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Oleg Bedyukh, born in 1996., acute leukemia

Unfortuntely, Oleg couldn't win leukemia. He passed away...

Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Elena Kramarenko, www.deti.zp.ua
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Oleg Bedyukh, birthdate 1.09.1996

Diagnosis: Acute leukemia.

Unfortuntely, Oleg couldn't win leukemia. He passed away...

He was eager to be self-sustained since his early years. He wanted to finish school successfully, then graduate from the university and find a good job so as to help his mother get over financial difficulties. Quite usual dreams of a teenager, however out of the ordinary Oleg seems to be. Handsome smile, smart look, and above all his warm heart that is ready to help a person in trouble and share his joys and hardships.

About two years ago Oleg's mother, Tatiana, had to go and work abroad and the question arose: whod stay and look after her son? Oleg didnt hesitate to answer that hed live on his own and he'd be all right. He'd take on the responsibility, he said. This decision was quite unexpected for Tatiana, but she mustered her courage and chose to give her son a chance. So she went to another country and Oleg stayed at home to fend for himself.

He went on like this for about two years in the small town of Kamenka-Dneprovska, carrying on with his daily responsibilities and chores. Every day he'd come home from school, do his homework and listen to music, to relieve his sadness as he missed his mother very much.

"Music leaves traces that can take you to different periods of your life or give you images of the future. It helps us listen to our feelings and solve some problems in this way, music can cheer you up or immerse you into a dreamy mood. This is my favourite saying that I often use when telling my friends about my dream. I like music, and if only I get better (and Im sure I will get better), I will become a DJ. I want to make music that helps people get over their difficulties, achieve success and enjoy their achievements" says Oleg.

Two months ago Oleg's health deteriorated quickly: he lost his appetite and grew overly thin, and to make matters worse, Oleg had bone aches, so his relatives felt alarmed. Physicians at the local hospital werent able to form a precise diagnosis, so they sent him to the Regional Zaporozhye Children's Hospital. Later on the same day Oleg and his aunt packed the bare minimum of things for a hospital bag and went to Zaporozhye. The boy had to undergo yet another medical examination and learn about its unfavorable result: he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Oleg was put into hospital for in-patient treatment.

When Olegs aunt left the doctors office she was completely at a loss. What is to be done next? How to inform her sister of Olegs disastrous diagnosis? She summoned up her thoughts, took the phone and called her sister. Barely able to hold her anxiety, she asked Tatiana to come to Zaporozhye as soon as possible, saying that Oleg is not feeling well and misses mother very much. Tatiana started out the same day and the next day she came to see her son in hematology department.

Oleg has already undergone his first cycle of chemotherapy treatment, and the oncologists say there are five more cycles to be done. Every day Tatiana has to buy a lot of medicines and her financial resources are dwindling away. She gets much help from her friends and relatives, but theres still not enough money to buy all the needed medicines and pay for the medical examinations.

Tatiana is a single mother and she had to leave her job to look after her sick son. Their family currently doesnt have money to pay for the treatment and living expenses, they hope to get help not only from the relatives, but also from other people.

Oleg is 16 years old. Hes a smart and energetic boy, and he needs our help, support and prayers!

"They say that no one can describe and convey feelings better than the person who experienced all this. My dream is to recover and to put all my plans into reality, and of course, to tell the people about the feelings we have to go through and to live with. It is very distressing to see my Mom smiling and to know that she is barely able to hold back her tears".

Oleg before his chemotherapy...

The family lives in Kamyanka-Dneprovsk.

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