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February 21, 2011, 18:00 4185 Author: Elena Chuhrii, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The cardiology department of the Zaporizhia Children’s Regional Hospital has finally got its first cardiomonitor.

The phrase “to live for yourself” is rather contradictory. You can only feel life when you “LIVE” for someone else. Probably that’s why today’s event warms the hearts of the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation. Our long-awaited dream of delivering a cardiomonitor to the cardiology department of the Zaporizhia Children’s Regional Hospital has come true.

This first cardiomonitor will help cardiologists to control the children’s health in real time: the device simultaneously shows cardiac rhythm, ventilation, respiratory rate, blood arterial pressure, as well as electrocardiogram.

TThanks to our donors such as the Recreation Center “Dneprospecstal”, the Exhibition centre “Cossack Palace”, the working staff of the Public corporation “Dneproenergo”, Public corporation Zaporozhkoks as well as warm-hearted people who replied to our appeal, we in lightning speed managed to collect 29, 700 hryvnyas (3, 710 $) for purchasing a new cardiomonitor device for the Children’s Regional cardiology department!

The happy cardiologists admit that with the new device the level of the cardiology department as well as medical services in the Zaporizhia Children’s Regional Hospital has been raised a lot! And what’s more, treatment courses will be more effective now.

It’s the greatest joy ever to bring someone happiness and at the same time to feel yourself part of a power which can make someone’s dream come true.

The volunteers of “The Happy Child Foundation” have been continuing their help for this project aimed at the needs of the Zaporizhia Children’s Regional Hospital.

We are really grateful to all big-hearted people who support our projects.

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