part in the climbing project. For instance, one of Hoverla mountain conquerors Vera Ivanova brought to the press conference her little pet polecat Bonya. Although Bonya did not give any interviews, he enjoyed posing in front of TV cameras.

Vera and Bonya

One could hardly recognize our young travellers dressed in neat clothes instead of hiking ones. The children were all smiles and very proud of their great exploit. They were also proud of the fact that this mountain climbing was devoted to the opening of The Childrens House of Family Type for children from the Kalinovka village orphanage in the Zaporizhia region.

The president of The Happy Child Charity Foundation Albert Pavlov shared hiking goals and new projects that are focused on helping little orphans of Zaporizhia.

The attendees and guests of the conference also watched the premier of a video displaying the climbing up Hoverla Mountain. A traveller and a Ukrainian record holder Anton Bondarenko told the audience about the organizational, route and technical moments of the hiking.

The young hikers were glad to share their own impressions of the Carpathians.

Dasha Pustovit told about an unforgettable excursion to a mysterious lake called Nesamovite (in English Rampageous). This lake is believed to make weather in the Carpathian Mountains. If one washes his\her face there, one will definitely find a true love by the end of the year. So, Dasha did not miss this opportunity and washed her face there!

Andrey Panchenko was the main expert on paper planes during the hiking tour. The paper planes were the fundamental strategic and informational resource of the project. Although Andrey is hearing-impaired, it did not prevent him from expressing his hiking impressions on behalf of his friends from the Training-rehabilitation Dzerelo (Spring) Center. Were thankful to him!

Real Cossacks Serhey Gritsay and Stas Pilipenko from The All-Ukrainian Federation SPAS shared with us their new ideas of a new blockbuster about how children oppose officials who want to put them in orphanages. They also told a breathtaking story about their climbing in nasty weather.

Vera Ivanova and her little pet polecat Bonya were awarded a diploma instead of an absent four-paws conqueror of Hoverla Mountain a dog Rizhukha (the dog the children met in the Vorokhta village and whom they renamed Hoverla)

Maxim Kozlov heartfully thanked the hiking organizers, teachers and the administrators of the Zaporizhia Boarding School (for boys with the abnormality of mental development). Thanks to them, Maxim and his friend could join the expedition team. Were also grateful to you, Maxim for your company and for being a responsible hiking manager!

And finally the members of the hiking tour were all awarded diplomas of Hoverla conquerors!

A picture together ;) Its sad that the hiking is already over;)

At the end of the press conference the president of The Happy Child Charity Foundation Albert Pavlov asked guests and journalists to spread The Appeal-Letter of a boy from the Kalinovka village orphanage who is the main inspiration of this climbing project.

You can find the text of this letter here

The pictures by Andrey Gamayunov


Were grateful to:

Our dear friend and sponsor Joel Smith from the USA for his financial support.

The director of Orbita Recreation Center Konstantivov Valeriy Petrovich and the guide Vinnichenko Valentina Stepanovna for providing us with national costumes.

The president of the The All-Ukrainian Federation SPAS Alexandr Prytula and the representatives of the "Zaporizhian Sich" school on the Khortitsa Island Alexander Gritsay and the little Cossaks Serhey Gritsay and Stanislav Pilipenko.

The director of the Zaporizhia Boarding School Goncharenko Ljudmila Viktorovna and the teacher Vita Avramenko for their understanding and cooperation.

The director of the Zaporizhia Regional Youth Center Andrey Loboda for providing a hall for the press-conference.

The video displaying the climbing up Hoverla Mountain (The author - Vladimir Krasnogolovy)

The attachment #1.

The presentation of Hoverla-2011 project for the press-conference.

The attachment #2.

Project press-release.

The Happy Child Charity Foundation

The Happy Child Charity Foundation
Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69095, post office box 1878
Tel: +3 8 066 513 34 35 , +3 8 061 701 57 57
e-mail: info@deti.zp.ua, website: www.deti.zp.ua/eng/index.php
Raiffeisen Bank Aval 380805, 35147620
. 26007256219 The payment purpose: Charitable donation


On 6th of September 2011 sixteen children from the Zaporizhia region, dressed in traditional costumes of Ukrainian Cossacks climbed up to the highest spot of Ukraine Hoverla Mountain (2, 061 meters). The team consisted of hearing impaired children, pupils from psychoneurological boarding schools, graduate orphanage students and children from large families. Other team members were a traveller and a record holder of Ukraine Anton Bondarenko and journalists from the TV programme Krytychna tochka (Critical point) (Ukrajina TV channel). The organizers of this hiking tour did not have any sport or political intentions. The children devoted their climbing to their friends children with special needs from the Kalinovka village orphanage in the Zaporizhia region. Unfortunately, children from Kalinovka would not be able to climb up Hoverla Mountain. Therefore, the young hikers took to the mountain top paper planes, so-called stories of Kalinovka children and the history of their native land.

On the top of Hoverla Mountain, the children got dressed as Zaporizhia Cossacks and made a theatrical performance with speeches and charity gopak dance (traditional Ukrainian dance). The boys from The All-Ukrainian Federation SPAS showed Ukrainian martial arts. Finally, all the members flew their paper planes and the letter of the disabled boy into the air, hoping that from the highest spot of Ukraine these paper planes will manage to reach the furthest corners of our country. And as theres no higher place in Ukraine as Hoverla Mountain, the messages from the children of Kalinovka may land and be read by the representatives of the highest state officials. One of the letters flew to the direction of the Presidents administration.

Two more days after climbing down to the camp at Hoverla Mountain, the children enjoyed picking up forest berries and went on excursions to a mysterious lake called Nesamovite (in English Rampageous).

The young hikers also enjoyed learning poems by heart and starring in a video of The Happy Child Charity Foundation devoted to the creation of the Childrens Home of the Family Type. The children even took part in making a parody action movie, the script of which was made on the way to the Carpathians. On the 9th of September the children visited some museums in Lviv and on the following day they headed back for Zaporizhia.

The Climbing up to the highest mountain of Ukraine and the hiking tour in Carpathians were organized by the Zaporizhia The Happy Child Charity Foundation.

Were appealing to the journalists to spread this letter in print and online media or to publish the letter link http://deti.zp.ua/eng/show_article.php?a_id=5178.

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