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Kolopov Sasha, 2 years 9 months - Portal hypertension, veins bleeding

May 14, 2009, 10:00 3233 Author: Alexandra Baglai www.deti.zp.ua Due to donations of kind people Sasha was successfully operated at Moscow hospital specialized on the portal hypertension and veins bleeding treatment. Now he temporarily doesn't require our help

There are no explanations of the fact of any child's serious illness. Someone prefers to explain it by ecology, someone by statistics, and someone by fate. But anybody can explain it for this little child with such a serious illness.

Sasha was a prematurely born one, and his mother renounced him and left alone in the hospital…and in the whole world. Luckily, very soon this little boy received a new family. His new mom – Larisa – adopted Sasha, and now she doesn’t receive any financial help from the government.

In 12 days after his adoption Sasha was diagnosed with a portal hypertension and veins bleeding. Every of such bleedings can cause the death. Sasha has already had 10 bleedings!

Sasha is very nice and active child, he is very clever also. He likes to play football, but it is restricted by doctors. He reads books, especially fairytales and loves his family very much…

He has a real chance for the real life – anastomosis operation in Moscow. During this operation they implants special adaptation into the vein, and this adaptation decreases high pressure and prevents new attacks of hypertensia.

The cost of operation is 3000 $. Being in hospital will cost 1200$. And they also need money for food and transport…

This family lives in the country-side. Sasha's father works for the farmer. They have there own economy but they haven’t got enough of money to treat their child.

We ask you for help to this courageous family!

Sasha with his adoptive mother Larisa

Telephone numbers of Larisa

+3 8 097 243-82-39

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