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Alina Bogolyubova, born in 2008 - Bilateral sensorineural deafness

Fundraising closed! Hearing aids for Alina are bought! Thanks friends!

Author: Yana Lobanok, 
Published: 2021-10-22 11-15-00   Viewed, times: 1741

Alina Bogolyubova
Alina Bogolyubova, born in 04.11.2008

Diagnosis: Bilateral sensorineural deafness B degree.

ATTENTION! AS OF 01/14/2022: Fundraising is closed!
Hearing aids for Alina are bought! Thanks friends!

Alina Bogolyubova

"When I grow up, will I hear like you do?" - Alina asked her mother in sign language. Alina has severe hearing loss. She hears the sound of a perforator like a whisper. And she does not hear anything quieter at all.

For a long time, Alina's hearing problems were inconspicuous due to her behavior and development. Impulsiveness, tantrums and hyperactivity did not allow her to develop on a par with her peers. By the age of four, Alina had not started talking, though she began to communicate with gestures. It became obvious that it is time to turn to specialists. This is how the diagnosis appeared in Alina's life: hearing loss on the one ear and the deafness on another one.

While Alina was little, she easily found a mutual language with peers using gestures, facial expressions and simple sounds. Now Alina is twelve. She has become withdrawn and shy, living in her own special world. She gets angry when her mother does not understand her, and avoids her former friends. However, at school for children with hearing impairments, Alina feels like in childhood - confident and calm. Despite the almost complete absence of speech, among the same boys and girls she is a leader and a mastermind. Difficulties arise with studying, but not with her favorite basketball. Alina enthusiastically masters the intricacies of the game and goes to competitions with her team.

Alina Bogolyubova

Before the new school year, Alina underwent another examination, which showed a significant hearing impairment. Now Alina has both ears with one diagnosis - deafness. Hearing aids urgently need to be changed to more sensitive ones. In addition, one of them was completely out of order.

New hearing aids won't teach Alina to talk. But they will make her possible to hear and distinguish new sounds, and to understand speech. This will give an impetus to the development of memory and improve the functioning of the brain. Alina will be able to respond to her name and hear the car signal in case of danger.

The cost of two hearing aids is about 2,550 US dollars. This amount is not just the price of sounds for Alina. It is a ticket to a completely different world - the world of communication, music and safety. Please, present this lucky ticket to Alina!

The family of Alina lives in Zaporizhzhia.

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