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Melitopol comprehensive boarding school #1(orphanage)

March 11, 2010, 14:00 13584 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) deti.zp.ua There are 240 children in Melitopol comprehensive boarding school (orphanage). 80 of them are orphans and children who have emancipated parents. Other foster children are from needy and single-parent families.

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Melitopol comprehensive boarding school (orphanage)was founded on September 26th 1959. Formerly the children could get only primary education. Now the boarding school (orphanage) is accredited and provides senior secondary education.There are 240 children in Melitopol comprehensive boarding school (orphanage). 80 of them are orphans and children who have emancipated parents. Others are from needy families, families with many children and single parent families where only mothers raise the children.

The children are at school from Monday to Friday, on weekends they go to their parents or foster parents. However, there are children who have nobody to visit. They spend their weekends and holidays in the boarding school (orphanage) where the teachers try to take a good care of them. It is a tradition to bring children to the seaside for recreation and rehabilitation. The foster children of Melitopol boarding school (orphanage) spend 63 days in the children’s holiday camp “Gvozdika” that is situated on Azov seaside in Kirillovka.

Children's Camp "Carnation", 2009

There is a computer classroom in the school. The children have informatics lessons there. On weekends there are make-up classes for children who stay at school. The boys have the opportunity to play with cars or shooter games. The girls prefer to chat with the children of their age.There is a gym and sports ground in the boarding school. It is not at random. The foster children like sport very much. They won the first place on regional Olympics and got a diploma. The trainings in free-style wrestling and kickboxing are held regularly And the most talented showed their worth. For instance, Dima Pryadko, the pupil of 9th form became the free-style wrestling champion of Ukraine in his weight category.

The children often take part in different contests on provincial, regional, all-Ukrainian and even international level. Last year the drawing of Vitya Mitschenko took the first place in the contest “Without frontiers” that was organized by the fund “Other Life”. Besides, the terzetto “Bdjilka” and the dancers Vladimir Mihalchenko and his sister Ninel are going to go to the gala concert in Kiev. They made the cut of all-Ukrainian contest of Julia Timoshenko (late prime minister of Ukraine) “Meeting a Dream”.

Vocal trio "Bdzhilka"

As for the needs of the boarding school (orphanage) they are similar to the educational institutions of that kind in Zaporozhye region. The children will be very grateful for everything including:

- exercise machine and sports equipment;

- new toys and games of skill;

- cartoons;

- new interesting books;

- It is very important for the boarding school (orphanage) to have an interactive whiteboard. By our estimate it costs from 1500 to 2000 hryvnias.

You can transfer the donations to the account(PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.) of the fund "Happy Child" founded by the volunteers who created the website www.deti.zp.ua While transferring please indicate “Melitopol boarding school” as the transfer target.

You can also help directly visiting the boarding school (orphanage). Here are their contact information:

Public unity service "Melitopol comprehensive boarding school #1 (orphanage)" of Zaporozhye Regional Council

Address: Melitopol, 14, Pionerskaya Str., Zaporozhye Oblast

Email: mlt_san@ukr.net

Website: http://internat1-mlt.at.ua

Headmaster: Vladimir Dmitrievich Maltsev, tel: +38 0619 44 84 90

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