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Yana М. Needs a family

March 3, 2010, 15:00 5180 Author: Mochalova Victoria (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua Janа had graduated from school, soon she will move into the dormitory of the college where she will study as the cook

Being a calm and quiet child Yana is a little bit reserved. She likes poetry and belongs to hobby group where children make fabric panels. The girl also learns playing the piano. Of course, she won’t become popular in a year, but it does not embarrass her.

Yana has two elder brothers who go to college and a sister, 11, who is a foster child in another boarding school. Sometimes she misses her brothers Andrew, Vitya and sister Nadya. She has been in the boarding school not for a long time and she will finish it in a year. It is difficult for her to get into the way of living without parents – she is missing of home-felt warmth though the teachers do their best.

Yana is hard-working and likes order. She is a real little lady. She can sew, embroider, however, she does not like beading. The little girl can cook borsch, vinegret, fried potato and wants to become a cook. A great profession for such a girl!

To everybody who tends to adopt this girl and other children!Please read Note to prospective adoptive parents, tutors and foster parents or contact us.

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