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Anastacia’s Hope

July 31, 2009, 10:00 4359 Author: Iryna Havrysheva, translated by Marina Alekseenko www.deti.zp.ua “Actually this is not a kind of a situation, when there is no hope”, told German professor to Nastya Sizonenko. Doctors wait for Nastya to be operated in November 2009. She needs about 5000 euros to have this possibility

Nastya in the German clinic

“Actually this is not a kind of a situation, when there is no hope”, told German professor to Nastya Sizonenko at parting. Yes, the word ‘hope’ was the sense of the whole Nastya’s trip to Germany.

After overall examination the doctors concluded that it is better to postpone the surgery for half a year. The examination showed mycosis infection in stomach, intestines, everywhere…as the result of periodical and unsystematic antibiotics’ administration. How can one avoid it, if colds spring to bronchitis each month? That is why the doctors decided to better immune system to avoid new colds, cure mycosis and only then begin to think about operation. Surgical technique should be also thoroughly thought over. After all, other children are operating similarly replacing damaged coarcted vessels by viable ones (shunting). However, 10 years ago Nastya had an operation for splenectomy and the vessels that are usually used for shunting were also removed. That is why the doctors don’t have a right to make a mistake; they need to choose exactly such surgery type to be sure that the shunt will work properly, blood flow will go in the right way and there will be no more hemorrhage from the dilated veins of esophagus and stomach.

Therefore, Nastya was vaccinated, prescribed antifungal agents for 6 months and so on. In November 2009, one waits for Nastya in the clinic and she is likely to be operated. From 10 000 euros donated, 4 800 euros has been already spent.

Report on spent funds for Nastya Sizonenko’s examination:

Accounts of the clinic in Germany, Regensburg: Account 1 Account 2 Account 3

It means that 5200 euros is left for examination and treatment in November. It will be enough for examination, but it is scarcely enough for operation (we are waiting for exact amount needed for operation). Besides, 600 euros, taken from lent and ‘re-lent’ money for a trip was spent for medicines for 6 months. Now, to repay Natasha works 24 hours without days off. And one more trip is yet to come…

Regardless of how much cost the examination and treatment cost, approximately 2 000 euros more is needed for the trip, rent in Regensburg, outpatient examination and treatment (it is 30 – 50 euros per day), fare and food in Regensburg. About 5 000 euros in total. The family cannot raise such funds! Hence, we ask all of you, those, who more than once helped our children – please help Nastya get the treatment in November! She does have a fair chance for a full life! For a life without a threat of internal hemorrhage. Currently Nastya, the jolly girl is hardly allowed to laugh – it can cause veins rupture and hemorrhage. Laugh, just laugh can kill the child!!! After all the rescue is on the way, the doctors bring hope!!! And one obstacle – money… Please help Nastya use her chance!!!

By the way, some words about Nastya. After the trip she was given a new look.

She has a hope!

She has believed that she would have a future and it is worth to fight for! Owing to medicines Nastya has put on weight, feels good both physically and morally. She longs for walks, friends, normal life. She regularly takes medicines, prescribed in Germany and dreams about going to Germany again, undergoing treatment and using her chance! Nastya dreams that after 10 years of suffering, constant fear of new hemorrhage, she can finally become a normal child. Please help her with it!!!

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