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Kira Prokopchyk, born in 2011 - Complex congenital heart defects

Fundraising is closed! On behalf of the foundation and parents, we thank all the helpers! As of 10.06.20. fundraising is suspended. At this stage, Kirochka's family cope with the treatment on their own.

Author: Iryna Gavrysheva, translated by Yana Dybchynska, www.deti.zp.ua
Published: 2012-01-06 15-30-00   Viewed, times: 7197

Kira Prokopchuck, born in 2011

Diagnosis: Complex congenital heart defects

ATTENTION! AS OF 10.06.2020: Fundraising is closed!
On behalf of the foundation and parents, we thank all the helpers! As of 10.06.20. fundraising is suspended. At this stage, Kirochka's family cope with the treatment on their own.

Oksana is a proud mom of five children four daughters and one son. One could call this family happy if it were not for the challenges they have to face now.

Last July Oksana became a mom of a lovely sunny girl Kira. Oksana hoped that everything would be allright despite the alarming predictions of the doctors during her pregnancy. But the doctors turned out to be right - Kira was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Like most children with Down syndrome, Kira has a complex congenital heart defect that should be fixed as soon as possible. As Kiras case is very complicated, the local doctors advise the girls parents to take their daughter to the Kiyv Cardiac Surgery Center. Although the Prokopchyk Family is experiencing tough times now, they love their little sunny Kira and accept her the way she is. If God blessed us with such a child, He knows we can cope with her and help her to live happily, - Oksana says.

Ten days ago Oksana informed us: There are 700 hryvnias (around 86 US dollars) on our bank card. Thanks to everyone who has helped us! Of course, its not enough for the surgery but we dont have any choice, we already have to Kiyiv. Theres no time to lose . However, a few days later Oksanas phone number popped on my display We are in the hospital; Kira has bronchitis, breathing very heavily. The hospital is providing us with the majority of drugs but the most expensive ones antibiotics - we have to buy on our own. Its very expensive Can I take the money that was collected for surgery? And, of course, I replied that she could because if bronchitis is not treated, the baby will not live up to the surgery. I also asked her to keep us up to date so we can respond to the situation. And today we have the following situation: bronchitis turned into pneumonia, Kirochka ended up in the intensive care unit where she stayed for 5 days. Right now her condition has stabilized and baby came back to the childrens unit. Surgeons insist that the little girl is brought to Kiev for a surgery as soon as infection is treated. Unfortunately, there is no time to wait for a month for Kiras immune system to get stronger she must have surgery as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late. Therefore, Oksana plans to go to the Institute of Cardiac Surgery in Kiev straight from the hospital.

Even though the Prokopchyks have already borrowed money from their friends, its still not enough for the coming surgery. We need to hold on for a month after the illness and then she can have surgery. But it is important to have it before she turns 6 months old, Oksana says. Time is ticking out and we so little time to collect money for Kiras heart surgery That is why, with a pile of doctors notes Oksana is running around various funds, authorities, etc.

Now on the Prokopchyks account, out of 8,000 hryvnias (around 992 US dollars) needed, there are only 12 hryvnias (around 1 US dollar) 700 hryvnias (around 86 US dollars) received were used to buy antibiotics and pay for lab tests. And that is not the end of the story - antibiotics are still needed. Then there are train tickets (in order for the baby not to catch any other infection, they have to buy out the whole compartment, and thats more than 500 hryvnias (around 61 US dollars) one way) and, of course, more money for drugs and medical supplies for the surgery. Taking into consideration that the girl will be operated right after lung infection, the post-surgery recovery is expected to be difficult and, therefore, not cheap.

This wonderful family is fighting for their little sunshine Kira! But as you cannot win without a weapon you cannot recover without drugs. So to fight and to win, the Prokopchyk family desperately needs your support! Even 1, 5, 10 dollars it is a big help for a large family! Please, do support little sunny Kira, give her a chance for a future!

Kira's family lives in Zaporizhzhya

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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