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January 26, 2011, 12:30 3864 Author: Inna Grigorievna, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua All the children mentioned in this article have been undergoing courses of treatment for a long time. Their families have completely run out of money. Their only hope is God’s help and your big hearts.

Margarita Khokhlova

At the beginning of a new year, Margarita had to go to Saint Petersburg to have her PET scan in order to determine the nature of a neoplasm within her. But instead of this, the girl had to be taken to the hospital as she was diagnosed suddenly with highmoritis bilateralis. Margarita’s mom, Tatiana, is appealing to you for help. Her daughter needs 700 hryvnyas (87.45$) to buy necessary antibiotics. The family has got three children and the illness of one of them makes the whole family suffer.

Support Margarita’s treatment, please!

You can find the details for transferring your donations for Margarita Khokhlova on the help request page.

Sveta Prokaza

Sveta has been undergoing her final supportive chemotherapy in the hematological department of the regional children’s hospital in Zaporizhia. Next week Sveta needs to take a CT scan which costs around 1330 hryvnyas (166 $) and afterwards she has to go to the OHMADET clinic for a checkup to define her further treatment. Both the journey to Kyiv and the checkup require another 1000 hrvyvnyas (124 $). Only thanks to you during all this long time Sveta has been able to fight her illness. Let’s hope that one day we’ll witness her triumph!

You can transfer your donations for Sveta’s treatment to the bank account of her mother Matcjutca Violeta Nikolaevna, which is available on the help request page.

Andrej Zubenko

At the end of 2010 Andrej was in the National Cancer Institute in Kyiv; his prosthesis got broken, so the boy had to replace it immediately. Now Andrej needs a rehabilitation course – massages and vitamins. The young lad keeps his chin up and even goes on with his studies at home; his school teachers visit him regularly. But Andrej’s mom, Elizaveta, is not able to cope with this challenge alone. She has lost her job recently and now her little family can hardly make ends meet. We’re appealing to you for help: Andrej’s disability grant cannot cover the cost of his checkups and medication. Now the boy needs 1500 hryvnyas (187 $) to help his body to ‘accept’ his new prosthesis

You can support Andrej by transferring your donations to the bank account of his mother Konobeeva Elizaveta Alekseevna on the help request page.

Andej Sosnovskij

There’s another young man whose name is Andrej and who has been also fighting with a severe illness and urgently needs our support. Andrej still has to take Equoral medication, one package of which costs 1130 hryvnyas (141 $) and that’s only for 25 days. Andrej’s dad is asking you, our readers, to lend a helping hand in buying the next Equoral medication course. Besides Equoral every month, Andej has to take other medicines as well as regular checkups. The boy’s family cannot afford the further treatment any more, therefore they are appealing to you, kind-hearted people for help.

You can support Andrej by transferring your donations to the bank account of his father Serhey on the help request page.

Let’s hope together that with God’s help all the children will be able to recover.

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