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Victoria Chetvertak, born in 2015 - CMD of the brain, West syndrome

Fundraising closed! The amount needed for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends!

Author: Yana Lobanok, 
Published: 2021-06-16 12-55-00   Viewed, times: 1604

Victoria Chetvertak
Victoria Chetvertak, born in 22.04.2015

Diagnosis: Malformations of the brain, epileptic encephalopathy in the form of West syndrome (drug remission), spastic tetraparesis

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ATTENTION! AS OF 01/14/2022: Fundraising is closed!
The amount needed for rehabilitation has been collected! Thanks friends!

At the age of six, Vika sits in a wheelchair and silently watches the world around her. This is a great achievement. A year ago, watching and sitting were her dreams. Even, rather, the dreams of her mom and dad.

For dispassionate statistics, there is nothing unusual in this story: "only" a difficult birth, it happens. But Vicki herself has only this life. It cannot be restarted or changed under warranty. And in each new day, those first minutes will remain when the brain cells critically lacked oxygen, and they died by the millions.

From the very birth, epilepsy became the main problem for Vika. Her seizures destroyed neurons and threatened her life. The drugs were changed and combined, it took several years to get the epilepsy "under control".

Victoria Chetvertak

Vika spent her first years lying down. But when a verticalizer appeared at home, and rehabilitation courses became regular, she made a huge leap forward in development. I began to confidently hold my head, half-sit with support for 40 minutes, and even sit on my own for half a minute. A year ago, one could only dream of it! She also started holding toys and drinking from a straw. Such modest skills for a six-year-old. But such important achievements for Vicki!

Victoria Chetvertak

In order not to lose the acquired skills and master new ones, regular classes with specialists are needed. The disability allowance is barely enough for a drug for epilepsy, so all the costs of examination and rehabilitation fall on the shoulders of the parents, of whom only the father works.

In August of this year, we partially paid for the rehabilitation course and transferred 960 dollars to the clinic. The next trip to the Bobat Center is planned for January.

Support Vika! Give her the opportunity to develop despite the diagnoses! And she will certainly please with new successes.

The collection amount is 1540 dollars

On June 25, on the dobro.ua platform, the project "Give mom a smile. 2" was launched. Therefore, you can help Vika on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye

For more information, you can also contact the staff Of the Happy Child Foundation

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