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12 children of Zaporozhye Children's Home #3 spent their week-end in Kiev

December 1, 2008, 10:00 8264 Author: Inna Grigorjeva www.deti.zp.ua Last Saturday “Happy Child” Fund organized an interesting excursion to the capital of Ukraine Kiev for 12 children from Zaporozhye orphanage #3. In that way we continue to realize our educational program for children who have no parental care

In our violent material century we often have no possibilities, free time and so on to devote enough attention to the moral and spiritual development of our children.

Orphans have almost no such possibilities. Of course, our state takes care about them – it provides orphans with clothes and food, it also gives them the possibility to study.

But the state cannot provide children without parents food for their thoughts… All ordinary parents do their best for their own children – give them more possibilities to study, take them to various journeys and excursions and simply organize a merry birthday holiday with cakes, balloons and dancing!

And who presents an orphan with any traveling tour or even excursion? Who inculcates good manners in these children? Who acquaints orphans with spiritual and cultural heritage of their motherland? Who organizes unforgettable birthday party with clowns and balloons… ?

In the meanwhile they need moral and spiritual support very much. They need to feel new light impressions visiting other cities and places, taking part in cognitive actions, acquainting with historical, cultural, mental background of their native country. They need positive emotions from visiting museums and exhibitions.

By organizing different interesting memorized actions cognitive and pleasant trips and excursions “Happy Child” fund hope to help orphans to develop and train positive features of their personalities, to inculcate to culture and history of our country in these children. We want to arouse orphans’ interest to new cognitive information, their own wish to have a healthy way of life and to improve themselves.

Trip to the capital is very appropriate action for this purpose. Kiev is beautiful and we are proud of it!

Kiev met us with rain and wet snow

Probably the nature was crying for the victims of Golodomor, the 75-th anniversary of which Ukrainian people had that week

Golodomor is the special page in the history of Ukraine. Those days people lightened many little candles to honour the memory of the victims of Golodomor on the streets and squares of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

In Kiev we were met by guide Alexey who held an exciting excursion on the historical and cultural centre of Kiev. Children studied the places of interest of our capital with pleasure, acquainted with history of ancient Kiev and Ukraine.

Golden Gates

The monument to Yaroslav the Wise

"There are so many beautiful monuments to prominent people in Kiev!" - surprised children (the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky)

Children liked the museum by the Mikhailovskaja church

Mikhailovskaja church

After excursion on the open-air our group went to the underground center "The Globe" to have rest, to dry our wet clothes and to have dinner.

Children enjoyed themselves on escalator

After dinner we visited the museum of nature. Children studied skeletons of different animals, examined with admiration insects hardened thousands years ago in the peaces of amber, looked at the results of the archaeological dig and asked to make pictures with exhibits they liked.

After the museum we went to the real zoo!

Unfortunately the giraffe didn't hold to the object-glass because of its height!

In the evening we visited the main square of Ukraine - the Independence Square.

The way home.

“Happy Child” fund continues realization of the educational program for orphans. By organizing cognitive trips and excursions to different places of our country (Kiev, Crimea) we would like every orphan have the possibility to became enriched culturally

We consider, that every child should visit the heart of the country he lives in, its capital. Each of them will receive a great stimulus for the intellectual development and self-actualization. These excursions will show orphans deep cultural and spiritual standards, which should be inherited and high economical standards that should be achieved by them in the future. We want to present them some sincere affection of our beautiful Kyiv.

We offer all not indifferent people to take part in organizing and realizing our cognitive project From the Heart of a Child - to the Heart of the Country - one-day excursion to Kyiv for group of orphans. We will very glad to meet your suggestions and your financial support for this purpose.

If you want to donate for this purpose you can transfer your donations to the "Happy Child" account informing the members of the Fund.

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