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Nastya Lipka

Fundraising closed! Thank you for helping to provide Nastya with comfortable living conditions!

Author: deti.zp.ua
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Nastya Lipka
Nastya Lipka, born in 08.02.2010

Diagnosis: Microcephaly, spastic tetraparesis, arthrogryposis, ZPRR. Congenital malformation of the lower and upper extremities, congenital dysplasia of the hip joints. Carrier of tracheo and gastrostomy. Erosive gastroduodenitis.

Extract from the medical history: . 1, . 2

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ATTENTION! AS OF 04/02/2022: Fundraising closed! Thank you for helping to provide Nastya with comfortable living conditions!

The question "why did this happen?" Nastya's parents closed it long ago. For them, a daughter is just love. More than love.

A true umbilical cord knot is a rare obstetric pathology, occurring in only 1% of pregnancies. It was in this percentage that Nastya fell. Without waiting for the planned caesarean section, the knot tightened up and blocked the access of oxygen from the mother. Prolonged hypoxia led to damage to the girl's brain. According to doctors' forecasts, she had no more than a year to live. Only thanks to great love and round-the-clock care, Nastus is already eleven.

A pillow with a princess and a pink bedspread - you can immediately see that this is a girl's room. But instead of a dollhouse there is medical equipment, and in the closet there are not toys, but a supply of medicines and consumables. Nastya's air conditioner and air purifier are constantly working. This room is a small island where everything is at hand and all the conditions for the life of a girl are created.

Nastya Lipka

Without suction, expectorant and tracheostomy, Nastya won't be able to breathe. Without a gastrostomy pump for feeding and special nutrition - eat. Without consumables, the equipment will not work, without medication Nastya will not be able to cope with constant bronchitis and pain. If we translate all this into numbers, we get about 500 hryvnia per day, of which the state allocates more than a hundred. If not for the help of caring people, Nastya would not have lived for a long time.

A little over a year ago, we already opened a collection for Nastya. Then we bought special food, consumables, diapers and medicines in the amount of about 65,000 hryvnias. These supplies were almost over, and Nastusya's mother again began the quest to find everything necessary for the girl's life.

We cannot turn back time and change fate. But it is in our power to help provide comfortable living conditions for Nastusya. The purpose of our collection is to purchase medicines, consumables and special food for six months. Everything that can be bought in our country.

October 5 on the platform dobro.ua project started "More than love 2". Therefore, you can help Nastya on the website of our partners.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

For more information, you can also contact the staff of the Happy Child Foundation

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