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Marta Shulga, born in 2019 - Dandy Walker Malformation

Fundraising has been suspended! The required amount for rehabilitation has been collected. Thank you friends!

Author: Yana Lobanok, deti.zp.ua
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Marta Shulga
Marta Shulga, born in 01.04.2019

Diagnosis: Dandy Walker Malformation. Urolithiasis disease. Protein-energy deficiency of the II-III degree.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 02/10/2021: Fundraising has been suspended!
The required amount for rehabilitation has been collected. Thank you friends!

Marta Shulga

The result of a perfect pregnancy was an unexpectedly difficult birth. Oxygen starvation of the fetus, emergency cesarean ... And the long-awaited cry of the baby. Alive!

The whole family spent the next four months at home, enjoying every day. And then Martha was taken to intensive care. With pneumonia and sepsis. Two months on a ventilator, two cardiac arrests and a week in a coma.

After six months in the hospital, Marta returned home. During this time, she lost all her skills - she stopped holding her head and even swallowed on her own. The examination revealed congenital malformations of the brain, heart and kidneys. But the cause of the deviations has not yet been found, so there is still no exact diagnosis.

Marta Shulga

Martha is now one and a half years old. More recently, she has learned to sit down and crawl on her own. She began to control her hands, and now she is constantly trying to grab the tail of Jesse's cat running by. This tremendous shift in the girl's development took place after a rehabilitation course at the Croc by Croc Center. Now Marta does her homework every day, which she received at the center and takes courses in massage and physiotherapy exercises.

Over time, Martha developed synchronicity in the movement of her limbs: if she does something with one handle, then the second tends to do the same. This complicates the learning process, but does not stop!

Marta Shulga

It is impossible to go back in time and fix a broken gene. But many of the mistakes of nature can be compensated for while the child is still small. And the last rehabilitation eloquently confirms this. Without treatment, the girl not only will not develop, but will also lose all the acquired skills. Another rehabilitation course is scheduled for early next year.

Martha will definitely please with new successes, you just need to give her a chance. A chance for a healthy childhood.

The family lives in Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region.

For more information, you can also contact the staff of the Happy Child Foundation

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