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Arkhip Solomatin, born in 2011 - congenital anomaly of right lower limb

Fundraising is closed! The kid is being treated. As soon as there is a need of our help parents turn.

Author: Galina Solomatina, Alina Senjuk, translated by Alla Tarar, www.deti.zp.ua
Published: 2014-08-21 7-00-00   Viewed, times: 6314

Arkhip Solomakhin born on 11.10.2011

Diagnosis: Aplasia of splint-bone of right limb (congenital anomaly of right lower limb).

ATTENTION! ON ON 09/02/2015 AS of: Fundraising is closed!!
The kid is being treated. As soon as there is a need of our help parents turn.

"We are the Solomatin family, the parents Roman and Galyna. We are appealing to you with this article to ask you to support our fund-raising campaign for our sons treatment.

Our older daughter is fifteen, but on October 11th 2012 God decided to bless us with a son we named Arkhip. Soon after his birth we understood that this child was very special and he needed our help and protection. He was born with congenital anomaly of right lower limb.

In our small town of Tokmak and in Zaporozhzhye there was no chance to get help. Such children did not use to get necessary medical treatment and the leg was usually amputated, so the child was doomed to live all life by walking on the crutch. The surgery abroad is really expensive and there are more than one planned. The Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology which cooperates with American colleagues, gives our son hope to walk on his own. They already had experience in such surgeries.

25th of February 2014 Arkhip underwent his first complicated surgery performed by a leading surgeon and expert in childs orthopedic surgery, Khmyzovyi S.A. After the surgery our son can walk only in special fixture, which fixes his leg - otherwise he can hardly walk. All in all we need to go through from 8 to 10 surgeries of different complexity until the child is eighteen and his body stops growing, so it means the surgery should be performed once two years. The first surgery and the postsurgical period cost us 4000 USD. For the second surgery we need to collect more than 5000 USD, since the postsurgical period will be longer. Unfortunately we cant get an official treatment bill from the hospital yet. We cant collect such sum of money by ourselves, so that is why we are appealing to everybody to help us save our beloved son. Our family will be grateful to you for any help! Every little makes a mickle, says Arkhips mom.

The family lives in a town of Tokmak.

The cell phones of Arkhip's mother, Galina: +38 097 796 99 96, 063 309 26 31.

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